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Professor Caramount entered the classroom. No one was there yet. That was good. She strode the the front of the room and sat down in her drab desk. Ever since the last teacher, she had brightened up the room some, but she doubted a brightened room would be enough to keep the pupils awake.

Attendance Roster:
Aidrian, Bella Janix
Bent, James
Blackmount, Kellindo
Fawley Buckland Xavier
Fletcher, Adam
Jones, Alexander Michael
Kennedie, Rosalind Marie
Lotus, Kitiri
McKenzie, Coralline Joy
Nicholson, Simon Gabriel
Well, Beatrice Elizabeth

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Simon came in with Coralline , she was explaining to him what wolf bane was and oyher sorts of herbs. Simon listened intently and kept nodding. When they entered the classroom Coralline iled brightly. "Good morning Professor!"
Simon lookef up and waved awkwardly. "Um, nice classroom!" he smiled and sat down. Coraline looked around the room then sat down.

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"Good morning you two." She nodded then pulled out her class roster. "First and last name please?" Her fingers fumbled into a drawer of her desk where she took out a rather fine eagle quill feather. She then looked at the two students, awaiting their answers.

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Coralline smiled brightly. "Coralline Joy McKenzie." She said and pulled out her book, a quill a rather simple one and her notebook.
Simon pulled out his things he needed for class and also an extra notebook where he wrote down homework. "Simon Gabriel Nicholson" he replied looking at the professor.

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Professor Caramount smiled then jotted down the names. "Thank you Ms. McKenzie and Mr. Nicholson. If you wish, you may turn to page fifty-two in your textbook and proceed reading to page sixty, but it is not required." They would by studying the history of the classification of beasts and beings today.

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"Your welcome Professor!" Coralline smiled and opened th book excitedly. She loved reading very much and read with interest. Simon however, had a confused look on his fave when he started reading, being a muggle born he didn't know most of the creatures but when the book explained a bit more the confusion was replaced with a blank look he had when he was reading.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) James strolled into the classroom. He'd heard that the headmistress was the History of Magic teacher, so he hadn't brought anything in his pockets. He supposed this class would probably be pretty dull. To start with, the class sounded dull, but with the headmistress as the teacher? Ugh.

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Professor Caramount looked up to see a boy enter the classroom. "Name? First and last." She looked at him expectantly. Her quill was at the ready to start writing.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Er... James Bent..." This was kind of weird. He looked up at the teacher a little apprehensively.

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Professor Caramount nodded. "Good, and even though I'm head mistress, I can't be expected to know everyone's name. Please sit down and, for your best interest, progress in reading page fifty-two to sixty in your textbook, presuming you have it that is."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Er... Alright..." He headed over to a desk at the very back of the class. Yep... This was starting off greeeeat. He flopped down, and pulled out his textbook.

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CJ | 251 comments Kit walked into the room. She saw James reading from one of his books, then looked around at the rest of the classroom.
She looked back at the place where she'd seen him, sure she was imagining things. No, there was James. Reading from a history textbook. With seemingly empty pockets.
This class was either going to be really, really dull or really, really interesting...

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mels (padmeskywalkers) He sighed. He'd read one paragraph, and already he was bored out if his mind. How many pages had she said to read again? He couldn't even remember... She'd probably told him to read the whole book, or something...

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Buckland entered the classroom, and walked to the teacher's desk. "Buckland Xavier Fawley," he told her softly, then sat down in a seat in the front row. He looked around, and didn't see anyone he know. Great. I'm going to be that one friendless Slytherin.

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Alex walked into the classroom silently and frowned. He saw another Slytherin but other than that he didn't know anybody. He sat down next to the Slytherine and opened the book with a scowl.

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Buckland watched as another boy entered the room. A Slytherin, judging by the shiny green badge displayed proudly on his robes. The boy sat next to him, and he smiled a little. At least someone's sitting next to me. He picked up his book, and shifted a little to see which page the other boy was reading.

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"From pafe fifty-two to page sixty" Alex said looking at the other boy. His gaze was cold as usual and wasn't very friendly like most Slytherins. Most students would stay clear away from him if he had this look in his eye even teachers, which Alex found quite amusing. "Your Buckland Xavier Fawley correct?" He asked looking back down at his book. He had asked the question in a whisper since he didn't want to get in trouble.

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Buckland nodded. "Yes, I am. What's your name?" he asked, curiously. The other boy had a really scary look in his eye, but he didn't really notice all that much. He opened his book, as well. "Thanks."

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"Alexander Michael Jones" He muttered, he wasn't really fond of his last name due to his parents. "Don't mention it" He said and glanced at Buckland then back at the book.

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Buckland smiled. Like Hestia Jones, he thought. I wonder if they're related. He thought about his own last name. One of the twenty-eight remaining pureblood Wizarding families. His parents were really proud of it, and so was he.

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Alec turned to the next tow pages. He wasn't really a history fanatic, but he did enjoy it.. most of the time. He glanced at the headmistress then back at his book. He wanted to ask a question, but instead he tried to answer it in his head.

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Emelie jogged into the classroom, hoping she wasn't too late. "Hello.", she said panting a little, "I'm really sorry. Am I late?" Whilst she waited for her teacher to answer her, she looked at the other students. She recognized a few from the hallways. She hoped she could find a few friends, until now she hasn't talked to anyone except to say hello.

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Buckland watched as another student jogged into the classroom. She looked kind of nervous, so he smiled at her hesitantly, then went back to his reading. She'd be welcome to sit next to him if she didn't have anywhere else.

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Coralline looked at thw giel that had just arrived. She waved at her to come amd sit. "Your not late!" she mouthed and gave her a friendly smile.

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She was relieved to see two students smiling at her and a girl reassured her, she wasn't late and waved her over to sit next to her. She smiled back at both of the students but the boy had already looked back down again. She walked over to the girl and sat down. "Hi, my name's Emelie.", she introduced herself and held out her hand.

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Coralline smiled brightly and shook her hand gently. "I'm Coralline! Nice to meet you Emelie!" She said in a friendly tone. She loved making new friends. "I'm Hufflepuff!" She grinned. "Oh! Page fifty-two to page sixty" She said showing the girl the pages to read.

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((um, julia, one of the mods, isn't able to post right now and she started Emelie's sorting. So i don't know which house Emelie is in..))
Emelie's face broke into an even wider smile as Coralline shook her outstreched hand. "Thanks" she said after Coralline told her which page they were on and started reading.

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Buckland glanced over at the two, and smiled. He wished he was that good at making friends. Somehow, though, whenever people found out about his last name, they always seemed to hate him instantly. Unless they were from Slytherin. He never got why, there had to be some good reason, right?

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Emelie glanced up from her book and saw the boy that smiled at her before, looking at them. He seemed sad. "Hi, I'm Emelie and this is Coralline. What's your name?", she asked, smiling at him.

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Buckland blinked. Wow. Someone talked to me? "I'm Buckland," he told Emelie. "But..." he looked around, then said a bit quieter, "...you can call me 'Bucky' if you want. Buckland is kind of a mouthful. I really like your name."

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Emelie smiled and said: "Thanks, Bucky. Your Nickname is really cool, but Buckland is a nice name too, you know. I think we should better read now, before the teacher tells us off." She then looked back down at her book and continued to read the page.

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Bucky nodded. "True." He glanced over at the teacher. She seemed to be immersed in her work, but... you never know. He turned back to his book, and glanced at Alex, who was also reading. He shrugged, then read his own page over again.

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Julia ((SORRY!!!))

Rosalind walked into the room, and sat near the front. She was unsure if class was about to start or not-she had been having trouble with keeping time lately. Rose was loved history, and was ready to learn about this undiscovered type. Well, undiscovered for her, at least.

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Bucky watched Rose walk in, and leaned towards her. "Page fifty-two to page sixty, I believe we're supposed to read," he whispered to her. Then he returned to his own reading. He furrowed his eyebrows; some of this history seemed familiar to him, but he never remembered his parents telling him anything about it. It mentioned the prejudice of purebloods against muggleborns a lot, but he didn't remember ever learning about it. Weird...

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Julia Rose gave Bucky a shy smile. He seemed nice, and he also looked familiar. She wondered what house he was in. She quickly flipped to the correct page. Rose had read this textbook when she first got it, but she had flown through it. She was glad that she had the time to slow down and absorb the material better.

Adam walked in to the classroom, the door banging behind him. He didn't care, and merely sat down in the back of the classroom. He had gotten lost, as one of the older students had given him faulty directions to the classroom. Adam looked over at another student's textbook, which was on page fifty six, and began reading there.

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Professor Caramount took names from the two Slytherins. She then looked at the three other students and asked, "Names?" She needed an attendance roster after all.

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Julia Rose blushed fiercely, and muttered, "Rosalind Marie Kennedy." She blurted her full name, and blushed. Rose quickly looked back down at the page she was reading-fifty seven now. She bit her lip as she concentrated on the history.

Adam looked up at the professor. "Adam Fletcher." he said, stressing his last name to show his lineage. Adam was proud of it, just as he felt he should be.

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CJ | 251 comments Kit looked up at the professor. She'd been so distracted by the strange prospect of James reading that she hadn't told her her name. "Kitri Lotus," she responded.
It was probably safer to use her full name... "Hufflepuff," she added as an afterthought.

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Bea and Bella stepped into class. The both took up there seats just as the professor rose.

Amusing that everyone was there, Professor Caramount stepped to the front of the room. She stood there, waiting for the chatter to die down. After there was complete silence, she began her first lecture. "Hello. My name is Professor Emmaline Caramount, but you will all address me as Professor Carmount. Now, I have been teaching at Hogwarts for nearly twenty years, History all twenty years, and I am now headmistress of this school. Let me warn you, my class is one of the hardest classes to pass. I do not grade easily, and it takes a great amount of studying and dedication to pull an Exceeds Expectations in my class. I expect you all to read through your textbook as many times as possible and come prepared for each class. To start off the day, I would like you each to read to following chapter in your book." Professor Caramount turned around and scribbled Lesson One on the board. "It should be fairly easy to find." She smiled then waved her hand, telling them to get started.


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Buckland nodded. "Yes, Professor Caramount," he said, then blushed. Kiss-up, he chided himself. He then pulled out his textbook, and began to read, being careful to absorb every word. Once he finished, he reread it, completely amazed by the very idea of trying to label and classify what creatures were beasts and which were beings. He very much hoped for the chance for a debate on the topic.

((Omigosh, did you write all that? :O))

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((Whoa... O_O do I have to do that? That's insane XD))

He stared at the words on his page, bored out of his mind. Why should he care what the difference between a beast and a human was? Shouldn't this be in Care of Magical Creatures? He sighed, and yawned. He'd been right about this class from the start. Just a whole lot of reading and tests... Boring. He made it through the first paragraph before he started to doze. He managed to wake himself up, but by the time he started the second section, he was fast asleep on his desk.

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Bucky heard a soft noise, and involuntarily interrupted his rereading to look over. He saw a redheaded boy asleep on his desk. He looked frantically at the teacher, who didn't seem to have noticed just yet. He banged his foot hard against the side of his chair, and succeeded in making a loud clanging noise. Hopefully, it would wake the boy up, attracting attention from the teacher to himself instead, and keeping the boy out of trouble.

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((XD. No. That's just me being a fangirl and going nuts. You teach how you think you should teach.))

Professor Caramount scanned the room, until her eyes fell on a boy dozing. She knew her book was boring, but not that boring. She strode over and tapped once on his desk. "Mr. Bent." She started. "I have a few questions for you. I'm sure since you read the chapter and are now dozing on your desk because you are finished and you know the chapter through and through, they should be quite simple."

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Bucky froze, then looked down, ashamed. His idea didn't seem to have worked. He looked at the boy guiltily, and decided that he would do his best to help him with the answers. He hoped for both of their sakes that the boy had read before falling asleep.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((XD okay. The textbook you made is amazing, even though James doesn't seem to think so XD))

"Huh?" He asked, his head shooting up. "What?" Uh-oh... He hadn't fallen asleep, right? Not good... Not good at all... Gis foot started tapping nervously at the sight of the teacher.

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Bucky shifted a bit in his seat, trying to catch the boy's eye. He'd read it, multiple times. I'll help you through this, he mouthed at him behind the teacher's back.

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((I know. I don't mind your character acting like this.))

Professor Caramount stood there, tall and firm. "I said, Mr. Bent, would you mind answering a few questions for me? You were asleep, so I assumed you had already read the chapter multiple times, or at least finished it once. Am I correct?"

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Um, yeah. Definitely." His eyes glanced down at the page quickly, and he tried to absorb as much as possible. He couldn't see Bucky behind the professor's back." Great way to start off the year... And with the headmistress, too...

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Professor Caramount's hand slid down and closed his book softly. "You cannot use your book to answer these questions. Do that, and that is cheating, correct?" Without waiting for an answer, she began her first question. "Tell me the name of the first mentioned chief of the wizard council and what era he commanded in. And if anyone dares try to help Mr. Bent, that will be considered cheating. Detention is always open for cheaters, but it would pain me to send anyone there." She knew there were some kind hearted kids in the classroom, and she wanted to encourage that. Just not here and not now.

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