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My Choice: I know why the cage bird sings by Maya Angelou

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message 1: by Shanay (last edited May 12, 2014 09:01PM) (new)

Shanay | 40 comments I started out reading this book expecting poetry. For some reason I thought it was a book of poems. However, Maya Angelou does have a poem titled "I know why the cage bird sings".
This was a novel about her life. (autobiography) It was a really good book. Maya Angelou endures a lot as a young child, her parents divorced and sent her and her brother Bailey away to live with her paternal grandmother and uncle. Without giving it away but I am sure some already knows what happens... Something traumatic happens that leaves Maya Angelou somewhat 'mute' or 'silenced' for a while. One thing that stuck out to me while reading was the fact that Maya Angelou in today's time seem very poised, very confident, unafraid...and yet in then story while growing up these were the very things she had trouble with. She was self-conscious,somewhat low self-esteem and not very confident. There was one part that talked about Maya Angelou trying to say a speech/poem at church but she was so nervous and scared she ended up running out the church crying and using the restroom on herself. I found this part of the book ironic because Maya Angelou, now, a famous poet has all of the confidence necessary to recite a poem without any issues. This book was very eye opening, sad, and heart warming in one. Sorry If this shows up multiple times... couldn't figure out how to start a new thread. (OOPS)

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V. Fox | 67 comments I will add this book to my reading list. Thanks for sharing about it.

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Diana | 34 comments Sounds like a great book to read and could help those who lack reassurance. Students could learn about who she is now and how she was in the past. They will be able to understand that they to can become successful.

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