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Sir Isaac Abbott walked around the Hospital Wing. He wandered if anyone had gotten hurt this past two days that the school year had started. It didn't seem like it, he sighed a sigh of relief and sat down on one of the beds and practised some spells from his first year in Hogwarts. Even grown ups had to practise.

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Julia Adam rushed into the hospital wing with Bucky. Adam was very pale and felt sick. He looked down at his hand and made a disgusted noise. It was a horrible accident...

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Isaac turned around, hearing someone enter
He saw the two boys and frowned. "Sit down" he said calmly and rushed to get a potion. A sleek would be to painful for an eleven year old to handle
He came back and waited. "Let me guess, you said Flipendo wrong?" He asked.

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Julia Adam grinned and laughed. "Yeah, I did." He felt ashamed of himself, but it was kind of a funny accident. Adam sat down and looked up at Sir Isaac. He raised an eyebrow and asked curiously, "How did you know?"

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Isaac laughed. "I did that a lot of the time! Mostly to scarlet younger brother" he chuckled. He poured the potion into a small glass. "Even professors were students, and students always made mistakes, at least I did" he said and Alexander him the glass. "It tastes foul, but it will do the job"

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Julia Adam accepted the glass, and drank some of it. "Ah! This is disgusting!" He said, feeling even more sick. Adam sighed and pinched his nose. He drank the potion without tasting it. When he was done, Adam held the glass out for Sir Isaac to take back. "Gross..." he muttered.

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"Yeah, well, that's the price you have to pay." He said apologetically. He washed the glass out. A white ferret looked over at the boys and tilted it's head. Isaac walked over to get paper to write a note. "Your all good. You just need to stay here over night in case something bad goes wrong" he said softly. The ferret blinked then ran up Isaac' s leg and to his shoulder.

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Julia Adam looked at the ferret, slightly confused. He had heard an old story that once one of the professors transfigured a boy into a white ferret before. And that boy was supposedly Slytherin. Adam was relieved that he was okay, but was very disappointed that he had to stay overnight. "Why do you have a ferret?" Adam asked.

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"Because I wanted one" Isaac said walking over.
"Plus, Alaska just follows me everywhere, so I can't get rid of her" he chuckled. Alaska, the ferret, bit Isaac' s ear in protest and squeaked. Isaac rolled his eyes a d gave her a Sun flower seed.

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Julia "Oh... It's a girl..." Adam said, slightly relieved. "So do I really have to stay here all night? What about cats? What if my cat wants to see me?" he asked.

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"Pets are allowed. I'll Sen Alska to get your cat and bring it to you." Isaac smiled. "This is a secret okay? But pets are only allowed between seven and eight o'clock, other wise it would be chaos" he said

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Julia "How will she know to find Frost? My cat, I mean." Adam questioned. When Sir Isaac said that it needed to be a secret, he nodded, and said, "I promise." and Adam keeps his promises.

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"A ferret believe it or not, can track things down quite quickly. Just give her a description" Isaac said. Actually, he had been playing with a spell and put a tracking spell on Alaska. He smiled. "What's your name?" He asked.

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Julia "Adam Fletcher." He said. Yes, he was a pureblood, if Sir Isaac cared to notice. "My cat, she's still young. She's pure white with blue eyes. Her name is Frost and she's a maine coon." Adam added.

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Alaska tilted her head, her cherry read eyes sharp and focused. She squeaked and rand down Isaac and out the hospital wing. "Adam Fletcher, nice to meet you." He said. "A pureblood if I am not mistaken?"

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Julia "Yes." Adam said, slightly smugly. He watched as Alaska ran out of the hospital wing to get Frost. Adam wondered how she'd get Frost to come, but then again, Alaska was probably magical in some way and Frost, well, Frost is a cat.

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"Hmm," Isaac said then shrugged. "Well, then. I'll let you have visitors between lunch and dinner, before or after is not allowed. And definitely no pranks in this room" he said sternly.

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Julia If anyone comes to visit me... Adam thought, rolling his eyes. When Sir Isaac said no pranks, he sighed. When Adam realized he said not in this room he was much happier and relieved.

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Isaac looked at Adam. "I don't appreciate noise, so not anywhere near this room, which means not on this floor!" He warned. He rubbed his temples and walked to a cabinet and got some head ache pills and took them. "I have enough noise, with students running and yelling"

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Isaac heard no reply from the boy and sighed. He missed Alaska and he sat at a desk and sorted through some papers.

Simon ran in panting. "First!" He said happily. He looked around and saw Sir Isaac had his back to him. "Um..hello sir" He said nervously.

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Bea ran in after him, panting heavily. She was never much of a runner. A genuine smile was stiff on her face, until she noticed Sir Issac. She immediately became somewhat more formal and stiff.

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Isaac turned around surprised. A warm smile crossed his face. "Hello children, can I help you?" He asked standing up.

Simon was silent confused. "Um..Yeah, I burnt my hand, Sir" He said. Isaac frowned lightly. "Come here please, I have just the thing...somewhere here" He said looking through the potion cabinet.

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"He stuck his hand in fire." Bea added bluntly. She stood there with her arms crossed as she surveyed the situation. Maybe the nurse wasn't so bad. Where had Simon gotten the information that he was different as in scary? Bea thought he was different as in nice.

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Isaac turned to Simon with raised eyebrows then chuckled. "That was rather silly wasn't it?" He asked in a friendly tone. Simon was taken aback by the Nurse's casualty but nodded, "I suppose it was silly...it was rather that or the Library burn!" He said. Isaac nodded. "I see" said he then he said something that shocked Simon. "Did you have any problems with purebloods?" He asked. Simon hesitated for a moment before nodding. "Yes Sir," he mumbled. Isaac frowned. "Names, I'll go tell the Headmistress, not that that will stop the Purebloods from stopping the bullying, but you never know." He said gently, Isaac was annoyed, very annoyed. He was a pureblood himself, but just because some people were born a muggle they got teased? That just made his blood boil. Simon was speechless, "umm..." was all He could manage.

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Bea noticed his fumbling, and stepped in. "One was named Bella." She whispered. "I didn't get the other one. But I do know that Bella won't want to take the heat alone." It seemed only logical that Bella would give up the boy's name. It was the way a Slytherin worked. They never wanted to be the only one in trouble.

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Isaac nodded. "Okay. Simon, come here please" He said gruffly. Simon looked at Bea and smiled then walked over and held out his hand. Isaac poured a liquid on it and the burns healed. Simon winced and bit his lower lip. "Sorry, it stings. Alaska! Get the Headmistress and tell them two students are coming!" He called softly. A white ferret with cherry red eyes blinked up at him then ran off.

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Bea's eyes widened at the sight of the ferret running off once Sir Issac told it to. It was one of the most magical things she had seen here at Hogwarts. And she had seen a lot of magical things. She blinked a couple of times to process the thought, to allow to to sink in deeper. Once the thought had sunk in, she opened her mouth to speak, then closed it quickly. Most likely, she would get her answer in due time.

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"Yes?" Isaac asked with a smile. "Bea isn't it?" He asked as he wrapped a bandage around Simon's hand. "Sir, why didn't you do a healing spell?" Simon asked. Isaac chuckled. "I don't rely on magic to fix all problems, and the healing spell is very painful" He explained.
((Do you want me to post Alaska at the Headmistress?))

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((Maybe you should, just to have it documented.))

Bea nodded, then went back to watching Simon. Hopefully, Sir Issac would just forget about it. That sounded nice. She didn't want to be the center of attention. She thought Simon deserved that, if he wasted it.

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Simon took back his hand when Isaac had finished wrapping his hand in a bandage. "Thank you Sir" He said. Isaac huffed a little. "I'm not that old, yet. So you can just call me Isaac. For Pete's sake your going to be coming here for the next six years" He laughed. Simon was once again taken aback but nodded hesitantly.

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Bea suppressed a small giggle. She didn't know if she was going to actually call him just Issac. It seemed a little informal. Everyone here had something before their names. Like the professors! They all had Professor before their name.

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Isaac heard Bea and turned around with a kind twinkle in his eyes. "But, that is your choice of course. No pressure" He chuckled then walked and made the beds that had creases in them. "Neat and tidy that's all I ask" He murmured to himself. Simon raised his eyebrows. "No offence S-Um Isaac, but do you have OCD?" He asked then clamped his hand over his mouth, he sometimes had moments when he spoke before he thought. Isaac however found it hysterical and laughed softly. "Yes I do, actually. It's quite annoying to most of the Professors." he admitted.

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