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Robyn26 loid | 1 comments I read both books in the series in the 90's. Woman wakes up and she is living the life of a pregnant wife in Florida. She is in the body of the woman who was strangled? She has a husband who drives race cars.

The second book in the series... woman who dies wakes up in the body of a married woman who had a stroke who lives in Los Angles/ California. Her husband hates her..

I can't remember anything else!

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Jayme | 158 comments Maybe The Morning After?

Description: The morning after, Temple Banning woke up to a life she cannot remember. Married, pregnant, and in grave danger, she must try to keep her sanity while exposing her secrets--with the help of a darkly sensual man who could lead her to heaven...or hell.

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Robyn26, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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