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This is the closest airport to town for miles. Whether you're leaving or arriving Texas, American Airlines is one of the nicest airlines you can get on. With five-star service and relaxing plane rides. The inside of the airport is very large, and always busy.

QUEEN | 205 comments Dakota's designer red luggage was strolling along beside her as she walked down the terminal platform. The bright sun of South Side welcomed her warmly-prompting a wide smile to appear upon the Texas born yet L.A raised babe's lips. It's been much too long, was the first thought that arose in Dakota's mind. Letting her blue eyes sweep the airport exterior a slight frown tugged at the edge of her smile. What the... The young Neidhart thought disappointed by the subtle maybe not instantaneously noticeable changes the airline had undergone in her 7+ year absence in the little town. Unlike the other airline members, Dakota lacked the parental presence the younger children had as company on the flight here. Sighing she plastered on a smile at the thought of seeing everyone again and rolled her bag up the ramp leading into the airport.

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 157 comments
Harley scrolled through Instagram on her phone, sitting on one of the comfy seats that was in the airport. She bounced her ankle slightly, having her legs crossed. The young girl had been waiting for almost twenty minutes now, upon waiting for one of her good friends who was finally visiting from L.A. Her heart skipped a beat in excitement every time she thought about it. It had been such a long time since she'd last seen Dakota, and it didn't really help that the two girls hadn't talked much after she left. But knowing them, Harley knew the two would instantly reconnect. She let a small sigh escape past her lips as she looked up from her phone, taking a look around the seemingly large airport. She searched for the familiar face of her friend, but hasn't quite seen her yet. Any minute now.. she thought to herself, growing slightly impatient from pure excitement.

QUEEN | 205 comments
Dakota's distinct blue eyes caught sight of a familiar blonde and a wide grin appeared upon her lips. No longer bothering to play it cool, Dakota pranced over to Harley like there was no tomorrow-actually dropping her designer bag as she ran forward-her blonde hair whipping behind her. Since when did Harley get her ears pierced? She thought noticing the hood earnings that she not only wore but often posted photos of on Instagram. Despite the time that separated them-Dakota observed her child hood friends in secret. As to the reason why she wasn't allowed to reach out until now was to remain a secret until such time as Dakota felt it was to be shared.

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Harley didn't catch the face of her friend until she noticed her literally running toward her. Her face instantly lit up with happiness as she jumped to her feet, her cowboy boots squeaking against the tile floor of the airport. She opened her arms, awaiting the moment for the other girl to come barreling into her. Once she did, Harley squealed, "Kota!" loudly while wrapping her arms around her. Harley slightly fell back when Dakota ran into her arms, but luckily she was able to keep her balance and neither of the two fell back. It had honestly been far too long since the two had hugged like this.

QUEEN | 205 comments
Without warning, Dakota wrapped her long slender legs around Harley so now her dear friend was holding her. She wasn't all that heavy but the sheer sudden action may have made the two of them topple over if Dakota hadn't removed her legs after a few moments. "Ar ar!" Dakota exclaimed, holding her friend at arms length she allowed her blue eyes to examine Harley's face-one of which she hadn't been so close to in proximity since they were little-unless face times counted. "Since when did you get into girly stuff? I thought we promised to get our ears pierced when we were 13!" A playful false- nnocent frown appeared upon Dakota's lips.

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 157 comments
A wide and slightly silly smile was plastered across Harley's face and she squeezed her friend half to death. Once the two parted from their embrace, Harley studied her friend. She quickly realized that not much as changed - just her height basically and the fact that she looked older. She couldn't help but laugh slightly at her friend's remark - probably talking about all the makeup and jewelry she was wearing. She couldn't help but touch her earlobe with her fingertips when Dakota commented about the earrings, she had only had them for a year or two now. "Well, I didn't know if you were ever coming back so I decided to just go ahead and get them pierced," she replied. "I also got these pierced," she added, pointing at the jewel in her left nostril and than the anchor jewel hanging from her belly button.

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QUEEN | 205 comments A little bit of disappointment was at the pit of Dakota's stomach but her face didn't show it. "Oh I did as well," She revealed what appeared to be small queen card earrings. "It's kinda grown on me ya know-L.A?" She asked in a mild laugh. It felt far too long wince she had seen Harley and was impatience to make up for time missed. "Got any boys?" Te blonde asked with a wink poking her friend in the stomach and vulnerable spot she knew she was very ticklish. "Ya like?" Dakota asked wiggling her eyes brows as she lifted her shirt slightly to reveal a sexy and complex belly piercing of her own.
"I'm debating wether or not to get rid of it." She frowned slightly as she gazed down at her own decision. "What do you think?" Dakota asked confiding in her friend for advice.

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 157 comments
Harley gazed upon the earring her friend had revealed, smiling slightly. "Really?" she asked in reply, it was a slight surprise that Dakota had grown to love the city life. Harley would never, she didn't really like the city all too much. Maybe for a few days but she'd never be able to live there. She couldn't help but roll her baby blue eyes playfully, "No boys," she giggled. "Most of them are just a bunch of jackasses anyways. I'll stick with my horse," she added with a silly smile. Harley turned her gaze to Dakota's stomach when the girl lifted her shirt slightly to reveal the glittery belly button piercing. "It's so cute! I love the little chains you got going!" she responded.

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"You're free to borrow it if ya want," Dakota smiled happily appreciating her friends opinion. "Not really!" She scoffed in response to Harley's words. "I ha-Loved it. It was difficult and at times I thought that was it but it got better," A little bit of sadness was present in her but she forced it away. "All the boys in L.A are ok, but not boyfriend material really," She said not going qs far to label them with masculine anatomy. Dakota was a vert mannered girl who was never caught cursing with such language. About to and or for anyone. She linked arms with Harley and pulled her bag behind her. "So what are our plans?" She asked excited to be back home.

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Harley pressed her lips together slightly as she listened to her friend, talking about L.A and such. "I don't know man, I would never be able to survive in L.A. Too much activity going on all at once," she said with a small shrug of her shoulders. She chuckled lightly at Dakota's comment about the boys - whats new? "Well. I was thinking we can get something to eat, I'm sure that plane food was not even close to good.." she trailed off. "We can go to Misty's cafe? Nothing much has changed there since you've left!" she added on.

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Dakota let out a happy sigh, "Good to hear! Food would be supurb at this point," She kept the commentation on the airline food plesant for it was never in her personality to comment the negatives first. "Do they still have my special? The Dakota loo?" She asked with an addative giggle. Harley seemed truly excited to see her friend. "I cannot wait to see everyone!" She said clasping her hands together in excitement.

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QUEEN | 205 comments heyo?

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