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Astra  (sayomina) Post finished characters here where they will also be approved

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Astra  (sayomina)

~First period - IB Englash year 2
~Second period - Calculus
~Third period - Advanced fitness
~Fourth period - Biology
~Fifth period - Study hall
~Sixth period - Russian

Club - Drama

Winter Dorm, Hall C, Room 4C

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Astra  (sayomina) Basics:
Name: Aurora Aksnes
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Nationality: Norwegian
Place of birth: Bergen, Norway

Physical Characteristics:
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 120
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White blonde
Habits: Chewing on her hair
Hobbies: Singing
Greatest flaw: Aneroxic
Best quality: Her voice

Personality: Aurora is outgoing but she doesn't show it to anyone. She hides all her feelings and emotions from the world, not wanting to be criticized by society. Deep inside she has the heart of a fighter strong and determined, but she has allowed herself to break.
Strengths: Singing
Weaknesses: bad eating habits, detached from the world, AvPD, disillusion
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Fears: Being criticized, losing her voice
Likes: Butterflies, hot chocolate, snow
Dislikes: Society in general

Childhood: From a very young age Aurora, showed a strong adaptation for singing. She was also a very happy kid for the first five years of her life. Then something changed. She would only sing by herself in her room with the door shut. Her parents started to worry and wonder why she was so detached from the world and society. As she got older, he was constantly depression and slowly started to eat less.
Teen years: As she entered her teen years her depressed condition only worsened. Her parents tried to help her, but every time she would run away. Her only friends were the wolves in her mind. She shut herself in her mind, not eating, hardly sleeping, a broken doll looking for someone who didn't exist. She continued on like this for three years, getting worse and worse as time progressed. Then one day she snapped. She tried to commit suicide even though she will tell anyone who asks that someone tried to kill her. Her parents did the only thing they could think of and sent her to Bellflower.

Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Parents: May Britt Aksnes and Jan Øystein Aksnes
Grandparents: None
Relationship status: None

Why are they at Bellflower?: AvPD, anorexic, disillusion, tried to commit suicide
Favorite animal: Butterfly
Favorite flower: White rose
Favorite food: Hot chocolate
Birthstone: Alexandrite
Birth flower: Honeysuckle
Astronomical Zodiac: Gemini

~First period - 10th grade English
~Second period - French
~Third period - Painting
~Fourth period - Physics
~Fifth period - Choir
~Sixth period - Common core 2

Club - Dance

Winter Dorm, hall A, 1A

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Name: Loki
Age: Over 1,000 years. Looks about 17 to 18.
Gender: MALE
Sexual orientation: Straight.
Nationality: Scandinavian
Place of birth: Norway.

Physical Characteristics:
Asgardian Form: Black Hair, Green Eyes, Pale Skin.

Jotun Form: Black Hair, Red Eyes, Blue Skin.

LOKI looks very tough in his armor:

AND YET, he looks very gentle in his casual outfit:

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 160 lbs, but he's thin
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Raven Black
Distinguishing features: His Asgardian form hides his Jotun form.

Habits: Trying to kill Thor by stabbing Thor in the abdomen.
Hobbies: Playing the piano(also any type of Organ), reading(mainly Shakespeare).

Favorite Sayings:
"In the end, you'll always kneel."
"Trust My Rage."
"When do we start?"
"So, I'm a monster who's children's parents tell at night?"

"So, I'm nothing but a stolen relic! Lock up here until you have use of me! It all makes sense now why you favor Thor all these years! Because how much you claim to love me, you're not going to have a FrostGiant on the throne of Asgard!"

"Thor, It's madness."
"Is it? IS IT!"
"Who put me there? WHO PUT ME THERE!"
"I remember you(Thor) tossing me into the Abyss!"

Disabilities: He's gone mad.
Greatest flaw: Kittens, Abandoned Babies, Little children. (He thinks they're cute and adorable. Not for harming.)
Best quality: Love for children and kitties.

Personality: Loki can be deceiving as well as unfriendly. His short/quick temper can turn into saying something very harsh, hateful, and hurtful. He doesn't like talking about his horrible past. He's very violent when nobody obeys him. That's when the cold-heart comes in, is when he's violent. He can be sneaky as well as mischievous. He uses his pranks and tricks to get away with anything. He can get annoyed very easily. If there's something that he doesn't like, he'll bitterly ask for a different subject. His stubbornness is another of his way of saying, "I don't want to change myself. I do what I want." He's also mysterious in some ways. If someone could see it, they'll see hurt in his eyes. That's when suspicions comes in.

BUT HIS OTHER SIDE IS LOCKED UP DEEP INSIDE OF HIM. THE OTHER SIDE WAS HIS love, compassion, kind, caring, comforting, protective. (This only happens in secret with the abandoned kitties and children and babies.)

Strengths: Magic, powers, madness, insane, and Oreos.
Weaknesses: Nightmares, Thor's temper tantrum, thunderstorms, and shoutings from Thor's loud volume.
Goals: Having his way, being a king, and everyone kneeling before him.
Fears: Death, being abandoned again, nightmares coming true.
Likes: his secret(nobody knows, but Loki himself) Caffeine(Dr. Pepper), Oreos(only cookies he'll eat), chaotic friends.
Dislikes: Nightmares, Being told what to do, bullies, loud creatures.

EARLY YEARS: It all started in Jotunheim. There was a newborn baby boy and he was the son of Laufey. When Laufey saw how little Loki was, he hated ithow runty Loki was and he abandoned Loki on the rock to die. (That was in THOR 1 MOVIE.) Loki was neglected by his own father. That's when Odin, Frigga, and Thor became his only adoptive family. Odin found little Loki on the frozen rock in the Jotunheim Temple. Odin had compassion for Loki and he took Loki home to Asgard.

TEEN YEARS: As Loki grew older, he couldn't understand why he wasn't like his parents, his brother, and his friends. Here they were tan and he was pale. Here they have muscles showing and he's strong, but no muscle showing. (Meaning that he's not like the other Asgardians.) Until one day, he fought off the Jotuns with Thor, Sif, and The Three Warriors. One of the Jotuns touched Loki and Loki saw his true form. After the war, Loki went to where the Ice-Cube was and touched it. His Jotun form showed again. That's when hatred and anger filled his heart and mind.

ADULT YEARS: When Loki fell into the abyss, he was greeted by Thanos and The Other. The Other and Thanos had a job for Loki. Loki's mission was to kill humans and rule over them. Loki accepted that mission and he's been doing this since.

This is why Loki isn't himself anymore. No longer the friendly Loki, but a unfriendly Loki. Ever since he found out about his true heritage, he was angry for years and never forgave his family. Not one family member. He was RAGING.

Siblings: Thor(god of Thunder)
Spouse: None.
Children: None.
Parents: Laufey(jerk father 1), Odin(jerk father 2), Frigga(perfect mother)
Relationship status: Open for female.

Why are they are at BellFlower: Running away from home, trying to murder his father and brother, needs help.
Favorite animal: CATS.
Favorite flower: Roses.
Favorite food: Oreos.
Pet: A trouble maker cat name GHOSTY.
Theme song: "Jotunheim" by Therion ("FrostGiant of CHAOS!")
Link to the Theme Song:

Birthstone: TANZANTIE
Birth flower: HOLLY
Astronomical Zodiac: Capricorn

CLUB: Swim

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Astra  (sayomina) Approved

Fall dorm, hall B, Room 5B

Assigned class schedule
~First period - Common core 3
~Second period - IB English year 1
~Third period - Study hall
~Lunch -
~Fourth period - Biology
~Fifth period - Choir
~Sixth period - Russian

Club: Swim

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Astra  (sayomina) Use this for the astronomical zodiac

Winter dorm, hall A, room 3A

Class schedule
~First period - IB English year 2
~Second period - Chemistry
~Third period - Advanced fitness
~Fourth period - German
~Fifth period - Algebra
~Sixth period - Pottery

Club: Soccer

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Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) | 34 comments Basics:

Name: Mint "Rabbit" Blumen It's after a poem. No one would take someone named Mint seriously, so I picked up the whole Rabbit thing. No relation to the movie 8 Mile. It's because I'm small, quick and paranoid.
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Bisexual (she slightly prefers men) I don't care about gender. I care about personality and looks.
Nationality: American
Place of birth: Detroit, Michigan I pledge alliance to the D. It's my home. I don't care how bad it gets. I still love that motherfucker.

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5"3
Weight: 110 lbs. Crystal's a bitch on the body.
Eyes: Bright green dappled with gold My best feature
Hair: Dirty blonde.
Distinguishing features: A scar running across her left eye, leaving it blind. Very skinny. Pronounced cheekbones
Habits: Smoking, drinking, meth addiction
Hobbies: Rapping, art I'm a regular down at The Locker. They all be like "Yo, Rabbit! We missed ya'" if I ain't been down for a day.
Favorite Sayings: "People walk by us with they noses five feet high, acting like their shit don't stink. We ain't trash, we just like you."
Disabilities: Half-blindness, drug addiction, bipolar disorder
Style: Baggy, trashy, shabby
Greatest flaw: Her temper
Best quality: Her loyalty to her friends/gang. They like my family. They'll always be there. I better return the favor.


Personality: Mint changes with the people she's around. Sometimes she's a hardened gangbanger, sometimes she's a scared little girl, sometimes she's a lustful harlot and sometimes she's a complete bitch.
Strengths: Music, art, physical combat, guns I'm a pretty good shot. You don't wanna push me when I got my .44
Weaknesses: Physical labor, human interaction People freak me out. They ain't here to help me.
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Goals: Staying clean Look, I love being high. But I can't live like this forever.
Fears: The dark, the police, her father
Likes: Good food, sunsets, music I'm a classic woman. I just don't like dates or flowers
Dislikes: People, crowds, loud noises


Childhood: Mint's childhood was mainly uneventful until her mother died from mixing sleeping pills with alcohol. when she and her twin sister Tyme were seven. When her mom was out of the way, her father made inappropriate advances on the two young girls, leading to full-blown sexual abuse. Mint ran away from home and lived on the streets with Tyme. At the time, she started to develop the meth addiction that controls her today.
Teen years: When Mint was fifteen, Tyme was killed in the same street fight that blinded her. After she watched her sister die, Mint fell into a deep depression, started to shoot meth and took up residence at a drug den. She sold herself into the sex trade and found herself pregnant with twin girls named Summer and Winter. After the girls were taken away from her and placed in foster care, she left Detroit due to a extreme debt to a drug dealer. She took up residence on Skid Row in a old tent with a stray pitbull mix named Grey. She had two more kids (Hunter and Joshua) who are also in the care of the state.
Adulthood: When she released her debut album, It's OK, she garnered herself praise and critical success, making her a million dollars. She eventually overdosed and was sent the hospital. She survived, but was on life support for a week. When she was finally ready to be discarged, her therapist sent her to Bellflower.


Siblings: Tyme (Deceased)
Spouse: None, but many one night stands and past abusive relationships
Children: Summer, Hunter, Winter, Joshua I don't know them very well. I want to change that, but Summer and Winter are in Michigan, and the boys aren't aloud to see me unless I get clean.
Parents: Thomas Blumen, Maggie Blumen (Deceased)
Grandparents: Lester Blumen, Ana Blumen (Both deceased)
Relationship status: Single


Weapons: She always carries a small knife in her boot You never know what you'll see turning tricks.
Favorite animal: Pigeon They get a bad rap. I love them. They're smart and pretty cute.
Favorite flower: Honeysuckle
Favorite food: Steak
Pet: Grey, a pitbull mix she found outside The Locker. He's my little pudgy angel. But he'll fuck you up if you come near me.
Theme song: Rock Bottom by Eminem
Astronomical Zodiac: Aries They say that's why I'm violent. They being the hippies.
Element: Fire
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Song verse that defines her: (view spoiler) Revelation - D12

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Spring dorm, Hall B, room 2B

Class schedule
~First period - IB English year 2
~Second period - Drawing
~Third period - Chemistry
~Fourth period - Alegabra
~Fifth period - Study hall
~Sixth period - Spanish

Club: Chamber music

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 151 comments Basics:

Name: Adrasteia Sorrel Howland
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight
Nationality: English
Place of birth: London, England

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 97
Eyes: A soft grey that borders on pale blue
Hair: Her hair is a soft mousy brown that falls to around her shoulder blades. It is rarely ever down and is instead often thrown up into a loose braid, pony tail, or messy bun. Her hair is layered so she often has some strands of hair framing her face if they have slipped free of the hairstyle
Distinguishing features: She has a dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Beyond that, two scars in her stomach, one near her left knee, and another in her left thigh. They are from bullet wounds and have left her with a limp. She is very self-conscious of her injuries and tries to not limp or show her scars.
Habits: She tends towards substances in an effort to help her forget. Andrasteia also has a habit of small nervous actions, getting spooked by sudden loud noises, and frequently surveying the area around her paying particular attention to doors and exits.
Hobbies: Art. Anything art. She is intrigued by it in all forms, though she doesn't consider herself very skilled in any expression of it, whether it be music, acting, or drawn/painted/sculpted. She is most likely to draw with a 5B or 2B pencil on whatever scrap of paper is near her. Related to this she goes to see plays, musicals, and art galleries whenever she can. Otherwise the hobby she spends the most time on as of late is video games.
Favorite Sayings: She has no favorite, for how can she pick?
Disabilities: PTSD, depression, limited use of her left leg, occasional suicidal tenancies and substance abuse.
Style: Comfortable and/or easy. That about sums it up. If it isn't something she can easily pick and wear (dress, rompers, tshirt and jeans, yoga pants and loose shirt, etc) she isn't likely to wear it unless she is 1) seeking distraction and something to do, or 2) feels like it (on those rare occasions). Usually she just grabs the first things she sees and if it looks decent enough together she will wear it with her go-to flip flops or comfy tennis shoes. She never wears anything that goes above the knee.
Greatest flaw: Currently it is her lack of drive
Best quality: She is by nature an intelligent and kind girl


Personality: Adrasteia is a very quiet girl. Not out of shyness, just out of not knowing how to approach people or make friends. She longs for friendships, but doesn't even put in the effort to talk to others. Even then she is scared to make friends, worried that they may not end up liking her or that something may happen to them. People were in and out of her life all the time, and all she wanted was something that actually lasts - but in her experience that never happens. She is kind down to her core - almost annoyingly so. Her empathy knows no bounds and she doesn't know how to say no to helping others or how to stand up for herself. She hides her pains behind a consistent pleasant face but her emotions tend to fluctuate between depressed to overly happy and excited to just not giving a crap about anything. Those who know her can see what she really feels, but those who did are dead now or no longer in her life. The only consistent thing was her academics, in which she pushed for with much drive. She is her own worst critic, always pushing herself more and more and taking every failure personally. Lately, however, she has completely lost her drive.
Strengths: She is actually quite intelligent and a fast learner, though she doesn't speak much from what she knows. She is also an excellent cook
Weaknesses: She has absolutely zero drive in life now but is still extremely harsh on herself. Also don't offer her any form of substance because she will probably try it
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Goals: She doesn't know anymore.
Fears: The death of those she cares for as well as a deep fear of violence, guns, heights, and bugs (more specifically creepy ones like spiders and mosquitos. Even more specifically even as she's scared of them she's scared of accidentally or purposefully hurting them).
Likes: Puppies. Peace. Peppermints. Music and the arts. Video games.
Dislikes: Guns, violence, bugs, loud chewing, loud noises, gun control arguments, and being put on the spot. And she absolutely, 100% hates the press.


Childhood: She grew up homeschooled for a good chunk of her life, though she felt it as holding her back in some ways. Her family moved around frequently as her workaholic father took job after job traveling the world. She didn't know how her mother could be so patient, but the money was decent enough and they got to see a lot of new sights. Adrasteia's twin brother became her closest friend and competitor. They always tried to surpass the other academically, physically, in the arts, and in everything they tried.
Teen years: Eventually her father found a well-paying, steady job in the US. Finally her life held some consistency. She took a few classes at the local high school, developing friendships and really feeling like she had opportunities. Things only got better as she started college at the age of seventeen. She excelled academically and felt like she actually belonged somewhere. School was the peace and highlight of her days.
Until the shooting - deemed the worst school shooting the US had seen. The day was all a blur to her, highlighted by brief moments of clarity and emotions. The fear, the confusion, the noise, the shock, the pain..... She was one of the few in the student lounge to survive. "Lucky" people kept calling her. But why didn't she feel lucky? Her brother had died almost immediately, she had seen friends die, nearly died herself, and had to deal with a deep violation of personal safety and of everything she had known and loved. Even worse? The shooter was her ex boyfriend. They had broken up not long before. There would always be that doubt and that question of whether or not she was partially responsible. Even after the shooting it never ended - the media kept dragging her into things, plastering reminders everywhere and seeking a chance to speak to her. They never let her be.
And she was lucky?


Siblings: Dante - twin - deceased
Parents: Violet and Edwin Howland
Living grandparents: Clarice Howland; Fred and Juliet Potter
Relationship status: Open


Why are they at Bellflower?: Her parents didn't know how to deal with the changes in their child. They wanted to see her get better and be the girl they used to know while still progressing academically. Her grandfather was old friends with the school owner so it wasn't hard to get her in. Granted it helped that the news had thrown her name and face around a considerable amount
Favorite animal: Dogs. Specifically any small fluffy one that likes to cuddle.
Favorite flower: Dandelion
Favorite food: Pizza
Pet: No pet, wasn't allowed to have one since they moved too frequently
Theme song: Like You - Evanescence
Birthstone: Garnet
Birth flower: Carnation
Astronomical Zodiac: Capricorn

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Winter Dorm, hall C, Room 3C

~First period - IB English year 2
~Second period - French
~Third period - Drawing
~Fourth period - Biology
~Fifth period - Orchestra
~Sixth period - Calculus

Club: Drama

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Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) | 34 comments Lynx ~ UCC Strong wrote: "Basics:

Name: Adrasteia Sorrel Howland
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight
Nationality: English
Place of birth: London, England

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5'2"
Weight: ..."

Cool! Wanna RP?

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 151 comments Yeah sure, where to?

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Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) | 34 comments The lunch room?

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Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) | 34 comments Wait, no. Support group!

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 151 comments Lol sure. Meet you there

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Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) | 34 comments Should I start?

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 151 comments Just posted

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 151 comments Basics:

Name: Erich Sala
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Straight
Nationality: American
Place of birth: Las Vegas, Nevada

Physical Characteristics:


Height: 6'1"
Weight: 167
Eyes: Pale brown
Hair: Dark brown and kept short. He usually gels it a little to tame it
Distinguishing features: Tattoos. A lot of them. He has sleeves and tattoos covering his torso. He has a few on his legs, but the majority are upper body.
Habits: Smoking, drinking, talking loudly
Hobbies: See above. He also enjoys getting more tattoos and going fishing.
Favorite Sayings: "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life" - Muhammad Ali
Disabilities: Addictions, ADHD, his temper/lack of anger management
Style: Tight cut t-shirts and baggy cargo shorts
Greatest flaw: He is addicted to nicotine and alcohol
Best quality: He is a surprisingly optimistic person


Personality: Driven to overcome his flaws - even though a big flaw is his inability to do so - he is optimistic about his chances of recovery and in the future. The way he sees it he has an eye for business, so perhaps that is what he will do someday. He's been here for a while now, but that doesn't bother him. He's a pretty easy-going guy, if hyper and prone to lighting things on fire when he's bored. Which is more often than desired. But ah, well. Once he sets his mind to something there is no turning him back. The only thing that stops him is himself.He is only used to one way of life and the idea of changing him so much scares him, even as that is what he really wants to do
Strengths: He is very resilient and able to bounce out of situations. He is physically capable and won't back down from something once he sets his mind to it.
Weaknesses: He is a little too good at getting his hands on what he wants - especially substances. He has been hooked on cigarettes since he was 11 and alcohol since 13. He is unreliable and quick to make an enemy of you if you get between him and what he wants. And he is not good at all at cutting the ties with his addictions
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert
Goals: Make money and live past his 20s. Preferably with a real job that isn't so shady. Hopefully something in business.
Fears: Having a kid and they grow up in the same situation he did. Needles (which he faces every time he gets a new tattoo). Not progressing in life
Likes: Girls, porn and sex, drinking, getting high, cigarettes, and knife fighting.
Dislikes: Comments about what he is like; cowards; and peas.


Childhood: Erich was born to a mother who was a prostitute and who the bloody hell knows as the father. He likes to say that Budweiser is his pop and that's why they get along so well. His siblings were all born from different fathers, but he was the oldest and felt it his duty to take care of his siblings. As gangs became increasingly a threat, he joined one thinking it would help keep his family safe. It's not like he went to school much anyway. He was young enough he was easily trainable, so it wasn't hard for him to become one of the pack.
Teen years: Over time his mother died from an illness, leaving him solely in charge of his siblings. He didn't want them to go into any kind of orphanage or foster care so he found a way to pay the bills. Unfortunately it involved helping to sell drugs, but hey... it got the bills paid and kept food in their bellies. As the stress built up he continued to find solace in the bottom of the bottle. One day he went driving after he drank a bit too much and took some pills he shouldn't have. The end result was the youngest of his siblings dying in the car accident that followed and the others being taken away. While in prison he realized the depth of his problems and desired to get his life on track and leave the gangs. He arranged to come to Bellflower and shortly before heading over gave the police some choice information before traveling to this center.


Siblings: 5 siblings, youngest three deceased, other two who knows where
Children: He may have one or two out there somewhere, but he doesn't know if there are or not.
Parents: Deceased or unknown
Grandparents: No idea, his mother never spoke of them since they disowned her
Relationship status: Open


Why are they at Bellflower?: Explained above. Seeking to correct his life
Favorite animal: Snake
Favorite flower: Why the hell does he need a fav flower? Though secretly he does like cherry blossoms
Favorite food: Anything meat
Pet: He has a pet snake named Alfredo
Birthstone: Peridot
Birth flower: Poppy
Astronomical Zodiac: Virgo

Other: He's the go to guy for substances here. Unfortunately he still has not been able to break the habit of having, buying, and selling....

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Fall dorm, hall B, Room 5B

~First period - Geometry
~Second period - English 107
~Third period - Advanced fitness
~Fourth period - French
~Fifth period - Chemistry
~Sixth period - Study hall

Club: Football

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Anastacia (ana3) | 2 comments Basics:
Name: Lucianna Elisabeth Woods
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Lesbian
Nationality: American
Place of birth: Washington, D.C

Physical Characteristics:
Height: 5 foot 4
Weight: 95 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Distinguishing features: Various scars on her arms,
Habits: Drinking, smoking weed, cutting
Hobbies: Reading, learning other languages
Favorite Sayings: There's no such thing as love. Love is just sex without the money shot
Disabilities: Addictions
Style: Layback, she likes sweaters and jogging pants
Greatest flaw: Cutting
Best quality: She is very caring towards others

Personality: Luci is very intelligent, outspoken, and caring person. She loves to joke around with other people, and tries to act like nothing is wrong with her. When others are upset, Luci is the first to try and solve others problems, if only to avoid her own problems. Luci loves learning, about anything and everything. She hates violence and avoids all confrontation.
Strengths: Learning languages, calming people down, making others laugh.
Weaknesses: Confrontation, dealing with her own issues, low self esteem.
Introvert or Extrovert: Bit of both
Goals: To run her own library
Fears: Losing her father and mother, seeing someone die again
Likes: Reading, school, sleep, listening to music, coffee, sugary foods, running
Dislikes: Herself, not having books to read, people fighting, being confronted, seeing people upset.

Childhood: Luci was a military brat, growing up with a father in the US military, and mother who was a famous author. She grew up constantly being moved around as her father was transferred, so she never got a chance to make many friends. Luci was never very popular at any of her school, and was often bullied for being the new girl. She did however learn many languages, such as French, Italian and German. The longest Luci was ever in one place was 18 months. Luci started to cut herself at 11, after she realized her sexuality and it got out to the general population of her school, causing her to be mercilessly tormented by her peers.
Teen years: In her teen years, Luci's father was transferred back to the US, getting stationed semi permanently at a base in New York. Luci was enrolled in a private highschool, where she quickly found friends and a girlfriend. Luci was introduced to drugs and alcohol in her first year, and she started to sell at 15. When Luci was 16, she and her girlfriend were cornered by a group of homophobic boys, Luci tried to talk their way out of the confrontation, but the boys weren't able to be talked down and stabbed Luci's girlfriend, killing her on the spot. The boys tried to go after Luci, but she was able to run away. After seeing her girlfriend die, Luci attempted to commit suicide, only to be found and stopped by her father. She was admitted to this school right away.
Elderly years:

Siblings: None
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Parents: Joseph Woods (Father, 41) Amelia Woods (Mother, 39)
Grandparents: Unknown
Relationship status: Single

Why are they at Bellflower?: Cutting, drinking, attempting suicide, smoking weed
Favorite animal: Tiger
Favorite flower: Morning Glory
Favorite food: Lasagna Alfredo
Pet: None
Theme song: The Voice Within- Christina Aguilera
Birthstone: Garnet
Birth flower: Carnation
Astronomical Zodiac: Capricorn

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Featherflight  (featherflight) | 4 comments Basics:
Name: Lexy Millicent Brotherson
Age: 12
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: straight
Nationality: American
Place of birth: New York

Physical Characteristics:
Height: 5'7
Weight: 85 now, used to be 50 while she was starving herself
Eyes: blue
Hair: golden blonde
Distinguishing features: her light blue eyes, some say they stare into their soul
Habits: (smoking, drinking etc.): not thinking about her own health, she would kill herself for someone she didn't know in the blink of an eye. Starving herself, she feels she shouldn't eat so there is more for others. ^^^
Hobbies: walking around in the woods, art, singing.
Favorite Sayings: "quit buggin' me about stuff I did in the past, move on"
Disabilities: sometimes passes out, from starvation
Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): she likes to wear a t shirt and shorts or tights(preferably sweetlegs (a brand of tights)) and a hoodie
Greatest flaw: not caring about her own health
Best quality: her kindness and artistic skills

Personality: as you all know she doesn't care about her own health so she basically starves herself and cares for other people more than herself. She loves everything around her and all she wants is for everyone to be happy and healthy. She has a dark side but no one ever sees it.
Strengths: her friends, days where she eats
Weaknesses: you all know her main weakness
Introvert or Extrovert: what?
Goals: to make sure everyone on earth is happy and healthy
Fears: evil, not being appreciated (she would die for the world)
Likes: art, music, reading, angel (her cat), roses, sunshine, stars
Dislikes: all things evil, bears

History: Lexy's childhood was a very tragic one. When she was 7 she watched her mother die right in front of her, getting killed by a bear, and when she was eight her beloved little brother died of cancer. She was a train wreck for the next few years, but she managed to get back to her normal self when she was 11. But she vowed that by the time of her death, everything would be good in the world. Even if I meant dieing early, or starving herself. But after her father found out of this vow her sent her off to bellflower, hoping she would be reformed back to the Lexy she was before her mom died. He also made Lexy's older sister, Katelyn come with her, for protection.

Siblings: her older sister Katelyn, most call her Kate or Katey
Spouse: no
Children: not yet
Parents: her father Ben
Grandparents: all died when she was very young
Relationship status: single

Why are they at Bellflower?: her dad sent her there.
Favorite animal: cat
Favorite flower: bluebell
Favorite food: pasta
Pet: her cat angel-
Theme song: home by Philip Phillips,
And Heros by Alesso
Birthstone: Blue topaz
Birth flower: narcissus-
Astronomical Zodiac: cancer
Chinese Zodiac: ram

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Winter dorm, hall C, Room 5C

~First period - 6th grade math
~Second period - 6th grade English
~Third period - Choir
~Fourth period - Spanish
~Fifth period - 6th grade science
~Sixth period - Painting

Club: Art

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