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I am looking for a beta reader (or two) for my serial novel BOHEME. I am currently writing and posting it on my Patreon where my supporters pay to read it weekly and would like another pair of eyes for it. Each chapter is told in a different POV.

If the summary below interests you, please contact me on this thread, through a message, or at

La Boheme.

The mother. The myth. The monster.

An intellectual degenerate. Creatively Prolific. Wild and pious. Addict/entrepreneur. She was all of those things and more. With a life steeped in as much fantasy as reality, the bi-sexual, gender fluid Afro-Latina would be the first person of color to live on Brooklyn’s Washington Avenue. While her story remains largely untold, these days she’s known as the patron saint of the brownstone she purchased in the 1920s.
Transcendent, her essence lives amongst the four roommates who find themselves in her home.

Malachi, Silver, Avery, and Zaya embody her each in their own way.
Formidable, violent, and unflinchingly serious, Malachi was introduced to a syndicate before she entered puberty. She does the bidding of a world-renowned criminal who is closer to her than anyone knows. Silver is “it.” She’s known for her style and love of labels, but music is her true passion. That and the cocaine she was once addicted to. Avery the innovator sees a future for herself in tech, going into business for herself. She’s brilliant until it comes to matters of the heart. Zaya is the newcomer with one goal: making money. She’d love to focus on her art and ink, only she has more than one mouth to feed.

Told in their own perspectives, BOHEME brings together the lives of four different women contending with more than meets the eye. This story picks up in the place that Black Hearts left off.

The characters change, but the struggle remains the same.

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T | 19 comments Very interested! Will send you an e-mail :)

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