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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily R (emmny) | 16 comments A waitress finds out she is princess, and ends up falling in love with guy who found her and takes her to her country (I remember him being kind of distant and a jerk). She also ends up selling the crown jewels to create bottled water company, because she thinks her country has really great water (and iirc, the economy was doing poorly). However, she then runs away in shame when the water doesn't sell very well, as she believes she sold jewels for nothing. The man finds her months later and tells her that everybody loves the bottled water after all, and she goes back to her country with him. I read this book between 2000 - 2003.

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Kris | 33431 comments Mod
Emily, is this romance for young adults/teens or older adults?

Can you tell us more about the hero?

Locations - U.S./country, etc.?

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Shanna_redwind | 859 comments Could this be the The Princess Diaries? I've not read the book, so I'm not positive about the details.

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily R (emmny) | 16 comments @Kris: It was definitely adult romance - I think it was Harlequin or a similar label. The hero was cold and kind of a jerk at first, and I think worked as an adviser or something in her country's government. Finally, they met in the US, but her country was one of those made-up small European countries type deal.

@Shanna: Unfortunately, that's not it.

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Emily R (emmny) | 16 comments That's it! You're awesome.

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