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Bea entered the gigantic hall. The Sorting had already taken place, and classes were going to start up soon. But for now, she had some free time, so she was going to check out the castle. It seemed only right that she got to know her new home. Bea's eyes took a sweep around. Everything seemed so old, yet so beautiful. It was enchanting...

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Buckland entered the hall, smoothing his crisply ironed robes. He was happy that he had been put in Slytherin, but he'd been getting some dirty looks from some of the older students. I wonder what that was about... He shook his head to clear his mind, and continued to walk. I'm sure it's nothing. He noticed a girl walking to his right, and recognized her from the Sorting: She'd been placed in Ravenclaw. He stopped, internally debating whether or not he should greet her.

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Bea had her head locked down. She was a shy girl, and wasn't the best at talking. Most of the time, she tripped over her words, trying to figure out what to say. People would keep their distance from her, most the time. On the train, everyone seemed to be flocking to where she was. Then again, there were plenty of popular looking girls in the compartment as well so...

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Buckland finally decided that if this would become his new home, he may as well meet some new people. He approached the girl slightly timidly, and smoothed his robes repeatedly, wanting to make a good impression. He suddenly realized that his hair was messy, and tried to pat it back down.
"Um, hello," he began, trying not to sound like a total oaf.

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Bea jumped, slightly startled by the voice that had just sorta came out of nowhere. She lifted her head cautiously a looked at the boy. He was Buckland Fawley, sorted into the Slytherin house. She had a decent memory, but that was about where her gifts stopped. Bea was too shy, too scared, and way too timid to do anything good, other than read and memorize things. "Erm, hi." She said rather quietly. "May-May I help you?" She stuttered.

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Buckland glanced down. "I just thought-" he stopped, worried that he'd made a fool of himself. He looked up again. "I just wanted to say hi, I guess. I mean, we have to get along for the next seven years, so... yeah." He shrugged helplessly, then stared intensely at the ground again, nervously smoothing his robes.

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Bea frowned at his constant attempt of trying to smooth his robes. Was he okay? Did he have something wrong with him? "Ar-Are you a-alright?" Bea stuttered again. She took a small breath to try and calm herself down. "Is there something wrong?"

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Buckland glanced up frantically. "Yeah, I'm good!" he replied nervously. "I just- these are new," he finished lamely. "My parents wouldn't like it if they were wrinkled." He realized how stupid he must look, constantly smoothing his robes. He clasped his hands behind his back so that he wouldn't feel the urge to do so.

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Bea nodded slowly. The Slytherin boy, worried about what his parents thought. Typical. She wondered if all Slythereins were like that, always worrying about how they looked. But that was probably stereotypical to think that. Most likely, not all Slytherins were like that, proud and arrogant. This Buckland didn't seem like he would be arrogant, but you never know...

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Buckland broke the awkward silence. "So, uhm, your nname is Bea, right?" he asked. "I'm..." he paused. "Buckland," he muttered finally. He didn't like his name. He resisted the urge to make a face. He'd much rather be called "Bucky" or something stupid like that.

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Bea nodded. "Buckland." She said quietly. "I've never heard of a name like that. It's unique." She admitted. Bea always did think unique names were cool. It sorta gave the person a distinguishable personality.

((We need to figure out how to make 'em sorta rivals...))

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((Ah, yes! xD What if... What if the Fawleys were involved with Death Eaters at some point (not anymore), and Bea remembers reading about them? And realizes that he's their son? Only thing I can think of.))

Buckland shrugged. "Well, it's definitely unique, I can tell you that right now," he joked. "I can't say I've ever met another person named Buckland. Or anything close, as a matter of fact."

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((XD It'll work.))

Bea suddenly cocked her head to the side. "What did yo say your last name was again?" She believed it was Frawly, but you could never be too sure.

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Buckland answered immediately. Finally, a question he knew. "Fawley," he told her. "Buckland Xavier Fawley. Why what's your last name?" he asked, cocking his head slightly. His wand was suddenly warm; he wondered why.

((He doesn't know about his parents' actions, though. :) ))

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(:D This'll be funny.))

"Well." She said through clenched teeth. "My last name is Well." Fawley. So her suspicions had been correct. She wondered if he was the same as his parents. There's not a single witch or wizard that's been placed in Slytherin that hasn't gone bad. She remembered.

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Buckland looked at her, confused. She seemed to be a little tense. "That's a cool last name," he commented, trying to ease her up a bit. "I'm a Pureblood. What are you?"

((Hehe! His parents told him that that's what you're formally supposed to ask people when you meet.))

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((Hehe. :P))

She wanted to say something like you're not helping. But that would be a little rude. "Muggle-born." Bea said, barely audible. Wht is it with this guy? He says his last name was Fawley, then asks her blood type? There's a reason not everyone was in Ravenclaw....

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Buckland nodded without batting an eye. He didn't understand why she seemed so angry, but hey- kids will be kids, right? "So, um... Hogwarts," he finished lamely. "You excited to learn about Wizards?"

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"I'm excited to learn about the magic, history, and just how stuff works, I guess." She shrugged and shifted on her feet. Why was she still talking to this guy? Did he wish he could have been a Death Eater? Do his parents still practice Death Eater practices? "Y-You excited?" She stuttered.

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He grinned. "Extremely," he replied, his eyes lighting up. "I'm really fond of Defense Against the Dark Arts, and I want to learn more about History, as well." He was glad he had someone to listen; his parents were always doing away doing who-knows-what.

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Bea cocked her head curiously to the side. "What do you plan on doing with this knowledge?" She asked. This could seal it. Whatever he said could seal who he was.

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Buckland frowned. "I'm not sure yet," he admitted. "I want to maybe become the Minister of Magic," he admitted, embarrassed slightly of his own ambition. "Or an Auror. Although maybe not... my parents didn't seem fond of the Auror idea. Maybe they think it's too dangerous." He shrugged. "What about you?"

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Bea nodded. Did he know the definition of Auror? She wondered. "I would like to become and Auror, or a professor even someday." She admitted. But surprisingly, an Auror was about as far as she would go in the Ministry. She didn't support them enough to get a political job. "Or I could become a healer at St. Mungos." She thought allowed.

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Buckland smiled. "That's a good idea," he agreed. "I don't know many people who specifically want to be a healer. The more healers, the better." He paused. "I mean, you'd be helping so many people!" Buckland thought hard. Maybe I should be a healer. Then he remembered what his parents would say to that.

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Bea looked up at the sky. It seemed to be about the time for her to go. "It's been nice talking to you, Bucky." She gave a small smile. "I should probably go. Studying and whatnot. I hope to see you around!" Again, she offered a smile and walked off.

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