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"The dangerous people are those who have gone through Hell. Why? Because they are still alive to tell the tale."
Full Name: Astral Sienna Kenton
Nickname: Sia
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Occupation: Waitress at a high-end restaurant
Face Claim: Li Bingbing
Appearance: She stands at 5' 9", with long silky black hair, hard brown eyes, pale skin, lithe figure with curves. She is a beauty, but her skin is marred by scars, her back taking the brunt of the hurt, with scars from a whip marring her back and back of her thighs from her childhood. She wears good clothes though not designer, and she takes pride in her appearance as she worked hard to come up from where she began. She never, never takes off a locket around her neck that holds the only picture of her mother she has.

Personality: Cold, calculating, harsh, that was the first impression everyone gets of Sienna. She does not take well to those who try to pry into her life, not does she try to make friends. She is good as she is, with one friend, a child of 7 years who she baby sits, which is a lot. She does show kindness to all children, and she shows much hatred towards those who do not treat children as she thinks they should - with love and open arms.
History: Sia's mother was kidnapped the week after Sia's birth, along with Sia herself. She never knew her father nor brother they left behind. They were taken to China along with other kidnapped children and woman, and told to work for their worth using their bodies. The children as well, though Sia was way to young. Her mother managed to convince the head of the house they landed in to keep Sia, and recieved help from other woman taking care of her. She named Sia Astral, though nobody but her mother called her that. The reason was because her mother loved space, and it gave her strength. Sia's mother died - not before telling her stories of her father and brother - when Sia was 6, leaving her an orphan. She escaped, a six year old in the slums, and started to steal to live. She stole, fought, got caught, escaped, again and again. She never forgot the stories of a father and brother, and she did her best to survive, until she finally was 12 and she caught a break. She had amassed enough money from stealing, and she was a smart child, she knew from the descriptions of the lfie her mother led before, that she had lived in London - she knew she had to escape the country. She gained the help of those who owed her, as she never did turn her back on those who had helped her along the way, and caught a flight to London, where she took residence with a couple who had flown with her, who were escaping as well. She worked until she dropped, but at age 16 she was finally able to live by herself, as well as she started working at the restaurant she works at now. And at age 18, she met the little bundle of joy she babysits now, who was two at the time. And she never stopped looking for her brother and father, not knowing who they looked like, or who they were, just having a picture of her mother to show, that she kept in a locket around her neck.

Other: She babysits very often, and though she is not friends with the father, she tolerates him.
"I may be cold, and I may be harsh. But that does not mean I do not have a heart. It is just shrouded in mist and ice, with no pick-axe to break it."

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