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Zeljka (ztook) | 2882 comments Mod
Susanna Kaysen spent some time of her teenage years in a psychiatric ward after only one session with the man she has never seen before. She wrote about this experience in a book called Girl, Interrupted. A few years later the same-name movie came out, winning an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Angelina Jolie, although many say Winona Ryder was equally good.

What do you think? Have you read the book? Seen the movie? Do you like the book more, or the movie? Or, if you dislike, why?

Blueberry (blueberry1) | 155 comments Finished the book. Now I have to watch the movie. The book seemed to be an abbreviated 'life in a mental ward'. Not a lot of personal info beyond her continual thinking of whether she should really be there.

Blueberry (blueberry1) | 155 comments Watched the movie today. Definitely liked it better than the book. That doesn't happen very often. It was like they took the events from the book and changed everything around of how they hsppened. Much more dramatic.

Blueberry (blueberry1) | 155 comments 14 people voted for this book. Am I the only one who read it?

Zeljka (ztook) | 2882 comments Mod
Blueberry wrote: "14 people voted for this book. Am I the only one who read it?"

I am so sorry we appear a weird group. I myself haven't read half of the books we have on the shelf, it is probably the case with many of us :(

If it helps, I plan to borrow this one from the library next week, I noticed they have a copy available :))

Blueberry (blueberry1) | 155 comments No pressure Zeljka. I just thought more people who voted for it would read it. Or have voted for something else. But there is alot going on during summer time. I myself had a great day at the ocean today :)

Zeljka (ztook) | 2882 comments Mod
I read the book few days ago. I wanted to like it, but I didn't see what's there to like - or dislike. It felt like a diary one just left open for everyone to read. I didn't really learn much about her and about those people to care about anything. Descriptions and motivations were rather sketchy and impossible to relate to, because of her way of telling those anecdotes. The only thing I really learned, was how that system worked, at least in the author's times. To be honest, what disturbed me the most, it is that the author herself appeared to me like an unreliable narrator. At times I couldn't tell if that what is she saying is really true, or that was just her perception of the truth. In short, this wasn't quite a comfortable read.
I saw the movie really long time ago, so I should watch it again, I'll try to get it soon. I remember only that I didn't like it, but maybe I'll experience it differently now.

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