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message 1: by Ronny (new)

Ronny (shadowpay) | 4 comments Took a quick look at the books I read/listened to in 2016, and found out that 62 of the 63 books I enjoyed had a female protagonist. Kind of fun to see that when it comes too books, i enjoy to “sneak peak” into the female mind :)

It might just be that the writers, writing the books/bookseries i like best chose to have a female lead.

Or is it that kickass heroines often have better moral, are more faithful (I hate love triangles) and often physical underdogs in a man chauvinistic fantasy world (Im a sucker for underdogs).
Any of you lady’s like male protagonist better? Or is male heroes way to cocky and self centered :)

Any tip on a good YA Fantasy series with male hero?

PS i know my english suck (some dyslexia issues :) )

message 2: by L.S. (new)

L.S. May | 15 comments I think if you look at YA authors, there are far more females than males, so that seems to be reflected in what they write.

If it's done well, I don't care what gender the protagonist is. Probably my favourite is when they switch between both, so you can know what both are thinking.

message 3: by ~Viktorija~ (new)

~Viktorija~ Yeah, most books I've read this year are too with female protagonists and I don't really know why I usually choose them instead of male ones. I guess I can relate more to them, since I'm also a girl but to be honest, if a book is really good and well written, it doesn't really matter to me, whether there's a male or female lead.

I also seem to come across books with female protagonists more often :D

message 4: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Osiecki (rozemaiden87) For me it doesn't really matter, provided the inner dialogue isn't cringe-worthy and they don't play into gender stereotypes.

daniela (daniela_nieblina) Ronny wrote: "Or is it that kickass heroines often have better moral, are more faithful (I hate love triangles) "

That's hilarious because almost all female protagonist books have a love triange! XDD

Actually, all my favorite books usually have male protagonists. I just think its the fact that books with female protagonist are usually more... love oriented? I want action and adventure, not drama and coquettish gazes. Teenage boys are more drawn towards action, which is why most books aimed towards teen boys have a better plot, in my opinion at least.

Despite that, most of the great male protagonist books are written by females... so it's complicated! XD

message 6: by Phoenix2 (new)

Phoenix2 | 69 comments True, most YA have female protagonists, maybe because some of them follow the same pattern of plot. For me, I wouldn't mind a male lead, as long as it is well written.

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