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alessia (classick) | 16 comments

01. 〗━━━━━━━ what even
▸ plot bunnies, random inspo, prompts, bits and pieces of characters (sometimes literally), sometimes resources.
▸ i tend to ramble, so i apologise in advance
▸ i probably won't write any of this lmao

02. 〗━━━━━━━ who even
▸ alessia. 14. she/her.
▸ bad humour, as you should already know
▸ i like writing contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal and fantasy. i want to try writing a little historical fiction too but i'm not too good at it. and i love prose poetry so i'd be trying that out a lot too.
▸ that's it
▸ i don't know what else to say
▸ goodbye. tschüss. adiós. au revoir. さようなら. 再见.

03. 〗━━━━━━━ even
▸ i probably should have saved some posts for directories
▸ it's too late now

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alessia (classick) | 16 comments
[ page 366 of 365 ] — — contemporary ;
. poetry in the form of a dead girl's diary
. and i mean literally dead
. the last year of my life, folded into 366 pages and a shoebox meant for you
. basically there will be 366 entries, one for every day of the girl's last year alive and the last one's for the first day the world spends without her
. every entry will also include a little wish (in the story, the wish is written onto a slip of paper and folded into a star and put into the shoebox)
. there's really no plot, it's just bittersweetness everywhere

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alessia (classick) | 16 comments
[ hiraeth ] — — contemporary ;
. another shitty emo story
. inspired by anterograde tomorrow
. basically there are 2 lovers (for now, i'll peg them as a and b) a suffers from amnesia while b is dying from cancer
. knowing that a would probably forget him, b decides to use his last days to make this "treasure hunt" for a, to lead him to the people they used to know and places they used to love
. i kinda want to write sad, contemporary stuff so yeah here you go, yet another plot-less short story

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alessia (classick) | 16 comments
[ untitled ] — — sci-fi , action ;
. tons of action woohooo
. set in a dystopian-ish era
. characters move around the countries a lot, but it mostly happens in china
. it all starts in america, where the tension between the president and his heir heightens to what the heir reckons is the breaking point. so the heir just packs up and leaves
. but of course the president dies after the heir leaves. like, right after
. and well, the president's team has been doing a pretty good job at covering up for the absence of the heir up until this point, where the heir is supposed to address the country in his father's wake
. so. everyone finds out. what's worse, the heir is the main suspect for his father's murder
. what's even worse is that he doesn't know whether he did do it or not. and he's pretty sure he did
. but he has more urgent matters at hand
. finding himself conned and stranded in the middle of a run-down district of china, he has no idea what to do now he probably should have given this more thought before running off but it's too late to turn back now
. then he meets a chinese girl who can kick ass and probably send him flying back to america in the blink of an eye, but the only problem is that she doesn't know english at all and neither does he know shit about chinese
. it only gets slightly better when a friend (and infamous drug dealer) of the girl steps in to do the translation
. and then it gets a whole lot worse

. basically a sci-fi, action story starring the three

// characters : (view spoiler)

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 25 comments <3 you're gonna destroy all the feels

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alessia (classick) | 16 comments i'll try lmao

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alessia (classick) | 16 comments
[ kill alice ] — — paranormal (i guess) ;
basically humans cannot die now unless they choose to
human bodies stop aging once puberty is over so yay
this obviously leads to population issues
so once you've reached a certain age, the government will have to legally murder you
other times, they'll have to illegally murder you
the trick about murdering people now is that they can choose to come back
basically your soul, after "death," is given the liberty to choose whether you want to give in and just die, or come back. if you choose to live on, you will. period.
what's more, if you choose to come back, you have the ability to manipulate the "sanity" of your "murderer", soooo revenge
additionally, when you murder someone, their life flashes by your eyes
that's where the white list, black list and red list come in
the white list is basically people who are the certain age or people who want to die voluntarily ; the black list are the ones the government wants to illegally murder ; the red list are the murderers
within this red list society they work together to murder their targets, which is much harder thanks to the spiritual blessing
now red listers have to not only hunt down their targets but to break them emotionally as well, and so badly that they would choose to die

so enter our protagonist, mary, a red lister
when she got into the red list, she had to go around interning
so on one of her final jobs as an intern, she was working with her senior's team to murder an infamous target codenamed alice
at the final moment, when all it came down to was who pulled the trigger, her senior let her do it, so mary fired and killed alice
except no, alice chose to live on, even after all the years mary's seniors have spent to break her
and guess what?
alice is back for revenge

basically this will be a one on one battle between alice and mary, where alice manipulates mary's sanity, driving her into a mad and very much alice in the wonerland-inspired world
what happens to wonderland when you kill alice?

but also, there will be bigger questions like who's really behind the black list and how do they get to choose who has to die

// about the lists : (view spoiler)

// characters : (view spoiler)

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c.c. (utopiosphere) | 19 comments holy shit that is so badass

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alessia (classick) | 16 comments haha danke ^-^

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alessia (classick) | 16 comments
#1-4, 6 | shit alert : (view spoiler)

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alessia (classick) | 16 comments
▸ blue neighbourhood // troye sivan (view spoiler)
wild | fools | ease | the quiet | dkla | talk me down | cool | heaven | youth | lost boy | for him. | suburbia | too good | blue

▸ monster // exo
. the last supper / betrayal of jesus
. "would you betray the Son of Man with a kiss?"
. those mv theories are really influencing me
. guess who's the traitor lmao (view spoiler)
▸ lotto // exo
. bc this was edgy af too
. i was deeply affected by sehun's solo dance and chen getting flanked by swat officers

▸ the most beautiful moment in life: young forever // bts
i need u | autumn leaves | run | ma city | silver spoon | dope | fire | save me | young forever | butterfly | house of cards | i need u (urban remix) | i need u (remix) | run (ballad) | run (alt mix) | butterfly (alt. mix)
. for the remixes, it'll be the story written from a diff pov or an alt ending
. based off the songs and mvs bc bts mvs are the best
. thankfully this one doesn't have as much drama (view spoiler)

▸ idfc // blackbear

▸ all in // monsta x
. honestly i don't get the mv at all but still
. apparently eating flowers is good for you
. what i'm going to do is write a story that looks like what happens in the mv, but it's not like a theory or something, i'm just taking the mv and trying to make a story out of it y'know (view spoiler)

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alessia (classick) | 16 comments
inspired by hbo war -- (view spoiler)

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juno. (junosummers) | 89 comments Mod
yoooo, all in

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alessia (classick) | 16 comments @shad danke ^-^

@juno aye it was a++

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alessia (classick) | 16 comments
#7 | how often do you sin -- (view spoiler)

// characters : (view spoiler)

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#8 | (view spoiler)

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