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message 1: by shay arabella, she's just crazy (new)

shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 157 comments
Twitter is one of the most commonly used social medias used among teenagers, and adults.

[ how this works ]: make up a username for your character, than post a tweet underneath that. if you want to reply to a post, than put it in bold to who you're replying to.

[ example ]:
In a bonfire-y kind of mood..... anyone down for a beach bonfire?

message 2: by ash. (last edited Jun 16, 2016 09:09PM) (new)

"I know lets put stickers on every fucking fruit in american" -satan #justinhaledpaper
11:54 PM - 16 jun 2016

message 3: by Hayley (last edited Jun 19, 2016 07:58AM) (new)

Hayley | 173 comments

dinner party tonight; sigh, someone save me.

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