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2016 - ARCHIVED > Assassin's Quest - Chapters 16-20

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Alicia | 26 comments I loved the whole scene where Fitz is just looking around his jail cell thinking... this is the nicest cell I've ever been in!!! :D

Once again Fitz is battered, broken, and at death's door, at least he has the souvenir of the broken arrow in his back this time!

So Kettle (I'm certain someone say so before but...) mentioned that the elfbark cause the user to have a dreary outlook on life? How much is elfbark usage effecting Fitz mindset, decisions, etc.?

Okay so I have to admit that I was as one track minded as Fitz was and could only think about making it to Verity so being reintroduced to the Fool... I lost my shit! That scene/chapter was done so nicely!!!

I'm sad that I guessed right about Kettricken losing the baby... I've been thinking that something will happen to which Verity and Kettricken will end up with Fitz baby girl? I don't know, something about the timing, that both babies would have been the same age, Verity still needs an heir etc.

I've never once agree with a protagonist who didn't want to tell a loved one their situation, as such Fitz decides to not tell Chade or Kettricken his. BUT for once I agree lol He wants to keep Kettricken from getting her hopes up for potential naught and he knows he's in deep shit with Chade because of his failures/stupidity, so he wants to just move on and find Verity with those fewer road bumps.

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John | 219 comments Alicia wrote: "I loved the whole scene where Fitz is just looking around his jail cell thinking... this is the nicest cell I've ever been in!!! :D

Once again Fitz is battered, broken, and at death's door, at le..."

Chade has talked quite a bit about elfbark, particularly in the first book, so that I'm not sure I can keep it straight to whom to attribute what was said when; but I had thought it might have been him. But I could well believe Kettle would have this kind of expertise as well.

This is as sane as I have seen the Fool behave in the whole series! I'll admit his Roger Rabbit type antics sometimes leave me disoriented and confused, but he's really toned it down here( though honestly, I think its because he's been really melancholy since everything went down at Buckkeep).

As much as I would want to spare Kettricken pain until Fitz knows more about Verity's situation, I'm not sure he can succeed in finding Verity without help from some of the Mountain Kingdom's resources she could help procure, so regrettably I would think she'd have to be told ( seriously, though, I can't believe he was actually planning originally to steal maps from the Jhaampe library, and steal anything else he might need while in town! This isn't Farrow! You are no longer in enemy territory, Fitz!).

As far as Chade goes, he hasn't been advising Fitz for some time ( by Chade's choice), so I don't think he is any position to chastise Fitz about very much, unless they agree to work together again.

Abner | 90 comments From now on Fitz will be referred to as Catalyst in all my posts.

The White Prophets are mentioned first by Kettle (aka Lady Thyme 2.0 +15 charisma). Now the Fool calls himself a White Prophet, now we get a little insight into what race or type of being he is.They think we are in a wheel of time, if they succeed in bringing good to the world then finally we will be freed of Time and be immortal?? I think this because she mentions that time is our enemy as it ages us, etc.

We learn that elfbark makes your mind weak and Catalyst always seems to be open to Will's Skilling. I know it helps him feel better but it may have an effect when he's trying to put his walls up? He was totally fooled in his Tradefort suicide mission.
As is suspected the expedition didn't go as planed! Basically Nik sold him and someone else sold Nik. Honestly that attack on the barge was the stupidest thin for the guards to do. I don't see how they could attack Catalyst and Nik and not expect them to fight back, did they expect this to be an easy capture?

Nights eyes says to Catalyst "nice cage" like is a normal day for Catalyst to be captured yet again!!
Kettricken lost the baby can't say I'm surprised really, we had seen her crying but it could have been that she though Verity was dead or both, as to her knowledge now they are both dead.

Sarah | 52 comments If Fitz is captures one more time I'm going to be really angry. I don't like it when practically the same plot os used twice.
Otherwise, I'm so happy the Fool is back. I thought it was really sweet how happy he was that Fitz is alive. I'm not really surprised that he's the white prophet, I felt it was just a bit to obvious and hope Robin Hobb hadn't meant it to ne this big plottwist.
Sterling was a bit of a bitch at the end. I'm disappointed in her. At the same time I still love her.
It's so sad that Kettricken lost the child.
Is it just me or does Fitz only have very selective thoughts when it comes to Molly. He knows she would hate him if she heard about his Wit but he still thinks she'll be ok with it if he went to her? Or does he intend not to tell her? He just really doesn't seem to think it through.

I am so excited for Fitz to finally find Verity. And I'm just going to ignore the possibility that he might already be dead ;P

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Cat | 8 comments Oh my the fool is back. This chapters were not as fast as the previous bunch. Having Fitz being caught all over again and then again, and this time with an arrow , well, dont know if this boy will end up the book with all his body parts lol
I really enjoyed the Skill message sent by him, that part really filled my will of seeing Fitz becoming a Skill Master. The news on elfbak were actually quite an explanation also.
One thing I was totally wrong about was the siege, I was hoping to see Fitz long lost family (Mother) coming to rescue him. Maybe later on? We will have news about it.

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