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Amazon Giveaway for Kindle Suspense Novel--CAUSE SHE'S A GOOD GIRL

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message 1: by Groovy (last edited Jun 20, 2016 02:33PM) (new)

Groovy Lee I'm hosting an Amazon Giveaway for my Kindle Suspense novel, Cause She's A Good Girl. It runs until June 30th.

Reviews are not required, but are always appreciated:)

Here's the link:

Cause She's a Good Girl by Groovy Lee

SYNOPSIS: Piper Banion spent most of her eighteen years trying to do the impossible—gain her abusive mother’s love. But the older she gets, the more she realizes that a parent’s undying love is something you don’t have to vie for, compromise your principles for, nor beg for in your prayers. Connie will always see her as a “worthless burden”. Still, it was hard making that life-altering decision that freed Piper from the chains of her defective childhood.

After five years of wandering from one small town to the next, she finds a true friend in Shelly Jamison, a runaway mom, slash, devout party girl, and outspoken rebel against the rich and powerful—her family included. Following the not-so-surprising pink slips they received one Monday, coupled with the alley fight between her and Shelly’s boy-toy, Tomas, Piper finally gives in to her friend’s invitation to spend the summer at her family’s estate in Destin, California. At last, she gets to meet Shelly’s S.E.X.Y. cousin Oz Jamison.

Oz owns a PR firm in Seattle, Washington. Hardly a day goes by that he can’t turn a corner without being asked those headache-provoking questions: “Are you Prince? Would you sign my Purple Rain DVD? Touch my copy of your latest CD? Better yet, touch me instead?” With skin the color of smooth vanilla, and the sensual glint in those caramel-brown eyes, even a pledged virgin like Piper has to fight off the lure of his sexuality. She opts instead for a friendship based on their shared abusive backgrounds while he house-sits for his aunt and uncle during the summer.

Piper is determined to forge a better life in California, but the collective cries of nine murdered women reaching out to her from those weekly news bulletins suspends that task. Someone is killing all the women she comes into contact with, and that's where the connection ends. Her “pureness” seems to be the trump card that enables her to walk away from the rage that consumes him and the lives of his unsuspecting victims. But the next time they meet, a head start is all she’ll get.

In the chaos of trying to get away, she learns that Shelly has disappeared. A muffled voice over the phone claims responsibility; and it’s not the Silk Stocking Serial Killer who’s daring her to come rescue her friend.

message 2: by Jina (new)

Jina Gibbs Sounds like a wonderful book!

message 3: by Groovy (new)

Groovy Lee Thank-you, Jina:) I hope you enjoy it.

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