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So conflicted!
Cassidy Luciano Cassidy Jun 16, 2016 05:51AM
I do not post often, nor do I reply to other's posts; I am more of an observer constantly trying to find new material to read and discover. This post is directed to anyone else who may have read, Symptoms of Being Human, by Jeff Garvin. I could not put the book down, and yet I have reached the end with such conflict on whether or not this book is good, on whether or not it accurately reflects a problem within our society today, and whether or not I should suggest it to others. So, please, others who have picked up this new young adult novel and read it, share what you thought about it! I want to know where others stand with this novel!

Thank you for your input Robin! I believe the topic is important, I found it a sad and difficult read for the main character, but seeing the problems within our society today, that storyline is the only way to get close to the real life stories out there.

I think it is an important topic. There were some parts that seemed familiar, as I have seen a movie that contained a similar event. The topic is not one that I am very familiar with but I think this book was a good introduction. Any book that teaches me something I am willing to recommend. As with any book, I'd think about who you are recommending it to before deciding.

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