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message 1: by maddie (last edited Jun 20, 2016 05:11PM) (new)

maddie | 97 comments
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hello! my name is maddie. not much you need to know about me other than i'd like to be friends with you or you can send me a friend request before we do a collab!! it's just easier that way so we can communicate more smoothly if it be necessary for me or you to directly message one another. thank you so much for stopping by, and i hope you'll find interest in collabing with me.

name undecided ↳ nike ↰
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regina "reggie" mae thompson ↳ demeter ↰
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peyton reed carter ↳ artemis ↰
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brooke marie parker ↳ athena ↰
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makana tudyk kalakaua ↳ aphrodite ↰
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name undecided ↳ nike ↰
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message 2: by Willa (last edited Jun 15, 2016 10:02AM) (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) I would be happy to make Peyton Reed Carter's boyfriend! I was thinking I could use Logan Lerman? He'd either be in Aphrodite's or Nike's pack.

maddie | 97 comments dude yess!!! i'd prefer nike cos i could see that better tbh ^-^

message 4: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) Okee! I was thinking the same thing, lol
Any other info I might need?

maddie | 97 comments nope!! you can make up whatever you'd like :))

message 6: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) Cool! I'll show you my finished character once he's done and you can let me know if he's alright.

maddie | 97 comments will do, bud!

message 8: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) 'k so i had nothing to do and just finished the character XD
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maddie | 97 comments dude yeeesss he's so great XD she's legit gonna call him stevie XD
lol i can see them being so competitive and sassy with one another but deep down they really like each other c:

message 10: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) :D yes yes yes
and deep down he loves that she calls him stevie but on the outside he's all "shut it pete pey"

maddie | 97 comments dude yeeesss XD
i'll try to have her up asap

message 12: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) knowing you, she'll be a sweetiepie ;D

maddie | 97 comments aweeee thanks boo <33

maddie | 97 comments dude okay i kinda feel bad for saying this but i for some reason totally feel like i could see his name being evan and her calling him competitive cupcake XD idk why i just do lol

message 15: by Willa (new)

Willa Valentine (paper.seas) (paperseas) lol

maddie | 97 comments idk why
i'm just weird

message 17: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) | 31 comments how about a hyperactive lan for eden

message 18: by Evan (new)

Evan (evanny) | 31 comments Mod
Oh for Makana, I could make one of the friends! I was already planning on having some sort of romance collab for Augusta (I just need to find someone who wants to do it for me) where she and the other person both have feelings for each other but are just not the kind of people to make the first move. So she and the hypothetical other person could work for that?

maddie | 97 comments ♘ ⋄ alessia wrote: "how about a hyperactive lan for eden"

dude yes agh she's adorable

maddie | 97 comments yeah!! we could do that with makana and augusta if that's what you were wanting to do!

message 21: by alessia (last edited Jun 16, 2016 12:13AM) (new)

alessia (classick) | 31 comments it's on, then B)

also, is this an aphrodite squad i see
manon will want in

message 22: by juno. (last edited Jun 16, 2016 12:13AM) (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 29 comments yo, I have a nike dude! up for some sibling stuff?

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