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message 1: by James (new) - added it

James Devo | 8 comments Hello there

I'm halfway through Book 3 of The Wonder and was hoping for some input...

As you may know, the titles are colour-based (due to the magic system used) -
The Wonder 1: Blood Red
The Wonder 2: Deep Blue

(This is brilliant considering I am completely colourblind but never mind that...)

I need 3 to be...
The Wonder 3: red-blue and green-blue

Obviously that's a rubbish title, so I was thinking
The Wonder 3: Turquoise & Amethyst
The Wonder 3: Violet & Cerulean

or combinations thereof...

I'm worried they just sound a bit too cuddly/YA Fantasy but they do feel rather Victorian, which is apt for the time period. They are also words that will be used in the books themselves so I need to get a feel for them as I continue...

Does anyone know of other colour results from combining Red/blue and green/blue?

Any help will be gratefully received!



message 2: by Andrew (new)

Andrew | 33 comments James,
I would shy away from titling using the color combination with the conjunction "and". It will end up sounding like a Pokemon card game (Two series I know of are Diamond and Pearl & Black and White). Perhaps using a color that combines red&blue (like the violet you suggested) and then just following it with the second color. However, I would suggest that you find an object or creature that is named after a color, like an orange or violets or periwinkles, that could be used as the noun in the color descriptive title.
I would also suggest that the title structure for your third work may need to be reconsidered. The structure of the first two titles would be different from the structure of the third title in your current path, lending an element of unintentional discontinuity to the naming convention for your series.
Might I suggest that you take a look at the naming format of the David Eddings Elenium Series to see what he has done?:

I know I wasn't much help in actually coming up with names, but I hope this helps a little.


message 3: by James (new) - added it

James Devo | 8 comments Andrew

Sincere thanks for your considered and extremely useful response.
(I was worried the two obscure colour names would sound like a Cocteau Twins album title.)

I think (although as I'm still only 28,000 words into it, it could still change) I'm going with the Wonder: Verdigris. Although is breaks from the two word title, it is (probably) the end of a trilogy and therefore one word denotes finality (to an extent) and the fact its an obscure mixture adds some mystery to it - especially for readers who have been through the other books.

Well, I hope so anyway!

Cheers again


message 4: by Nick (new)

Nick Bruechle | 6 comments Hi James,
have you considered making it sound like the last in the series by wrapping up all the colours? As in
The Wonder 3: Final Spectrum
The Wonder 3: Complete Palette
The Wonder 3: Bright Rainbow

message 5: by James (new) - added it

James Devo | 8 comments Hi Nick

Thanks for chiming in.
Funnily enough, on another thread somebody suggested Chronoscope, I've been toying with something Rainbow (or Rainbow's End) and I really like your suggestion of Final Spectrum.
And it's all got me thinking. The Wonder is based on an industrial revolution driven by (colour-based) magic, not steam, and is based in the appropriate Victorian timeframe.
Final Spectrum and Chronoscope feel a little more contemporary or sci-fi, and it's started me thinking about the next trilogy, which I'd never considered setting in the same universe...
So thanks for stirring the tepid waters of my shallow imagination!
Appreciate it.



message 6: by Andrew (new)

Andrew | 33 comments James, I had an idea. Since you're looking to combine a few colors and the feeling I'm getting is you want to combine most. Instead of trying something technical like Final Spectra or chronoscope, why not something like:

The Wonder: Bright White?
The Wonder: Blazing White?
The Wonder: infinite White?

message 7: by James (new) - added it

James Devo | 8 comments I really like infinite white for the space opera. Nice one, Andrew. Thanks.
I've also got a name for the series, that isn't the Wonder but can have the same magic system and races...

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