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CJ | 251 comments Kit walked slowly out into the courtyard, looking for something to do. So far, school had been kind of lonely, so she was also really searching for company. She didn't like being alone...

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mels (padmeskywalkers) James entered the courtyard, walking at a slightly more rapid pace than was perhaps normal. The reason being? Perhaps it was the object rigged across the hallway he had just exited that would cover any unsuspecting passer-bys with green slime. Perhaps not. You never know...

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Bella kept to the shadows. She didn't have a group of friends surrounding her, and that made her slightly uncomfortable. When she entered, she noticed two people already there, but from what house... Not knowing was a problem. They could either be friends, or enemies. But almost everyone at school was an enemy.

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CJ | 251 comments Kit looked around, disappointed that she saw no one there. "Hello?" she called out hopefully.
Maybe they were just hiding... She turned around, saw a boy walking briskly through the courtyard, and changed course so that she was walking in his direction.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Hello!" He said brightly, taking her by the arm, and continuing his brisk pace. "Name's James. You?"

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Bella frowned. The boy seemed like the type that would be not Slytherin, and so did the girl. A smile forced its way onto Bella's face. This should be fun. She thought to herself. But she would wait to come out of the shadows until she found out who they really were. And then it would be extra fun!

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CJ | 251 comments ((It's five? Well I got that mixed up! Sure thing! And, just to establish in writing, posting order's me, Meli, Erza, right?))

Completely unaware of the girl lurking in the shadows, Kit smiled widely at James. She was relieved to have found somebody to talk to... "I'm Kit," she answered his previous question.
"Do you always walk this fast?" she added after a short pause. Her legs were shorter, so it was taking a lot of effort for her to keep up.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Kit? Cool name! Way cooler than James." He made a face. "Why can't I have a cool name? Like, lightning or something? Wouldn't that be awesome? And to answer your other question... No, I do not normally walk this fast. On a completely unrelated note, I wouldn't walk down the hallway to the left of the courtyard for the next few hours." He smiled widely and innocently at her.

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Bella's head was spinning. He talked way too fast for her liking. Someone decent wouldn't that is, like a Slytherin. Most Slytherins didn't talk fast. They were decent. And they didn't sound like Slytherins, so that automatically made them not so decent. But she didn't know for sure yet... Not wanting to loose them, Bella quietly walked as fast as she could to keep up.

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CJ | 251 comments "Lightning certainly seems fitting," Kit remarked, so close to matching his pace, but yet so far, "But why wouldn't you walk down that corridor? Did something happen?"
She pictured all the things that may have happened in a hallway at Hogwarts. Most of the things that came to mind involved complicated spells that she would probably never be able to replicate...

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Doesn't it just?" He agreed. "And, er, yes. Definitely. Something happened. There was... An explosion, I believe. Yeah. An explosion. But yeah... I would not go walking down that hallway."

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Bella smiled, now was probably her chance. The boy had hesitated! He was probably lying. Or he did it. Her eyes narrowed mischievously. These two were going to be a bucket load of fun! Not wanting to wait any longer, Bella stepped out of the shadows an grinned. "So Hogwarts has a trouble maker this year, am I right?" She crossed her arms and stared at the walking pair, hopefully burning the equivalent of a hole in their backs.

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CJ | 251 comments Kit jumped around. This girl had been there this whole time? Wow. How had she not noticed her?
Kit smiled at the girl, albeit a little uncertainly. This girl looked like bad news to her. The expression on her face was slightly unnerving...

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Troublemaker? I don't know... I mean, I've just met her, but she seems alright... Doesn't seem like a troublemaker to me... Unless you mean you?" He narrowed his eyes. "Was that you who set off the explosion?" Already he didn't like this new girl. She had a sort of... Bad vibe to her. And he really didn't like that expression on her face...

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She snickered at the boy. Louse. Gotta turn the conversation away from him, has he now? "I'm not the type of person who goes setting off explosions on my first week of school. But I have heard you Gryffindor's have a history of making a mess." She cast a sideways glance at the girl. "I know Hufflepuff's don't do that. They're too shy and quiet, and afraid to make a name for themselves. And I heard all the misfits go into Hufflepuff, you know," Bella leaned in closer like she was telling a big secret. "All the oddballs, the ones that don't fit into any other house." She whispered. Then, with another snicker, see leaned back again.

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CJ | 251 comments "Well, I'd much rather say that I'm in Hufflepuff than have to say that I'm with you in Slytherin," Kit replied, chin tilting up slightly, "I don't take pleasure in other peoples' discomfort."
Yes, she was right. This girl was quite sour... Even her laugh sounded cruel.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "You tell her, Kit." He nodded. "And whoever said I was a Gryffindor? You're a really bad guesser, you know that? And bad at insulting. Insulting Hufflepuff? They're one of the best houses! Way better than slimy Slytherin! All you ever do is try to better yourselves by lowering us! You're just a bunch of bullies. And I bet you did

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Bella did a dirty smirk at the boy. "Looks like we all know why you're not in Ravenclaw." She smiled her rotten smile then gestured to his robes. "You have the Gryffindor badge on your robes dumbo. Merlin's beard, are all you Gryffindors this dumb? If so, I'm rather glad I got Slytherin. I couldn't imagine having to live in a house full of dumbos where they can't remember their house is stitched on their robes." Her eyes narrowed with disgust. "And you're really bad at alliteration, you know that right?" She turned in the girl, Kit's direction. "And I don't take pleasure in everyone's discomfort. I'm just telling them the truth. You all have to hear it eventually, no matter how much you loathe it."

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CJ | 251 comments "Except what you told me isn't the truth," Kit pointed out with an innocent shrug, "I'm not shy. I'm not quiet. I will make a name for myself, because I'm not afraid of you. Sorry."
She inwardly shook her head, sad that this meeting had not gone better.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) He clenched his fists slightly at the Ravenclaw comment. That one had hit a little too close to home. He looked down in disgust at his badge. Stupid... He had to remember he was wearing robes now, not muggle clothes. "Yes, well, I'm rather glad I'm not in Slytherin, if it means I'd have to put up with bullies like you, all day. Or worse, be one."

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She frowned at the girl's comment. "I don't want people to be afraid of me, I like to think of myself as rather...stronger than most." Bella sighed at the boy's comment. "When will the Gryffindor ever learn? I'm not a bully, I just tell people what's what, and what the truth is. I said that not five minutes ago. Again, there's a reason you're not in Ravenclaw. It seems that one comment goes in one ear and out the other. Good luck being able to memorize things, you're gonna need it. I won't be surprised if I hear you had to go into some tutoring deal just to get help memorizing things." She smirked once again.

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CJ | 251 comments "If you just want people to 'know what's what,' then why do you feel the need to sneer at us?" Kit asked.
There was a difference between the person this girl was describing and the girl herself. She doubted that this girl would do any better than James at school work. Yet here she was, being mean without any reason. Well, now Kit was even more glad to have been sorted into Hufflepuff.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) He bit his tongue, hard, to keep from saying something he might regret. Eventually, he went with "How ironic. You claim to tell people what's what, yet you can't seem to see the truth about yourself." He turned to Kit. "Well, I'm about finished with this conversation, how bout you?"

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"Ignorants." She muttered mostly to herself. Raising her voice to usual volume, she said. "I've been done with this a while. Little boy, good luck memorizing things and actually doing well in school. Honestly. Who can't remember where their own badge is? And girl, good luck fitting in." And with that, she gave a little wink and flounced off.

((Bella has left the Viaduct Courtyard.))

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CJ | 251 comments "At least I'll fit in better than you!" Kit muttered under her breath. She was aware that the girl had already gone, but it felt good to voice it. "And really," she went on, laughing a little, "'Little boy?' You're taller than she is!"
Her mood brightened considerably. That girl had been sort of like a rain cloud.

((I have to go!))

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mels (padmeskywalkers) He grinned at her. "Exactly." He tried to ignore the jibes at his intelligence, although they hurt a little more than he'd like. "And I've barely met you, but you already look like 100 times more of a person than she is."

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((XD I love watching my character help people form friendships.))

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CJ | 251 comments ((Amazing, huh? Practically all of my friends were formed because of a mutual hatred of something. XD))

She beamed. "That's very nice of you to say!" she remarked, "And you seem a lot smarter than she is, honestly. She seems like a bit of a hypocrite, to me... All those things she said about 'not being a bully' confused me, because that's exactly what she was being as she told us that it wasn't what she was being... That didn't make sense."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((XD)) Smart, huh? Apparently that wasn't what the Sorting hat thought... It hadn't even considered Ravenclaw. Sure, he preferred Gryffindor, but he knew his dad would be disappointed that it hadn't even considered the house... "Yeah, she was a bit odd... Get some of them in every school, I guess..."

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CJ | 251 comments "Suppose so," Kit trailed off.
James looked kind of sad about something. Or maybe he was just thinking. "Are you okay?" she asked, concerned.
He was the first friend she'd made at this school, so she really didn't have anybody else to care about, yet.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Yeah. Fine." He shook his head as if to clear it. "So, what do you like to do? You know, for fun and stuff."

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CJ | 251 comments "I'm not sure, yet," Kit admitted, "Well, I don't know what around here, anyway. I only learned about this place a month ago, you see. It's going to be really exciting to try new things!"

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "You're Muggle-born, huh? I'm a half-blood. What was it like, finding out about Hogwarts? Finding out that you're a witch?" He'd imagined it was probably pretty cool, but then he'd known about Hogwarts his whole life... He'd still been excited to get his letter, though. He couldn't imagine what it'd be like for a muggle-born...

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CJ | 251 comments Kit laughed. "Technically, I'm half-blood, too. My dad just kept it a secret from my mum and me until the morning that letter came in the post. It's really exciting. Really, really, really exciting. I can't even explain. I've always wondered why I was always so different."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Whoa, weird... How'd he hide it for that long? How'd he love without magic? My parents probably couldn't go 10 minutes without using it... Of course, I do all the time because I didn't have a wand until a short time ago, but still! A wizard living without magic..."

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CJ | 251 comments "I dunno... He probably did use it, I guess, when we weren't home. Maybe that's how he cleaned the kitchen so fast!" Kit exclaimed, then laughed, "I'm not sure. He seemed really content in Diagon Alley."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "I can only imagine... It must have been his first time in years! Imagine! Years without Diagon Alley!" He fell silent for a moment. "He must have really loved your mom."

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CJ | 251 comments "I guess it would be fun to see that place after so long..." Kit agreed, smiling, "And, yes. He really does love her. She's amazing. But still... I never really thought about how much he's given up for us..."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "11 years without magic... Yeah. He really must love you guys. Why didn't he just... Tell you? I mean, you were going to be a wizard anyway... Why not tell you when you were younger?"

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CJ | 251 comments "I think he wanted to let Mum have her 'normal daughter' for a while. You know, before sending me away. Apparently she'd wanted a child for a long time," Kit shrugged, "Well, that's that with me. What do you like to do for fun?"

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mels (padmeskywalkers) He nodded. "I think I... Sort of get it. And, um... Huh. For fun?" He shrugged. "Just... Stuff. You know... Gobstones, Quidditch, Exploding Snap, Wizard Chess, exploding thing... You know, regular stuff. Occasionally I'll read a book to mix things up..."

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CJ | 251 comments ((Going offline.))

Kit laughed. "I've never heard of any of those things, actually. Wait- I think I heard Dad mention -Quid... Quidditch?- once. Don't remember the subject of conversation. All those things have fun-sounding names, though."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((Okay :)))

"Whadaya mean? You mean you haven't heard of Quidditch? You have to be joking! It's he best game ever! And Gobstones? God, you need to be educated!" He grinned at her.

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CJ | 251 comments "Sorry," Kit shrugged.
She wasn't sure what else to say. There were so many things that she apparently had to learn. Well, she supposed learning them would be fun.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) He considered her for a moment. "Of course, you wouldn't be able to join the team this year... They won't let first years on the team. But next year... If you can figure out how the fly a broom, you could make a right good chaser or seeker!"

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CJ | 251 comments "A broom?" Kit asked, giggling a little, "That's what every witch rode on in muggle fantasy... There are really brooms?"
So the magic world did bleed into the non-magic world... That was pretty comforting, actually.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Yeah, of course there are brooms... And of course we fly on them. What else would we do with them? Clean our floors?" He started laughing. "Anyway, you have to try it. It's the most amazing feeling in the world, flying."

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CJ | 251 comments "When have you flown, before?" Kit asked, curious.
It did sound very fun. She hoped she would get to try it, too. It seemed kind of silly, now, that she'd assumed that the magic world just had no use for brooms, whatsoever.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "My parents got me a broom for Christmas, last year! Nimbus 2009!" He looked like this was something to be extremely excited about. "Oh, right... You don't know anything about brooms... Do you want to borrow my copy of Quidditch through the ages?"

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