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What Happened to My Sister
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LibraryCin | 8132 comments What Happened to My Sister / Elizabeth Flock
4 stars

Carrie and her mother are packing up and leaving Hendersonville after the events at the end of “Emma and Me”. They barely have any money, so it's not easy to start over. In the new town, Carrie meets Cricket and her mother, who are super-nice, but dealing with the loss of their sister/daughter, so when Carrie shows up, looking just like her, they can't help but want to become friends with the 9-year old.

I feel like I can't do the summary justice without giving things away from the first book. I really enjoyed this, though. Not quite as much as the first book. It might have been wrapped up a little too neatly at the end, but – at the same time – if the author decided to write a 3rd book, I'd read it. (And despite the feeling that it was wrapped up, there is somewhere to go if there was a third book.)

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Margaret (margarette) | 292 comments I really liked Me & Emma, which I read ages ago. I intended to read this one but just never got around to it. Glad you liked it.

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