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2016 - ARCHIVED > Assassin's Quest - Chapters 31-35

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I am so glad that Fitz finally confronted Kettle re: all her cryptic warnings, hints, and rebukes. That was REALLY wearing on my nerves that she had all that sass, but kept so much close to the vest. In real life, I generally detest people like that: people who observe while others stumble and bumble their way through life's problems offering only criticism and disdain. Meanwhile, they're hiding their own failures and shames lest someone turn that same critical eye upon them.

***Look at me using "upon" in casual conversation***

Despite this "win" for Fitz, I am also getting increasingly annoyed with Fitz's nonsense. If someone has to tell him one more time to stop skilling Molly and Nettle, I may seek out the nearest "real life" person fitting Fitz's description and slap the crap out of them. I cannot abide Fitz's selfishness in this area. He repeatedly ignores warnings, then laments the inevitably horrible results.

I think my primary problem with Fitz throughout this series is that he doesn't seem to learn very much from his mistakes. In my opinion we've seen very little character growth over this series with Fitz. We saw some in Royal Assassin, but that's about it. I want so badly for Fitz to learn, grow smarter, make better decisions, and take up an offensive position.

With that being said, rarely has an author evoked such an emotional reaction from me. I really FEEL true anger, disappointment, joy, and relish (in the few areas where Fitz makes a move) with/for this character. So much as been done to him, so much that has happened in his life has been out of his control, and most of it has been outrageously awful. My frustration with Fitz is so intense because I severely want him to wreak vengeance on his abusers. I want him to triumph in liberating himself from this Farseer bullshit and political intrigue so that he can, for once, have a life of his own. In that way, I am a very satisfied reader.

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John | 219 comments FrankieReads wrote: "I am so glad that Fitz finally confronted Kettle re: all her cryptic warnings, hints, and rebukes. That was REALLY wearing on my nerves that she had all that sass, but kept so much close to the ves..."

Kettle has been somewhat annoying hasn't she? If she were a little more eccentrically humorous, it might have corrected that, but she was just so sour and serious all the time; a total wet blanket( of course, after you find out WHY she is the way she is, you understand! Jiminy Crickets!).

And Fitz can't win here. They keep telling him not to fall asleep or he'll Skill-dream location secrets to Will & company; but the longer he stays awake, the more drowsy he gets and then Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, back asleep again!

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John | 219 comments Samantha wrote: "Fitz and the Fool's friendship continues to grow! What do we all think of the Fool?"

With all the discussion about Fitz's post-traumatic stress disorder, it has made me wonder about possible psychiatric illness in other characters, particularly the Fool, who I suspect might have something called Schizotypal Personality Disorder.

There are several diagnosic criteria associated with this disorder. Among them (From the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) :

" Odd beliefs or magical thinking that influences behavior and is inconsistent with subcultural norms (e.g., superstitiousness, belief in clairvoyance, bizarre fantasies or preoccupations)".

"Unusual perceptual experiences, including bodily illusions".

"Odd thinking and speech".

"Suspiciousness or paranoid ideation".

"Inappropriate or constricted affect".

"Behavior or appearance that is odd, eccentric, or peculiar".

"Lack of close friends or confidants".

If the Fool could be seen as possessing five of these criteria it would be consistent with a diagnosis of schizotypal personality disorder.

He would certainly qualify for this diagnosis in the real world; but the problem is he lives in a high fantasy universe where magic is prevalent in their subculture, so how could you figure out who is reacting normally to supernatural phenomena and who is acting bizarrely? Even the people who dwell in this world can't always tell.

However, it is for sure that everybody who has interacted with the Fool for any length of time, regardless of how seriously they take his "White Prophet" beliefs, think he's weird!

Abner | 90 comments That prophecy of the Catalyst being betrayed by his love and the catalyst children being handed to the enemy by one of unquestionable trust, omg chills man, I really think the betrayer is going to be Chade, but I'm not sure,we haven't seen much of him lately, so I'm thinking is going to be someone closer.

Also we know now that the White Prophet is born in a generation when is needed and he has to find and help his Catalyst, the prophet and the catalyst in the time where they are seeing the visions of the city is called Realder and he has a dragon, so I think Realder might be and Elderling, or he awoke carved and Elderling dragon. Could Catalyst carve himself an Elderling? Also Realder is one of the dormant statues, I wonder if they can be awoken.
I was right about Elfbark, it makes you weak in the Skill that's why is used to keep the others away from your mind, because it deafens you to the skill and stunts your ability to Skill if taken when young, Catalyst is f**ed because he has been using it for a while now. Also the one who served Elfbark to Verity was Chade, was he fooled by someone of the effects of Elfbark or did he intended to weaken Verity on purpose, Chade is ultra loyal to the Farseers ans mostly to Shrewd so I don't think he did it on purpose.

Man Kettle's story is super sad she killed her own sister because of jealousy. The way they awoken her Skill was pretty awesome. I'ts nice that we finally have someone who can serve as Skillmaster now, since she is older than 200 years, and know more about the Skill than anyone alive, although I'm not sure of her condition after they finish carving Verity's dragon. I understand Kettle's motivation to not say anything, she didn't want to ruin the prophecy by meddling herself, she wanted them to find their own way, I'm glad Catalyst finally confronted her. Like Catalyst said, maybe she was supposed to be here to guide them, not sit idle while they struggle with stuff that she knows more about than anyone and can teach them. Yea I find her annoying, like other people here, this is a testament to Hobb's ability to write as she evokes strong emotions with her character's. But, with all the respect old people deserve, from the bottom of my heart; f**k you Kettle, f**k you and your self-directed resentment.

Sarah | 52 comments This story's strenth is not exactly making me like the character's, although that is a recommendation in itsself because normally of I don' t like a character I am mostly indifferent.
Fitz somehow just walls into one Skill-trap after the other and what bothers me about that us, that quite often he endangers others, like the Fool.
I wasn't really surprised that he was used as a spy just that nobody noticed.
Kettle FINALLY revealed her secret and I was right that she's immortal (kind of ;P)
I grudginly have to accept that Molly really was kind of badass.
It makes me so sad to see what jas become of Verity. He really was one of my favourite characters.

PS: please don't let Chade be a double agent

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John | 219 comments Sarah wrote: "This story's strenth is not exactly making me like the character's, although that is a recommendation in itsself because normally of I don' t like a character I am mostly indifferent.
Fitz somehow ..."

As mad as I have been at Chade since Chapter 21, I'm thinking that he knows his role as Lady Thyme may have been uncovered by the coterie in RA( and remember that Regal blames Lady Thyme for poisoning Queen Desire, his mother); and so I would doubt that Chade, even if he were so inclined, would be an acceptable partner for Regal.

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