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Dean entered the classroom, and sat down at his desk to wait for his students to arrive. He straightened some of the papers on his table, then stood up once more, inspecting each cauldron to make sure they were all completely clean.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) James headed to the potions classroom, hoping to get there before the teacher. He had a couple of...surprises in there, and he was itching to try them out. He wandered through the door casually with his hands in his pockets, but stopped when he saw the man at the desk. Damn... and to make it worse, he was the only one there...

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Dean looked up from his work when he heard a noise, and saw a young, mischievous-looking student. He nodded at the boy. "Hello, I am Professor Dean Hunter, and I will be your Potions teacher. Please seat yourself next to any cauldron of your choice."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Oh, er, alright..." He wandered over to a random cauldron, his hands still firmly in his pockets. How was he supposed to get rid of this stuff now? If it was found in his pockets... Well; that would not be good. He say down next to a cauldron, and glanced over at the teacher again.

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Dean watched the boy carefully. He couldn't be sure, but... his pocket seemed to be bulging slightly. He cleared his throat. "What is your name?" he asked the student, looking him square in the eye.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Er... James. James Well." He considered using an alias, but he'd easily be able to check the class list to tell if he was telling the truth. And the only person's name that he really knew was Kit's. And he was pretty sure that he wasn't dense enough to believe that.

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Dean nodded slowly. James Well. Easy enough to remember. "Well, James," he began, "I believe you have something in your pockets. Could you please show me?" He decided that as long as it was illegal, he'd give it back at the end of class.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Er... Something in my pockets, sir?" He asked innocently. Not good... Not. Good. "Oh, you mean my hands?" He slowly took them out, careful to not disturb anything else in there into falling out.

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Dean glanced at his pockets once more. They were sill bulging ever so slightly. He smiled a bit. "Yes, Mr. Wells. Your pockets. I believe there is still something in them." He had almost laughed when the student took his hands out; it was something he would've done. "And don't worry. As long as it's not illegal, I will give whatever it is back at the end of class."

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Still something in them? Professor, what would I have in my pockets?" He asked, feigning innocence and confusion. "I don't recall having out anything in them..." He was rather trapped. He was fairly sure nothing in there was illegal, but...

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Dean sighed. "Well, sorry, but there's definitely something in your pockets." He felt like he was beginning to sound like Gollum. "I do know a Summoning Charm, and I'm not afraid to use it." He looked James in the eye. "It would probably be better if you just show me, please. I am willing to turn a blind eye, you know." And he meant it, too.

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Kellinger (kelindo) Kelindo came into the class. She saw the professor staring very serious at the only student there. She forced herself not to laugh at the kid who was in there all looking nervous, so she just went in and smiled with her eyes. "What a dumb kid already in trouble"-She thought.

She confidently took a seat and said "Good Morning." She surely didn't want to be there, what an awkward situation. She didn't want to get involved either, but she had be in that class.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) "Erm..." He sighed. He walked up to the desk, and began to empty his pockets. A rather large pile began to accumulate. A screaming yo-yo, some trick wands, a fanged frisbee, some firecrackers, and a couple skiving snack boxes. He looked down at the pile rather regretfully, throughly convinced he would never see any of it again.

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CJ | 251 comments Kit stepped through the doorway, unaware that there were two people in the room talking about something and another girl watching. Her eyes were still squinting slightly as she looked around at her surroundings. She was just getting accustomed to the dim lighting in the room. Then she saw James, whom she'd met earlier, talking to a man, presumably their Potions teacher. She began to make her way over, curious as to what they were discussing.

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Kellinger (kelindo) Kelindo saw the ginger head approaching the desk taking out all of his toys. He looked disappointed, sad, and in pain. She couldn't help but to smile to herself, she knew instantly that the kid was a prankster and surely she was going to have a lot of fun looking at him. He seemed cool and carefree.

Kelindo then sat her eyes on the professor waiting to see any reaction from him. Now looking at him, she couldn't help but to realize the professor was very attractive, surely he must be young she thought. Somehow to Kelindo, even though the professor was still very serious staring at the ginger head, he looked kind to her...

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Emelie ran down the hallway, not sure if she was late or not and slowed down in front of the classroom. The door was open and Emelie peeked around the corner, looking into the classroom to see about 4 other children there and a teacher. She walked into the classroom, mumbled a hello, sat down at a table and started getting all her books out. She peeked up to look at the other children and she was happy to say, they all looked quite nice.

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Bea slid into the room where potions were being held. I hope this class is going to be decent... She thought to herself. Then, she walked quietly, and hopefully unnoticed, to the front of the room and began getting ready.

Bella sauntered into the classroom. She decided to take this lass aloneish. She didn't have too many friends yet and... She chose a spot towards the middle of the room to sit.

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Simon and Coralline walked in. They looked around in awe and saw quite a few people already there. Simon sat down and began to get ready. Coralline sat farther away from the other students. Simon saw some new faces, he recognised Lilliana amd sat next to her.

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Dean glanced down at the pile, and smiled a bit. Fanged frisbees, skiving snackboxes, a screaming yoyo, and more. He looked back up at James, trying to look serious, but with a twinkle in his eye. "All right, Mr. Wells," he began. "I'm going to take these items away for now. In Potions class, they could cause some damage, and endanger your fellow students. But if at the end of class, you still wish to keep them, just see me. I'll give 'em right back." He looked once more at the objects, and smiled. He'd used more than a few of them back in his day.

He then made his way back towards the front of the room. "Hello, everyone," he began. "My name is Dean Jonathan Hunter. You all may or may not know me as Professor Hunter, or even Professor Dean, if you wish to call me that. I assume that you have all brought your Beginners' Potions textbooks. If you do not have this book, please raise your hand, and I will assign you a school copy.


Buckland entered the Potions classroom, toting his many books and items. He plopped down in the front row, keeping his screaming yoyo hidden carefully.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) He blinked, slightly confused, then decided not to argue, and hurried for a free spot. What was that? Any other teacher probably would've given him detention... AND confiscated his stuff...

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Dean picked up the pile of objects, and placed it carefully on the side of his desk, taking care not to damage any of it. He watched as James Wells sat down in a seat, and glanced towards the entrance, watching more students file in.

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Dean stood up. It seemed that everyone who was coming was inside the classroom by now. "Alright. If you would all please open your textbooks to page three hundred and ninety-four. ((Yes, he said it. Mwahaha! x) )) On that page, you will find information about the Aconite plant. Please read the page, then be ready to answer some questions about the text. Once again, if you do not have a book, please let me know. Does anyone have any questions?"

((This is the page: http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Aco...))

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Simon and Coralline opened the book at once and started to read. Coralline's hand shot up. She had a lot of questions and hoped she wouldn't be annoying.


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Dean turned to the girl who had raised her hand. He addressed the class. "One more thing. When you raise your hand for the first time, please tell me your name and house." He then called on the girl. "Yes?"

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mels (padmeskywalkers) He sighed, opening his book. This class was going to be dull, considering the teacher would probably be watching him the entire time. And he didn't have any of his stuff... He sighed again, and turned to the correct page. Aconite, otherwise known as Monkshood or Wolfsbane... He yawned.

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"Coralline Joy McKenzie, Hufflepuff. Professor, if we have already read the page about monkshhod or wolfsbane can we read the next page? And will we be trying to make a sleeping potion?" She asked. Simon glanced at her then shook his head and kept reading.

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CJ | 251 comments Kit set down her bag in an empty seat and opened her book. She'd read the page twice in less than a minute. Wow. This class was bound to be pretty boring. Especially as the only other Hufflepuff seemed to be a little dull. What teacher would deny you the opportunity to read ahead?

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Dean's eyebrows rose at her question, but he smiled. "Of course you may read ahead. Once everyone has finished, though, I will have to ask that you stop." He addressed the class. "Miss McKenzie is correct; you will be making a Sleeping Draught today. We will not be making the Draught of Living Death, however, as that is a very complex potion, and dangerous to boot."

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Coralline nodded and read ahead. She knew the question had sounded dull, but better be safe than sorry. She was exited to make the potion and hoped no one would hurt themselves while making it, because, as the Professor had pointed out, the potion was very dangerous.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) Huh. Sleeping potion, huh? Sounded okay... He'd thought they'd just be reading from the textbook the entire time...

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Emelie opened her book and started to read. Another girl asked something about reading ahead and making a sleeping potion. Thankfully, the teacher said yes, we will be making a sleeping potion. I hope this class will be interesting, Emelie thought as she read the first paragraph of the page.

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Julia ((I hope she's not late, because this is the first time I could get on the computer since Monday, so I didn't even know that there was potions going on yet... SORRY!))

Rosalind had sat very close to the front of the room, and was very nervous. She had already read the entire book, but she was re-reading it anyway. She looked at the other students, and slightly blushed, as she was sitting by herself.

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Dean stood up. "Is everyone finished reading the page?" He glanced towards the people who seemed to be reading ahead, or rereading the text, with a very pleased look on his face. ((To let you all know, I will give you 10 minutes to speak up and say that your character isn't done reading it. If no one has spoken up in ten minutes, Dean will proceed to the next part of the class.))

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Julia ((Sorry again! I keep having exams, so... I'm almost done!))

Rose looked up at Professor Dean, and nodded slightly. She looked at the other students, unsure if they had finished reading, and blushed. Rose already knew that she was a fast reader, but she wasn't sure how fast these new people could read.

Adam, a Slytherin, sat in the back of the class. He opened his book and merely pretended to read it. Adam was fairly lazy, and was certain that he already knew about this stuff. He looked at Professor Dean, a slightly bored expression on his face.

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((Don't worry about it. ^U^ I had a concert yesterday, and wasn't on much. I can hardly complain.))

Buckland reread his page for the third time, and gulped. He didn't know if he was ready to make a potion, but he had seen his parents make many. It looked pretty complicated, but it also looked like a lot of fun. He decided to read a little further. He flipped to page 395. He then looked up at the professor, and gave him a nod of assent.


Dean smiled at Rose and Buckland, who both seemed to be very fast readers. He glanced among the rest of the students, and saw many more who seemed to be finished.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) Since he couldn't remember which pages he was supposed to have read, he just nodded. He hoped it was just the one... Because that was the only one he had (sort of) read.

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((Okay, I'm going to now assume that all of the students have read the page. Page 394, it was. ;D ))

Dean addressed the class. "Alright. If you have read what I have told you to read, you now know all about the plant Aconite, or Wolfsbane. It is a very important ingredient in many different brews and draughts. Does anyone know another name for this plant, after reading the text?"


Bucky thought for a second, then raised his hand tentatively. Unfortunately, it wasn't really all that high, so Dean was unable to notice.

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Julia Rosalind raised her hand high, her eyes bright. She bit her lip from bursting out what it's name was. Rose's face turned a bit red, and hoped that she would be called on.

Adam rolled his eyes, and almost snorted at the girl who looked like she would fall over from knowing the answer to the Professor's question. His eyes skimmed over the other boy's hand, hardly noticing him.

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Dean nodded at Rosalind, with a ghost of a grin on his face. She seemed a little overexcited, but at least she was volunteering to answer the question. "Please tell me your name and house when you answer," he said, pointing to her. Only then did he notice the Slytherin boy's hand. Oh, well.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) Oh hey! He actually knew that one! It was the first sentence! ...the one he'd read! He thought about raising his hand, but the professor had already asked someone else. Oh, well.

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Julia Rose put down her hand, blushing scarlet. "Rosalind Kennedy, Ravenclaw, sir. Wolfsbane or Aconite is also called Monkshood sir." she stated. Rose cast a glance at Bucky, realizing that he had had his hand up. She blushed again, and looked away.

Adam rolled his eyes in the back of the room. Of course this girl was Ravenclaw.

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Dean grinned. "Correct. That'll be ten points to Ravenclaw, Miss Kennedy." He admired her willingness to learn, and expected great things from her in the future. He looked around the room. "Now, can anyone tell me, based on this assigned reading, what potion this plant is most commonly used in?"


Bucky smiled when he heard the answer. He had been right. Maybe he shouldn't be so hesitant. He noticed Rosalind look at him guiltily, and mouthed, "Don't worry about it", along with a grin. He shouldn't have been so shy about it. He raised his hand again, a little higher this time.

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Julia Rose smiled and sat on her hand, and looked pointedly at Bucky. Maybe he would get called on this time. Rose bit her lip. Wasn't the name Wolfsbane obvious enough? It really wasn't that complicated, to her, at least...

Adam huffed quietly. He looked at the boy Bucky, wondering if he really did know the answer-which seemed obvious.

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Bea raised her hand quietly. She knew the answer, but she didn't want to take away another's chance. But still, the answer was in plain text. Maybe he could get it. Or the professor could call on her.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) What it was used in? Wait... If it was called Wolfsbane... Wouldn't it be used in the Wolfsbane potion, then? He wasn't sure if he was right, but he decided to raise his hand anyway.

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Dean called on a quiet-looking girl, shooting an apologetic look at the Slytherin boy. "Yes, Miss-"


Bucky smiled at him, to let him no that there were no hard feelings. He skimmed the page over to make sure that he got everything.

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"Beatrice Elizabeth Well, but I prefer Bea." She was much better at talking when it came to sprouting answers. "Aconite is used in Wolsbane Potion. But only the root. The leaves are too toxic to be used."

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Dean smiled. "Thank you, Miss Well. Which house are you from, if I may ask? Wonderful answer." He took note of the extra information she had seen fit to add. More than satisfactory, indeed.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) Cool! He'd actually been right! Awesome! Sure he hadn't known the part about the leaves? But he'd gotten the potion right!

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