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Return of the Mothman
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Return of the Mothman

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Isis (raiseyourpinky) | 77 comments Mod
First of all, I should explain that I adore the legend of the Mothman. It is a legend, and one of the best. There are so many ways you can go when it comes to this creature.

I found the characters in this book well shaped on the most part. Ted was kind of dull, but his grandma was great. Myrtle was my favorite character. Kim and Earl had their moments as well.

That being said, I didn't find the story engaging. There wasn't much going on, not much emotion either. Characters said they felt things, but they never showed them. They didn't react to things realistically. Halfway through the story, I still didn't know what the point was.

There wasn't enough info on the Mothman. Charlie handed them all his knowledge in a silver platter and that was that.

I had high hopes for this book, so maybe that's why I'm disappointed.

But this book went by fast, so there's that. It was interesting, although unbelievable at times. I liked the evil Mothman and the way he spoke through thoughts. I loved that he fed off of people's grief. That's sinister and shocking.

One last thing: why was the sheriff such an asshat and why did he have to die? That made me sad.

I wish the romance would have been explored more. I hardly ever say that, but I really wanted more. They barely interacted. They said things, but I didn't believe any of them. Ahhh. Frustration.

I want more Mothman!

Nicole | 69 comments Mod
I feel like this book was all over the place. I didn't like any of the characters though some had potential. I didn't like how they reacted to things, and how sometimes they had emotion and sometimes they didn't.

They were always on the go, and never processed anything. It was entirely too easy, the whole thing. Even the Mothman was all over the place. He was a fallen angel then a demon. He was obsessed with Ted but never confirmed it. And they also found that out way too easy.

I could tell when the author wanted the reader to know information, and the points where he did that did not make sense. And some of the information was useless, and went no where.

I didn't like the whole thing with Jeff. Or Lina. It's just, if he didn't have the emotions all the time, he should have been entirely objective. Then, maybe, it would have been a better story.

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