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Stirewalt -Digital Book Promotion

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message 1: by Brittany (new)

Brittany | 5 comments Here is the link to my book promo:

1.) Why did you choose this book for the project?
At first I chose "Beetle: The Unimaginary Friend", but I just bought "Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear" and liked it better. I think it is good for students to learn about the background behind famous stories like Winnie the Pooh most children read. I also think it could be used in writing to show how authors write about their personal experiences and families just like the students are encouraged to. I love the pictures in the book and I think students would love the back section of the book that has the actual pictures from Harry Coleman and Winnie. That is what I tried to show in the book promotion video as well. I love history too so that was a factor in why I picked this book.

2.) Why did you choose the application you used to create your project?
I chose Animoto because I thought it looked the easiest to attempt. I have tried iMovie, but on my school laptop it tends not to work well. I played around with it and loved how there was not room for a lot of text. I can get wordy in my descriptions so I liked how it limited the writing I could do. I also loved the background and how the students could see the pictures already shown. While it is not as flashy as some of the other applications, I think it fit this particular book well. This book is not as exciting as others because it is about the love of a bear.

3.) What was your reason for choosing specific music, images, and text in your project? How does each of these represent the book?

I chose the memory background because I thought it fit well with the book. The book is told as a bedtime story to Harry Coleman's great grandson about Harry and Winnie. Therefore, I picked memory sort of music and was emotional because the book is more emotional than facts or a fantasy story. The images I picked represent the illustrations in the book. I tried to pick pictures that would correspond to the illustrations and fit the time period of the book. Many of the pictures are in black and white because the story takes place in 1913-1914 when photography was black and white. I was able to find all of the images on Google using the free image section. I included two quotes from the book that I felt were the most significant and showed the emotional side to the story. Most of the text is discussing the book and what happened to Winnie. I think after watching the video and reading the book, then students could have a discussion about Winnie and her adventures with Harry and Christopher. I preferred to keep the names of Christopher and his father out of it to keep some mystery about the book.

4.) How will you use digital book promotion projects in your current/future environment?
I think this may be interesting to use in the classroom. However, I do not have enough technology in my classroom so I would have to find time to go to the computer lab if I wished to do this with the whole class. I think I would do this activity as a group project at the end of the year for students to pick their favorite book or author we read throughout the year. By the end of the year more students would be able to type even though they do not learn typing until 3rd grade. In the beginning of the year I would have to create it instead of the students. I think it would definitely get more students invested in the read aloud especially if we started reading aloud chapter books.

5.) What would you do differently in the future?
I would have picked a more academic book in the future. This book could be used in my Famous Fridays as an example of a naturalist intelligence and linguistic intelligence. However, I would have picked a book with more discussion points. I just was not sure how to include discussion points within a book promotion that was short. I would have my students work in teams to discuss how the characters felt.

message 2: by Megan (new)

Megan | 6 comments I think this is a great book choice because so many students will be familiar with it, however, I think you are right about selecting a more 'academic' book, or a book with more talking points in the future. I think your video was great and looked very polished and put together!

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