The Conjuring!

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message 1: by thebookfox (new)

thebookfox (clairethebookfox) | 45 comments Mod
Hi everyone!

So the UK went and released The Conjuring 2 nationwide on the 13th instead of the 17th and I have gone ahead and watched it already. I'm planning on doing what Jake originally suggested and have a double feature tomorrow where I upload both reviews instead of waiting until next week as scheduled.

Hope you guys enjoy the sequel!!!

message 2: by Marianna (new)

Marianna Neal (impressionblend) Sounds good! I'll do the same thing then since I've seen it already as well :)

message 3: by Jake (new)

Jake Hainey (talesfromideath) | 23 comments that'll give you a catchup week for the ones you missed on holiday ;p
now i don't have to have suffered through deadgirl by myself...

message 4: by thebookfox (new)

thebookfox (clairethebookfox) | 45 comments Mod
I've seen them all, including Deadgirl.... unsure I want to relive that memory...

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