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Raymie Nightingale
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Kristy (kristyganow) | 15 comments Be captured by this unique coming-of-age story about a quirky girl named Raymie that is on a mission to get her father to come home. Her plan is to be crowned Little Miss Central Florida Tire! Until her new friends come into the picture and some unexpected events change everything. Will she lose everything that she's fighting for? Or will she find something unexpected that may be better after all?

Kristy (kristyganow) | 15 comments Digital Book Promotion Project
Kristy Ganow

Raymie Nightingale
By Kate DiCamillo

1. Why did you choose this book for this project? First of all, I tremendously enjoyed reading this book, and I was excited to share it with others! Although Kate DiCamillo is a well-known author, and a two-time Newberry medalist (one of only six people to have this honor twice!), I have not read any of her work previously. The book jacket caught my attention and I decided to give it a go! I’m so glad that I did! As a school psychologist, I enjoyed the main character tremendously. Although there is no given “diagnosis” for our protagonist, Raymie, she is terrifically quirky! I would propose that she could be on the high-functioning end of the Autism Spectrum. She is prone to repetition, and often repeats words or phrases out loud or in her mind. She also has a complete fascination with light and often talks about how the light catches this or that or looks special in a certain way. She takes things pretty literally and often has difficulties navigating the complex social situations that she finds herself in. She also takes comfort in routine, and when things get difficult, she will call her father’s office to talk to the receptionist. She enjoys hearing Mrs. Sylvester’s familiar phone greeting, “Clarke Family Insurance, how may we protect you?” With Raymie’s mother wrapped up in her own waves of shock and disbelief, she’s emotionally unavailable, and Raymie has to seek comfort from others in her life. This is a profound coming of age novel, beautifully written, and it will capture your heart and imagination! Kate DiCamillo is a beautiful storyteller, and through this simple plot she weaves some wonderful characters, each with something unique to offer, and teaches us all about letting go.

2. Why did you choose the application(s) that you used to create your project? I don’t have much experience creating videos in general, so this was a bit of a stretch for me! I chose Animoto because it offered a free trial, and when I viewed the website it seemed easy to get started and relatively intuitive. Also, I viewed a classmate’s project that had been created using this software and I liked it quite a bit!

3. How would you describe the ease with which you were able to utilize the application(s)? This software was surprisingly easy to use! There are a number of limitations with the free trial version, however. If I were going to utilize this type of application more often I would definitely purchase the full version.

4. What was your reason for choosing specific music, images, and text in your project? How does each of these factors represent the book? The setting of my book is June 1975. I could think of nothing more appropriately “retro” than a vintage slide show for my theme! I chose an image from Little Miss Sunshine for the cover, to show the parallels of an unlikely girl competing in a pageant. This is like a text-to-text comparison, in that the movie, Little Miss Sunshine, has some interesting similarities. Additionally, I incorporated the baton-twirling image, because this is where the three friends meet for the first time, at baton-twirling lessons with the crazy Ida Nee, former baton-twirling champion. I also chose a picture of three 10-year-old friends, because it is this friendship that forms the basis for the novel.

5. How will you use digital book promotion projects in your current/future environment? I could definitely create these short videos to promote book choices for small groups or whole-class instruction. As a school psychologist, I may be working with small groups of students on things such as social skills, and reading is a great way to engage students and give them a common ground for discussion, such as in our literature circles that we learned about. I could use videos like this to capture their attention and gain their buy-in for reading! I could also create videos for parents or teachers, when appropriate, for meetings that are informal.

6. What would you do differently in the future? In the future I would use more pictures. The text gets the point across, but it’s less visually exciting than the picture images. I would also enjoy exploring some other applications, although I did like Animoto! I really wanted to tell more of the story, but since it was a teaser, I tried to refrain from giving too much away or giving a “spoiler”! I hope that you all go read this novel!


Little Miss Sunshine photo

10 year old in braces

Baton Twirling

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