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Julian Cooper I have been bouncing between genres for years, usually between DND Novels, Cthulhu, Star Trek, Star Wars. Add in various Fantasy and Sci fi books and that is the pattern but I rarely finish them because I switch so often.

So in the spirit of me focusing and a variant on the 'see a film a day' that people do sometimes I am setting out on a quest.

I am going to try and read all of Stephen King's work (watching Haven as I type this BTW) starting with Carrie and going onwards

This will, of course, blow my book challenge out of the water.

Laura Guilbault I think it's great that you're setting this goal for yourself! Now I don't know if you've ever tried Stephen King, but I'd like to warn you about how his style is sometimes. I tried Dolores Claiborne but threw it down after about ten pages of such an annoying character that had an accent and the whole book was written in that accent! I thought I was going crazy reading it!
Carrie is written in such a way that made my brow furry and my eyes wince. It's sort of like half following what happened to Carrie, and the other half put together with interviews from the people who were affected (survived the incident).
If you're able to follow this unusual style, however, than you might very much enjoy it. (Keep in mind that I was only 12 when I first read Carrie.)
I HIGHLY recommend Misery if you finish Carrie and want more. I'm not sure if it's more gruesome... But what do I know? I just love horror and blood descriptions don't bother me unless I try really hard to imagine my hands covered in it, because as I have a writer's imagination.

Well good luck, Julian, on trying to read all of Stephen King's stuff. I also find that almost every book has that point in it, be it in the middle or near the end, that it is getting really boring, so boring that I just want to put it down and start on another. But I've found that I need to just get through that boring part, because most of the time–but not all of the time–the ending makes it all worth while.

Julian Cooper I used to read King at school ..erm....cough years ago and loved it (actually IT is one of my favorite books)
I'm going to try and read in order and am half way through Carrie now
I have a lovely copy of Salem's Lot lined up then the Shining and a decision I think I'm going to deviate a little when I come to a book with sequels so it'll go Shining then Doctor Sleep
Can't wait for The Gunslinger :)

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