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John Robin (john_robin) | 62 comments Mod
Please take a moment to put together a promotional kit here for your work.

This could then easily be cut and paste should any of us want to call attention to a book in a blog post, tweet, Facebook post, or email / newsletter update.

In other words, let's embrace a pay-it-forward spirit here and any time one of us is wanting to be a good team player, dip in here and select someone's kit and share with your readers.

What to include:

1) A .jpg of your cover (<600px wide preferred -- larger cover files create problems with the reader update window I've found)

2) Link to your buy page / book page

3) Short blurb on your book

4) Longer blurb on your book (or jacket summary)

5) Short author bio

6) Links to your website

message 2: by Claire (last edited Jul 06, 2016 06:42AM) (new)

Claire Patel-Campbell | 4 comments Abernathy, by Claire Patel-Campbell


Genre: Literary, murder mystery

Short blurb: Abernathy is the story of the end of things: the end of a young woman’s life. The end of simplicity. The end of complacency. The end of everything as it’s always been.


Sarah McIntyre is found dead on a freezing December day in remote woodland outside a small town in rural northern Wisconsin, laid out in the snow to resemble a ritual murder. As the investigation into her death unfolds and details of her past emerge, the fragile foundations on which the lives of the town’s inhabitants rest begin to crumble. The secrets, the choices and the mistakes of those around Sarah are dragged from the shadows, until finally, the course of history for the unnamed town is changed forever.

Called Abernathy, after the chief of police and de facto leader of the town, the story is told through a series of interwoven narratives, from the perspective of the various characters linked, directly and indirectly, to Sarah’s death. Mixing flashback and present tense, the roots of her troubled past begin to come out, bringing the prejudices and failings of those around her along with them, until the identity of her killer is revealed.

Beginning with locals Paul Gallagher and Jimmy Murphy, who find the body first, each narrative represents another part of the puzzle, until all the pieces lock into place and the town itself becomes a ticking time bomb as suspicion and rumours begin to run rampant. Gradually, it becomes clear that nothing is what it appears in this sleepy farming town, and no one is without secrets. Affairs, violence, lies and long-repressed demons are all brought to the fore, as Abernathy and his officers investigate the case.

A suspect is finally named, but do the police have the right man? Without sufficient evidence, they’re forced to release him, pushing the story to its inevitable bloody conclusion and Abernathy to face his own fallibility. This is not a tale of redemption or justice. It is not a tale of good triumphing over evil. This is the tale of the unassailable mutability of life. This is the tale of how nothing and no one can stay the same. This is an ending.


Claire Patel-Campbell is a journalist and has been living and working in London for the last eight years. She was born in Iowa and still has family ties in the Midwest, but grew up in the north east of England, before coming to London for university. She studied English literature at University College London and trained with the Press Association in Newcastle to gain her preliminary qualification in journalism. She began her career at the Waltham Forest Guardian in east London and after two years on the mean streets of Walthamstow, she switched to business journalism. Her articles are published under her maiden name, Claire Hack.

She is about to make the move to Yorkshire with her husband, where she plans to focus on creative endeavours. She has been writing poetry for many years, as well as short stories and flash fiction, which she has published in blog form. Abernathy is her debut novel.


message 3: by Nell (new)

Nell Walton Also - if you could post the genre (in general) it is easy to add a hastag

message 4: by Claire (new)

Claire Patel-Campbell | 4 comments Good idea - added!

message 5: by Kendra (last edited Jul 08, 2016 05:45PM) (new)

Kendra Namednil | 8 comments This brings you to my book -->

Genre -- Dark Fantasy

In brief, Borehole Bazaar is about reevaluating how we measure victory. Where in some stories, the metric for victory is overcoming or overpowering the oppressive agent in the tale, this story is about victory in terms of survival, adaptability, and inner strength. In a situation where fighting or running can only end worse than it started, Borehole Bazaar is about redefining yourself to survive the reality of your condition. It is about how we teach those around us, how we listen, and how we hear. If anything, it is a clarion call to be aware of the reality we create with our actions, and a looking-glass into the world of those who are the logical product of the reality in which they live. It is about how a personal choice in changing perspectives, and how internal fortitude in place of external force, can exemplify the virtue of personal victory on a very intimate battlefield.

It's always difficult to write something short about Borehole Bazaar because it's not just a simple "grab the magic item and kill the bad guy" story. The villains are not pure evil, the protagonist is not even close to flawless, and children are sculpted by everything they see, not just the things we hope they observe. Reality is the reality for this world. In this story, the protagonist -- Ptielieren -- is auctioned off to a bugbear mercenary, the purpose of which is to bring home a pet for the cubs in his den…and teach them how to subdue one of Ptielieren's hated race.

Of course, things are not quite that simple. Ptielieren is arrogant, self-absorbed, combatant, and in all ways exemplifies pride as a core virtue. His nature represents the quintessential reason that bugbears hate his race, and vice versa as the nature of bugbears is to subjugate, and yet he is respectful of the cubs on the grounds that all children are born innocent. This respect saves him from being simply culled after his first week and helps him to find his path, though to know how would be too telling.

The concept of Learned Helplessness, as first put forth by Martin Seligman (and may his experiments never be repeated), is exemplified in various ways throughout the tale, as is the resilience of spirit that can develop in the most hopeless of scenarios. Depression, hope, desperation, and the choice to survive, to grow and even to thrive are the driving forces at play in this tale. This is not a tragedy, it is simply that the story bears many of the trappings of one.

Kendra Namednil is a hobby enthusiast and craftswoman. She has worked in the service sector for nearly her entire life (parents ran a Chrismas Tree shop and had her out helping as early as she can remember, with work at the Temple every Friday to boot) and has volunteered at animal shelters, food distribution centers and with community beautification and clean-up projects extensively.

She has studied animal behaviorism as applied to dog training to an exhaustive degree. She paints miniature figurines competitively, hosts a painting group every Sunday in San Francisco, loves boardgames, comics, pen-and-paper role-playing games and art in all its many forms. Her most adamant belief is that people are worth believing in and that dreams are worth chasing.

message 6: by Rob (new)

Rob F F. | 3 comments A Bedlamite in Shadow, by RF Martin

Short Blurb: Outside the walls of the Aurora Psychiatric Hospital, a schizophrenic phantom struggles to find peace in the afterlife.

Long Blurb: For decades, there have been rumors of a strange presence lingering in the dark woodland surrounding the infamous Aurora Psychiatric Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Cultists have attempted to summon it, lore seekers have sought to study it, skeptics have shrugged it off as the product of myth.

But, when Thomas Rivenport, a patient of Aurora, learns how to commune with this shadowy presence, he discovers not only its past and origins, but his own as well.

A Bedlamite in Shadow is an experimental work of dark fantasy. Told from multiple perspectives across various times and spaces, the narrative centers on the lives of two primary characters, Thomas and Diggory Rivenport. Although these two young men exist in different eras of history, both have come into contact with members of the Shedim—odd, sometimes preposterous, beings whose origins are unknown and whose influence in the world is profound.

In fact, the Shedim have orchestrated events in such a way that the separate worlds of Thomas and Diggory have begun to converge and neither is discernible from the other.

RF Martin is a student of Ancient Near Eastern language and culture, a progressive rock aficionado and a teacher/counselor at an inner city rescue mission for homeless men.

While he has authored several essays in the realm of world religion, theology, philosophy and myth, as well as short stories, A Bedlamite in Shadow is his first full-length novel.

Pre-order page:



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Jim Neville | 14 comments Mr. Saxon & the Droid, by Jim Neville
(FREE 7-12-16 and always on Kindle Unlimited)

The central theme of the book is Love, which is used as a sword, a shield, and the impetus of new life. You will see what few have ever witnessed. A love so pure, few can understand it. The world they live in is a matriarchal society where the women take charge and the men don't mind.

If there are twists in the book, and I'm not saying there are, saying too much would ruin the surprise. Just by saying there are twists ruins the experience, also. You wouldn't believe anything and always be suspicious. It's much like the simple act of looking at the future, alters it.

So, let me say there are no twists, no surprises, no moments which will make you cry, and no moments which will make you laugh. (I'm an awful liar.)

What I can say is, those who have read it, enjoyed the experience.

message 8: by Eric (last edited Aug 09, 2016 09:39PM) (new)

Eric Landreneau | 2 comments BREAK! A Tale of Cursed Blood


Buy it:

Short Blurb:
With time against him, demons without and demons within, Skugg flees his mountain home and cuts a path of mayhem across the Empire of Tangonia, facing mercenaries, monsters, strange machines and his own most-hated inner turmoil. He has one impossible goal in his heart - to find the source of his curse, and BREAK it!

Longer Blurb:
Skugg Kragson could have been honored in his clan. A hero who broke a cycle of starvation. He would have had a beautiful wife. He could have been War Chief, High Shaman, or both. But that life is taken from him.
He is without home, without clan, without honor, and in less than a month he will turn into a monster, governed by the darkest urges of the deepest pits of his soul, beholden to a Demonic master from the nightmare realm beyond this one.
And it's his own damn fault.
Stupid bear.
With time against him, demons without and demons within, Skugg flees his mountain home and cuts a path of mayhem across the Empire of Tangonia, facing mercenaries, monsters, strange machines and his own most-hated inner turmoil. He has one impossible goal in his heart - to find the source of his curse, and BREAK it into itty bitty pieces.

When Eric Landreneau first tasted escargot he was naked under the Cretan sun. Well, he was naked because it was hot, and he was a baby, and it wasn't escargot, just a snail, but it really was in Crete. Many years later he is a speculative fiction author daylighting as an optician in the 'burbs of Portland, Oregon. He has had short stories published here and there across the web and in print, including Kaleidotrope, The Rejected Quarterly and Title Goes Here. Stories of his also appear in the anthologies Putrefying Stories Vol1 from Rampant Loon, Outliers of Speculative Fiction from L. A. Little and the upcoming Women in Practical Armor from Evil Girlfriend Media. His self-published fantasy novel “BREAK! A Tale of Cursed Blood” is available through Amazon and wherever you buy e-books.

Eric has a wife who makes sure he occasionally consumes non-geek media for balanced intellectual nutrition, and two cats who routinely boost his confidence by performing acts of sheer lunacy like licking their crotches so hard they fall off the bed.

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message 9: by Robert (new)

Robert Batten (robertbatten) | 2 comments Human Resources
Dystopian Sci-Fi. Vampires, Zombies, and mega-corporations.

Logline: After a zombie apocalypse, corporations run by vampires create heavily guarded city-states to preserve the human race - as a subjugated food supply.

Comps: A little I am Legend, a pinch of The Passage, a bit of The Immortal Rules, a dose of The Strain.

Inkshares Listing
Inkshares Property Page
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message 10: by Jacqui (new)

Jacqui Castle The Walls are Closing In
Author: Jacqui Castle
Dystopian/Alternative Fiction


Decades after The Seclusion, during which America constructed massive border walls and sealed itself off from the outside world, thirty-one year old Patricia Evans lives within the panoptic nightmare of a total surveillance state.


The year is 2090, and the walls are closing in...

History and geography are classified, and any attempt to find out the truth regarding the world at large, past or present, is considered to be treason. Anyone who fails to toe the line finds themselves on the receiving end of Law Enforcement’s directed energy weapons. Those who escape summary execution are drafted into the military, an organization whose activities beyond the border are unknown to everyday citizens.

While on a routine assignment scouting the viability of dwindling natural resources outside the massive urban centers most citizens call home, Patricia and her co-worker Rexx discover a relic from the past containing dangerous contraband—unedited books from before The Seclusion. These texts will spark an unquenchable thirst for the truth and start Patricia off on a self-destructive journey of discovery. The true history of her family and her country will begin to unfold, and Patricia will be forced to determine the lengths to which she will go to protect the former from the latter.

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