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message 1: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) | 53 comments Mod
Hey all!
So this is kinda strange to do, but I think it's something that Moderators should do, to you know, let people know about them!

So I won't tell you guys my name or anything, Kit Kat or any variation of that is fine, but I am going to be a senior in highschool this coming fall. I am from the USA and I love young adult fiction. My guilty pleasure is definitely stories about mermen, so if you have any, let me know right away! I love anime, so I cosplay, alot... my favorite color is pink and my stories tend to be on the darker side of things. I would be happy to answer any questions here and if it gets to the point where other mods are picked, they will also get their own personal tab thingies. I dont know what else to say so I shall leave it at that, but I want to be friends with you all! We're authors in training, we need to stick together!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi! I'm going into 10th grade! Have you finished a novel yet?

message 3: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) | 53 comments Mod
Well, finished as in I wrote it all, still haven't got an agent yet. But it's all done :) What about you, kae?

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Just have to do the final draft. Have you thought about self-publishing? That's what I plan to do.

message 5: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) | 53 comments Mod
I've definitely thought about it, but I'm just not a good enough editor to try and do that. Plus, I've always had this dream of seeing it published in hardcover in barnes and nobles. But good on you! You're gonna have to tell me the name of the book so I can read it!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Will do and I totally understand your dream. Its a good one. You'll have to tell me the name as well when you get it published

message 7: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) | 53 comments Mod
I will :) It's a work in progress, but currently it's called "We Are Still Alive"

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Sounds interesting. Mine's called The Locked Kingdom

message 9: by Kit Kat (new)

Kit Kat (kitcastellan) | 53 comments Mod
That sounds really interesting, do you wanna tell me what it's about? Im always looking for something good to read : )

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

It's set in future America where people are controlled by keys. So, whenever they have a question, their key tells them the answer. Carmen Blue, the main character's key doesn't work which is punishable by death. She's managed to avoid using her key for a while, but when she turns 16, she won't be able to avoid it. She ends up running away and finding out she's a warlock, and she joins up with other warlocks. What's yours about?

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