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The Rise And Fall Of The British Manager
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John (john_g) | 88 comments Hello,

Please add the following description to the book; isbn10 = 0333198654 as follows -

‘When I sat down to this book, I thought “Here’s a good read!”. When I’d finished, I thought “I’ve been got at!”’ – one reader’s reaction. The Rise and Fall of the British Manager is much more than a history book – it is a unique blend of history, management experience and psychological insight which adds up to a moral lesson for our times.

What are the real lessons to be learned from British economic decline and how much of the blame ought to be laid at the door of the non-industrial element in society? What are the implications of this for those English speaking cultures following, a few years behind, Britain’s historical progress into post-industrial society? Is a ‘manager’ a mythical beast and, if so, why did we invent such a convoluted way of thinking and writing about the homely activity of running things properly? In what sense, for example, is a housewife not a manager? Is Britain a culture of feminine dependence and, if she is, where has all the fight gone?

These are only a few of the puzzles posed by this compressed, but always readable, analysis. Funny without being patronising, serious without being ponderous, this is a book to delight and disturb all who puzzle at the present plight of Britain and worry about a sane and realistic future for all the developed economies. It is essential reading for all who labour, or propose to, under the designation ‘manager’ and all those who labour with them, such as wives and workers.

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Abcdarian | 19392 comments Added, but without the quote.

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