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Lynn (papergalaxies) ((An indoor pool complete with a diving board.))

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Lynn (papergalaxies) August emerged from the pool, shaking some water from his sandy blonde hair. Fat drops of water dripped from his water logged navy blue swim trunks, staining the other wise light gray pavement a darker shade. He grabbed a fluffy white towel he had brought with him from the plastic chair he had set it on and wrapped it around his shoulders. Luckily it had stopped raining. The room didn't look as gloomy now as it had an hour and a half before when he had first come.

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Karana had only recently walked in, she was wearing her normal bikini bath suit but wasn't sure if she should get in the water yet. ( she found a chair close to the pool that seemed to be nice. She covert he chair with her towel and laid down on if. She pulled her book out of her bag and started to read, since they couldn't have electronics.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) August took a quick scan of the area, it looked about the same as before with the same people. A couple of younger 'campers' splashed around the shallow end, and the sedintary life guard was staring down at his phone screen, probably playing some game. August felt like he would be willing to kill for just five minutes with a phone. For a second he fantasized pushing the lifeguard into the water but quickly dismissed that. More than likely the bloke would take the phone with him instead of dropping it. He sighed and used his towel to dry his hair. He sat down in one of the plastic chairs and tried to decide what to do with the rest of his day. He contemplated going to the music room to practice, but he had already done that earlier this morning. He was still thinking when he caught sight of something from the corner of his eye. He turned his head and caught sight of a girl who hadn't been there before. She was reading, which seemed odd to him considering they were at a pool, but what did he know about that stuff. The only thing he ever read was comic books and,occasionally, a work or two of Edgar Allan Poe.

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Karana was very entranced into her book that she didn't notice anything else that was happening around her. That was until, one of the younger kids ended up splashing her while playing, her book was totally ruined. She tried to dry it off quickly but it was no use. She groaned and eyed the kids dangerously, a million thoughts ran through her head of what she could do to them for ruining her book. She was very new at this 'camp' and hadn't yet learned anything new outside of her old life, so she was very capable of something.

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Lynn (papergalaxies) Oh, that doesn't look good. August got up from his chair, grabbing the spare towel he had brought with him. He walked over to the girl, hoping he wouldn't get the bulk of her anger thrown at him. "Hi, um, here, you look like you could use another towel." He said, holding it out to her. "It looks like you and everything else got pretty soaked."

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After the boy broke her thoughts of anger when he offered the towel to her. She went into full panic to save her book, it was almost all the had from her old life before camp. She took her towel and tried to dry it off. "I don't need you're help." She said harshly to him getting angry again at the kid. "That little twerp ruined by book." She looked back to the kid again.

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