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message 1: by Evan (last edited Jun 17, 2016 02:53PM) (new)

Evan (evanny) | 31 comments Mod
───────────────────────────────C O L L A B O R A T I O N S ────

Brendon Denysson / seventeen / gay / athena
-needs a friend to either calm him down and hold him back, or a friend as foolhardy as him
-possible enemy who is also Athena's kid, since I imagine he wouldn't get along with a lot of them?
-Accidental friends with Aquila (Alessia)
-Brotherly relationship with Ben (Kaya)
-open to anything

Phoebe Fleischmann / sixteen / gay / demeter
-I'd love for her to have a full-blooded sibling
-Friends with Willow (Dreamchild)
-Friends with Jonty (Alessia)
-Romance with Mei's character
-open to anything

Augusta Yamauchi / eighteen / bisexual / aphrodite
-some kind of lowkey romance would be great. Something where they like each other, but are both just chill people and don't actually do anything about it, maybe.
-Friends with Willa's Aphrodite boy
-Cool, badass friends with Manon (Alessia)
-open to anything

Kylee Robins / eighteen / gay / hecate
-Dating Gwen (Willa)
-open to anything besides romance

Marco Bruer / seventeen / bisexual / hecate
-Romance with Mei's character
-open to anything

Larson Oliver / eighteen / bisexual or aro-ace / artemis
-unlikely friendship with someone very different from him?
-open to anything

Annissa Chauhan / eighteen / bisexual / nike
-Friends-to-girlfriends with Kaia's character
-open to anything

Something Something / seventeeen / gay / demeter
-open to anything

message 2: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) I'd love to do something with Augusta!

message 3: by Evan (new)

Evan (evanny) | 31 comments Mod
Great! Anything in particular with her?

message 4: by Willa (last edited Jun 15, 2016 11:12AM) (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) Maybe a friendship? I have an Aphrodite boy in the making, Chris Hemsworth fc

message 5: by kyra (new)

kyra Okay but what about a sister type relationship with Annissa like they kinda just connected and grew to like see each as family.

message 6: by dreaмcнιld (new)

dreaмcнιld | 40 comments I love phoebe!! I would love to have a collab with you

message 7: by Evan (new)

Evan (evanny) | 31 comments Mod
Willa - That would probably work! What will he be like?

Kyra - Sounds great to me!

Dreamchild - Cool! Anything in particular you want to do involving her?

message 8: by dreaмcнιld (new)

dreaмcнιld | 40 comments I don't know. How about you look at my brainstorms and see what you want to do

message 9: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) Pretty much just the average punk Aphrodite kid who always tries to set Augusta up with boys

maddie | 97 comments dude i'll do a collab with something something XD

message 11: by Evan (new)

Evan (evanny) | 31 comments Mod
Dreamchild - Willow and Phoebe might work as friends?

Willa - Sounds perfect!

Maddie - Great! Anything in particular you had in mind? :)

maddie | 97 comments maybe a romance with my character, regina?

maddie | 97 comments oooo or eden. i could see both

message 14: by juno. (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 29 comments yo, your Annissa Chauhan, I have a Nike boy for sibling collab?

message 15: by dreaмcнιld (new)

dreaмcнιld | 40 comments Yeah i was thinking they would work since they'd be siblings as well

message 16: by Kᴀɪᴀ (new)

Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) ohhh can I please make a girl for annissa to love & vice versa because she is just :o <3

message 17: by Evan (new)

Evan (evanny) | 31 comments Mod
Juno - sounds great! Anything in particular you want to do with them, aside from a general sibling collab?

Dreamchild - Alright, Willow and Phoebe it is, then

Kaia - Definitely! Do you want to do it where they're already friends and its a sort of pining situation, or that they don't know each other well and get closer over the rp?

message 18: by Kᴀɪᴀ (new)

Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) friends since childhood? my gal is afraid to acknowledge her sexuality but secretly pines for annissa?? open to suggestions :)

message 19: by Evan (new)

Evan (evanny) | 31 comments Mod
Oh, I really like both of those! Let's go with them.
I'm trying to decide if Annissa should just be entirely oblivious about all of this, or have some idea and is just waiting for your character to say something.

message 20: by juno. (last edited Jun 16, 2016 07:44PM) (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 29 comments @Evan; He's an overachieving cocky asshole (more on him here)?

message 21: by kyra (new)

kyra okay since annissa is going to have two best friends what if she like helps kaia's girl like acknowledge her sexuality and like come to terms to it and with if she plays matchmaker for both causes she loves your girl so much and seeing her happy is like a dream come true for her.

message 22: by Evan (new)

Evan (evanny) | 31 comments Mod
Juno - okay first off, I love him. Secondly, I think they could have some sort of interesting friendly rivalry, maybe?

Kyra - That sounds good to me, as long as it works for Kaia, since it involves her character too

message 23: by Kᴀɪᴀ (new)

Kᴀɪᴀ (philocaly) @kyra; @evan: sounds all good to me :)

message 24: by juno. (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 29 comments
Evan - Thanks!! :) Sure, why not? What are they rivals at? Everything, or?

message 25: by kyra (new)

kyra okay i'll start working on everything.

message 26: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) @Evan: Oh, I changed my Chris Hemsworth claim to Liam Hemsworth, by the way, Chris was a little too old.

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