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message 1: by Angelica (new)

Angelica Vanilia (angelicavanilia) | 2 comments Hello!

As a member of this book club I have been researching and thinking about Feminism, as I believe it is (or should be) a vital part of everyone's - both women's and men's - life.

So, recently I came across a rather interesting organisation whose existence I was completely unaware of and, therefore, I want to share my experience in case some of you can provide me with further information. The organisation is called "Soroptimist International" and as far as I have researched they proclaim that their objective is to help women overcome all sorts of problems related to gender inequality. The members of this organisation are called "Soroptimists" and are mainly (if not all) female. To my mind, this concept sounds similar to what we are trying to achieve here.

Do you believe that being called a feminist is different than being called a soroptimist? And if yes, to what extend? Are there any significant differences between the two organisations? Should they come together?

message 2: by Ana, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Ana PF | 746 comments Mod
Hi, Angelica! Well, it's easy to introduce me to new stuff in this field, but I certainly did not know about SI! According to their history, they even have consulting status 1 with the ECOSOC, IIRC? Lots of branches worldwide, too. Thanks for bringing them up here at OSS.

Hmmm. I think they are definitely feminists because of their scope, their target audience and activities. :) They may choose to identify themselves as such or perhaps like another word better, but I don't think it's that important. Actions matter more than words...at least here. :)

message 3: by Bunny (new)

Bunny Feminism is not an organization. There can be many organizations in the world with feminist goals. But feminism itself is not an organization, it is a movement and a philosophy. So Feminism doesn't need to come together with Soroptimism. To the extent Soroptimism advances feminist goals by encouraging people to help women overcome inequality, great they should go on doing that!

message 4: by Ana, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Ana PF | 746 comments Mod
Emma, that was such an interesting point. I think in this case it doesn't hurt their goals because at the end of the day they are indeed targeted towards women, but yeah, perhaps if we go back to the (endless!) feminism discussion it would be necessary to include men.

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