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message 1: by James (new)

James Devo | 22 comments Hello there

As one of my favourite groups made up of like-minded people, I could do with your input.

I'm halfway through Book 3 of The Wonder and was hoping for some input...

As you may know, the titles are colour-based (due to the magic system used) -
The Wonder 1: Blood Red
The Wonder 2: Deep Blue

(This is brilliant considering I am completely colourblind but never mind that...)

I need 3 to be...
The Wonder 3: red-blue and green-blue

Obviously that's a rubbish title, so I was thinking
The Wonder 3: Turquoise & Amethyst
The Wonder 3: Violet & Cerulean

or combinations thereof...

I'm worried they just sound a bit too cuddly/YA Fantasy but they do feel rather Victorian, which is apt for the time period. They are also words that will be used in the books themselves so I need to get a feel for them as I continue...

Does anyone know of other colour results from combining Red/blue and green/blue?

Any help will be gratefully received!



message 2: by Chompa, Founding Father (new)

Chompa | 477 comments Mod
Royal Purple? I'm kind of ignorant on colors and my wife is always asking me what color I'm wearing and then tells me I'm wrong when I give my opinion. Kind of mean of her actually.

message 3: by James (new)

James Devo | 22 comments On another strand, somebody suggested aubergine, which means eggplant to British me.

I've shied away from anything Royal in the book. I'm not a fan of kings and queens saving the world.

I quite like Aberinthine. The eggplant lady suggested it, so all power to her!

My wife is generally in black, which I like to think she does to not intimidate my colourblindness (which works in such a way that when I put sunglasses with a reddish/brown tint on, the world gets BRIGHTER...)

message 4: by James (new)

James Devo | 22 comments What do you think of-

The Wonder 3: Amethyst/Amarinthine and Verdigris?
Or vice versa?
The Wonder 3: Viridian and Amarinthine/Amethyst
or vice versa?

message 5: by Chompa, Founding Father (new)

Chompa | 477 comments Mod
With the first two titles being Blood Red and Deep Blue, it strikes me odd that you'd depart from the "Adjective of Simple Color" naming scheme. That said, "Viridian and Amethyst" sounds good. I'm not trying to undervalue my fellow readers, but too complicated a title might be rough. Then again - if they've read the first two, they'll probably pick up the third book regardless of the title.

message 6: by James (new)

James Devo | 22 comments You're right, but looking into the titles of my contemporaries, they're not scared of a WTF word - windlass?!

I'm hoping, as you say, readers of the first two will pick up on the third. I think I'm going with The Wonder: Verdigris and Amethyst, as they fit what they need to do. (Which hardly makes sense here and now, but will do if whenever anyone gets as far as Book 3...)

Thanks for your invaluable help, Chompa!

message 7: by Chompa, Founding Father (new)

Chompa | 477 comments Mod
I didn't do anything, but you are quite welcome, James.

message 8: by James (new)

James Devo | 22 comments Yes you did. I thought the same with the flashy titles - pretentious words can scare people away - but that made me think of windlass...

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