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Welcome to the Hunt's resident - aka Fox Ridge Ranch. The ranch is one of the most well known in Dallas - with 100 of acres of land, and holding over 50 horses. Fox Ridge is the ranch where residents of Texas board their horses, or come for horse lessons and such. Fox Ridge also holds most of the horse-related events: rodeos, eventing comps, horse sales, ect.

[ current residents ]: Harley Hunt, Dani Fonseca, and Peneinsuiaaia Hunt

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Asia extended her tanned arms across the kitchen counter, a deep jade was a perfect contrast against her skin tone. If she hadn’t slept simply in a pair of black panties she might have walked around the island but she couldn’t afford getting scolded by Harley again. Not after Harley walked in on Asia and her ex boyfriend Tyler basically doing it in the living room. A bright yellow pineapple was just out of her reach and she was considering grabbing the knife beside her and throwing it at the fruit in hopes it would get stuck to the wall like it did on the big screen. With Rhianna's Work blasting in the house, Asia's hips swayed side from side without shame, despite the fact they barley covered her a**. Tilting her head to the side, Asia parted her lips and yelled loudly to Harley.

QUEEN | 205 comments ((she's not wearing pants XD))

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Asia looked over her shoulder. A smile grew on her lips. "Wanna be a dear and give me a lift?" She asked flashing her boyfriend a smile. Asia could have easily walked around and got it but since he appeared she might as well take the opportunity for physical affection while being helped. Her soft blue eyes gazed upon his chiseled features and his sculpted body. Man was a hot boyfriend she licked her lips in an agreeing manner while beckoning him over with a wagging finger.

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"That damn pineapple is harassing me. Asking for my phone number and trying to get with me," Asia made a fake disgusted look with her face and stuck her tongue out. Her slender legs were wrapped around Adam as he took her from the counter. "Who the fuck are you calling fat?!" She exclaimed pawing his face as though he ought to know better. "Here's an idea let me play with those abs of yours and we're good," Asia winked then batted her eyelashes at Adam innocently.

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Asia let out a mild giggle. "Hmm," Her finger played with her lip as she glanced at his v. "Sure," She said beginning to poke his abs. Her smooth hands ran against his muscular torso and she looked up innocently at her boyfriend. "No one's home," Asia replied with a wink.

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