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━━[ A Flutter of Wings ]
i. please don't comment until there's content here!
ii. constructive criticism is always wanted.
iii. more rules to come, but not now.

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━━[ the story ]
Holly and her parents run a motel for angels. That is, until Holly's dad disappears on a mission. Holly and her mother are coping, but there's something larger than all of them at work, and it's up to Holly to figure out who, what and why.

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juno. (junosummers) | 89 comments Mod
━━[ the world ]
Angels walk amongst us, but their wings are invisible to the human eye except for a special few who either are born with the ability to do so, or are gifted it. They don't walk around bestowing miracles on people, but they make our lives better — that one stranger who helped pick up your things at Starbucks, or the man on the subway who gave you a seat.

Different wings represent different jobs and abilities. For example, you have your typical guardian angels, and then you have the "nice strangers", and the "popular friend at school that nobody seems to really know but she reaches out to everyone and makes sure they're welcomed".

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