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To Love a Texas Cowboy (Wishing, Texas, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Women takes care of niece and a guy who takes care of the girls finances

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Shelia Williams | 747 comments Looking for a book that I read a few months back but I have to rebut my kindle now all the books has to be redownloaded and are marked as unread.
Its about a woman who takes care of her niece after the girls parents die, but beings her sister believed that the woman could manage money good the parents decided to ask this guy to take care of the girls financially. I remember this one part in the book where the guy and is friends are in a bar/restaurant playing pool when the little girl comes running to him. I think he asked the girl where her aunt is and finds out that she is playing for her and the girls food. Then the girl want to play pool an the aunt tells her she has to eat first an this make the little girl upset and the guy has to get stern with her. Then i remember the woman and the guy getting in to it because she thinks he is being to strict and her think she isn't being strict enough. That is all I remember I can't even remember if I actually finished the book. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

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Shelia Williams | 747 comments I found it.
How To Love A Texas Cowboy by Julie Benson

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