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message 1: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Vos (lexie_vos) | 141 comments Mod
First person or Third Person? Which and why?

message 2: by Maeve (new)

Maeve (echocinderella) First because you get to see more into the persons brain and how they are feeling it's more descriptive I think

message 3: by Avery (new)

Avery Kay (avabooks) | 7 comments Depends on the book, but mostly first

message 4: by Maeve (new)

Maeve (echocinderella) Yeah woo

message 5: by Tayla (new)

Tayla Potayta (taylapotayta) First, I feel like it's more intimate that way

message 6: by G.G. (new)

G.G. (ggatcheson) First, I think it easier to connect with the protagonist.

message 7: by Joanne (new)

Joanne (iifiread) | 4 comments First. Definitely first. It makes connecting to the MC easier. Also, third person frustrates me.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

First! I hate third...

message 9: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (audreybooklover) I like them both. With first person though I only enjoy it when the author is good, and sometimes it bugs me how it's only from one persons perspective and you don't know anyone else's thoughts. But I do like it!

message 10: by Lexi (new)

Lexi Vos (lexie_vos) | 141 comments Mod
I LOVE FIRST PERSON POV because it give you an inside to what the character is feeling and or thinking, and I think this is what helps you escape the world around you and enter there world

Summer (Summer winterr) (summerrwinterr) First person, as you just feel closer which the characters or If the author is really good you become the character and feel what they feel.

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