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message 1: by Justin (new)

Justin North | 5 comments There was one story about a group of teenagers fishing for sea monsters and drinking beer out of their van on a beach, they catch a sea monster (the description was very creature from the black lagoon?). Another story about a house that contained souls. I think the first story was about 2 people in a garden turning into stone? Another story about someone flying in the woods?

I believe it was a female author. And I think it had a green/grassy type of cover.

I have been looking for this book for over 10 years after i let someone borrow it. It has been driving me crazy. Thanks,

message 2: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 38235 comments Mod
Was the author American, British, something else? Youngish? Oldish? Was the book recently published when you read it?

message 3: by Justin (new)

Justin North | 5 comments I believe she was middle aged and American, although her name was something exotic if I remember correctly. I emailed her and got a response, but that was from an account long gone. It could possibly have been a university pressing. I think she was in a northern state like Michigan or Wisconsin.
The book seemed to have recently been published. I worked in a little book store at the time and it was in the new releases.

message 4: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 38235 comments Mod
Justin, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

message 5: by Justin (new)

Justin North | 5 comments I am STILL looking!! Every 6 Months I get online and search, and I just can't find it. I read it in 2005, so it had to be published before than. I think it was relatively new at the time.

message 6: by Kris (new)

Kris | 34379 comments Mod
Justin, is this definitely a collection of short stories by one author - or possibly an anthology edited by this female author?

Are these horror stories?

message 7: by Justin (new)

Justin North | 5 comments You know I thought it was one author, but it was so long ago I'm not sure any more. The stories had an element of horror, but I always considered a bit magic realism. I've never searched as horror stories. I'm going to give that a shot.

message 8: by Kris (new)

Kris | 34379 comments Mod
About how many stories are in the collection?

For older adults or teens (young adult)?

message 10: by Justin (new)

Justin North | 5 comments Thank you all for helping me! I have looked through Karen Russell, Aimee Bender, Kelly Link. Their short stories are exactly the style and type, but I still haven't come across the book... The one short story in particular that stood out was about a group of teenagers, drinking beer out of a van by the sea. They have a line or net cast, and catch a sea monster (like a creature from the black lagoon).

message 11: by Kate (new)

Kate Farrell | 4070 comments Mod
Justin ~~
Don't give up! We have found books after several years on this post. Just keep your thread current. There is nothing like the thrill of finally knowing that title, no matter how long it takes!
You can "bump" your thread every month or so. This pushes your thread back to the top of the folder instead of languishing here on page 210 from seven months ago where fewer eyes will see it. Get back in the game! Bump!
You can do this by typing a new comment at the end of the thread, or even by typing the word "bump."
Good luck!

message 12: by Becca (new)

Becca (beccalikesbooks) | 2194 comments This is a laborious way of doing things, but might be worth it if it works - you could use the tagmash function on LibraryThing to search for books tagged with e.g. 2004, short stories, and browse through the results to see if you recognise the title or author's name.

message 13: by LunaWolf (new)

LunaWolf | 6 comments Is it Little Black Book of Stories by A. S. Byatt?

message 14: by Heather (new)

Heather Jay | 8 comments an idea.... Google this bundle (I can't add the pic sorry)

W.J. May

Four and a Half Shades of Fantasy Anthology: 5 Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Books; including vampire, werwolves, witches, tattoos, supernatural powers and more

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