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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((I'll work on my characters :) It might take a while though. I'm going somewhere and then tomorrow I have a flight so if I don't get it by today or tomorrow I'll for sure get it within the next day or two after that! Sorry! But I'm going to try and work on it right now!))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) [Name]: Eulalia “Laia” Hernandez
{Nickname}: Sometimes, her mom calls her La-La, like when she was a baby. Mostly though she goes by Laia
[Age]: 23
{DOB}: April 17


{Details} About 5’5” and average weight. She has a small white scar under her right eye from when she fell from the tree by her house. Whenever she’s nervous she tends to scratch in that area. She has naturally tan skin (her father is from Texas and her mother is from Spain). Her hair goes down to her lower back and has waves dark brown and a lighter brown.

Apparel Usually seen wearing her favorite jeans jacket over a nice blouse and a colored skirt. In the winter time, she wears skinny jeans and sweaters.

She’s smart, resourceful, and quick on her feet. Although she tries very hard not to get too emotional, her internal thoughts are always extremely personal and emotional. She likes to pour her soul into the music that she sings and her song writing is always deep and personal which is what makes her such a relatable artist She’s normally pretty quiet and observant, but when she gets close enough to someone she is very open. Her concerts are usually intimate performances, but she's trying to work up to bigger audiences. She used to have terrible stage fright, and to prove herself and her family wrong she started to sing in front of people, so each time she performs she becomes stronger.

Talents She’s a natural born singer. She’s bilingual (Spanish and English), plays piano, likes to bake.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((Can you start? I have so many rp's and I haven't gotten a chance to get to any of them because I just got home this week and things have been hectic and every time I try to get on something comes up O.o So I haven't forgotten this rp or the other one I just seriously can't find enough time to actually write something up :/ Also if you want to start on the other one that would be great too. I know I haven't edited but his character will pretty much stay the same except for his age and maybe a few little details))

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Laia stared at the hundreds of emails that her fans had written to her, staring at the one in particular that made her cringe. She hadn’t really thought of herself as famous until she started to get stalker-ish emails from the crazy fans that didn’t know anything about boundaries. Of course, at first this person was just another fan. But then he or she started to relentlessly email and fanmail her. And then, somehow, someone got her private cell number. She blocked the numbers, but the calls kept coming. And then she started receiving threats. And when her agent found out, she nearly died of a heart attack, immediately scheduling a meeting with some random, but extremely well-known (well, at least in the agent’s point of view) bodyguard. She closed the laptop lid and stood up, pushing away her long, dark hair as her alarm rang to remind her that she was supposed to meet with the bodyguard in fifteen minutes.

Right on time, her agent knocked on her door and led her to the car where they went to a nice hotel restaurant for the meeting. She sat at the booth nervously, wondering what her life would be like with a bodyguard constantly following her around to make sure she didn’t get killed. She knew it was a good decision, but she knew it was going to be pretty restrictive. She wouldn’t ever get to be alone, and she really did value her little alone time. Now? She’d have no freedom. But she was doing what she loved, and that made up for it. At least she hoped it did.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Laia swirled her straw around in her drink absentmindedly as she waited for this stranger to come. She looked up, startled when she heard a deep, smoky voice at the door. And then she saw a handsome young man and her eyes widened for a moment and then she hastily composed herself, standing up and reaching out her hand. "You must be th--" she was cut off as her agent stood up as well.

"You're Zeke, yes?" the young blonde woman also stood up, looking at Laia with a weird look before reaching out her hand. "My name's Delilah. I called you here for a job to be Laia's personal bodyguard." she explained. her voice meant all business.

Laia blinked, flustered, and then awkwardly used her outstretched hand to push her hair back. She sat back down, setting the palms of her hands on her lap as she looked at Zeke with a small smile. "You up for that challenge?" she managed to say, trying to lighten the mood. She'd forgotten how Delilah could be a little too professional.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) "So you're literally going to follow me around all the time?" Laia asked before Delilah could speak. "What about sleep? You're going to need a place to stay, right?" she asked curiously. She couldn't help but feel attracted to this guy. And even though she knew it couldn't go anywhere because they were both professional, she did want to at least get to know him a little. It would definitely make her feel less suffocated once he did start doing his job.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Delilah frowned slightly,"Well... for now you're the only bodyguard we've hired. Believe it or not, there aren't very many available right now. But I'll be sure to have one within a week,"

Laia looked at Delilah for a moment, her eyes widening in surprise before fixing her gaze on Zeke. "Are you a light sleeper?" she asked. "I'm sure nothing bad will happen. I have like five locks because she made me," she pointed her thumb at Delilah and then leaned back as someone came in with some refills for their drinks and a few appetizers. Laia smiled and immediately grabbed her small plate of hashbrowns which were her favorite. She ignored the look of disgust on Delilah's face as she poured some ketchup over part of it and took a bite happily.

"Help yourself," Laia said after a moment, gesturing to the small plates of stuffed mushrooms and salad and other delicious appetizers.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) ((Sorry...but could you try and be a little more detailed please? I know it's hard especially in conversation, but it gets boring really fast with just one liners...))

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