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Elias Zanbaka Hi everyone!

My name is Elias Zanbaka and may I to present you...

My very first ebook, "Environmentally Friendly" is a short-story action-thriller that centres around a highly unstable army veteran hell-bent on waging his own personal war against Mother Nature. He is the number one target being hunted down by the police in the city of Los Angeles as he rampages through the city in an attempt to provoke such a powerful and overwhelming force as Mother Nature into a highly personal battle. Out of that entire police, only one officer has gone against the grain and become intent, almost to the point of equal obsession in helping that army veteran to do the impossible and bring Mother Nature to its knees.

I've had very favourable and surprising reviews from many who've read it and really enjoyed it! It is available on Amazon in the mobi/kindle format:

I'd be more than willing to send a FREE mobi/kindle copy to anyone who is interested in offering an honest review for this story story. Below is another link to Smashwords that has the ebook available for FREE in the epub format for anyone interested in reading it anyway:

Please message me if you would like me to send you a free mobi/kindle file of the ebook, whether you want to read it or review it or both!

Kindest Regards


message 2: by Elias (new)

Elias Zanbaka Just another heads up for anyone who's interested, my short story ebook will once again be free from today until this time tomorrow on Amazon.

Amazon AU:

Amazon US:

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