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MysticMemories | 1009 comments Okay so here are the ideas:

~Two people get set up on a blind date, but they actually know each other already. They dated in high school and it didn't end well...

~A ice prince of the fae comes to a small town to investigate something. He meets a local girl and they instantly hate each other. But, a royal advisor sees them together and thinks the prince to be dating a human, which is against the law. She is dragged into his world in the mix up.

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angelena. | 2614 comments Hmm...Well, I really like them all, but I think the fae one sounds really fun. What do you think?

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angelena. | 2614 comments Alright, cool. :)

Um...I already have a character for the local girl. Would it be alright if I used her?

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angelena. | 2614 comments Why, thank you. ^^

If you want to do doubles, we could do the first one as well...

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angelena. | 2614 comments True, I've had some problems with doubles before, too. But if it doesn't work out, we can just go back to one. :) could have cheated on the other? Like the guy could have gotten drunk and made out with another girl or something.

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angelena. | 2614 comments Great!

And yes, you should definitely be the girl in the second one. :)

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angelena. | 2614 comments Sure, but I won't be able to until tomorrow :(

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angelena. | 2614 comments So sorry! There were storms here last night and my computer was acting up. It wouldn’t let me post them :(

She was like the moon. Half of her was always hidden…

Name: Winifred Gene Mallinson

Nickname: Winnie

Age: 17

Date of Birth: November 13


Winnie has always been the girl-next door type. She is extremely compassionate, and being sensitive to emotions helps her detect liars. You see, Winnie would make an excellent reporter. She has all the skills of a good interviewer and knows just how to extract information from others. Winnie is also curious, driven, and very determined. If she sets her mind to something, she’s going to see it done. Lately, however, Winnie has had some problems. She has become quieter, more cautious, and much more sad. She normally puts on a brave front for her younger brother, but her nature reeks of melancholy when she is alone. Winnie doesn’t like people to see her cry and she likes to be in charge of the situations at hand. In her eyes, there always seems to be a little glimmering secret, though no one knows what it is. Winnie likes to keep people guessing. In addition, Winnie adapts well to situations and simply takes life as it comes to her.

Growing up, Winnie lived in a nice, middle-class apartment in Chicago with her mother and father. She was always a daddy’s girl, as her mom was not home a lot. It seemed Winnie’s mother had never truly gotten out of the teenage stage, but her husband loved her and was responsible enough for the both of them. It seemed that they balanced each other out, which Winnie always admired. Then, when she was seven, her brother James was born. She took the role of big sister with open arms. Winnie found herself taking care of her brother more and more when her father started working long hours.
Years passed in this same boring manner and Winnie had become very interested in reading, even writing up her own stories in her free time. Her father got her a journal when she was twelve and she wrote in it every single day. She made the decision at a young age that she wanted to be a writer.
Then, when Winnie was sixteen, her father didn’t come home from work one day. And she hasn’t seen him for a year now. It seemed her dad just disappeared off the face of the Earth. Little does Winnie know that he had something to do with another world…the realm of the fae.
Winnie’s mother remarried a couple months later, much to Winnie’s irritation. Though, Winnie figured the marriage was more for stability than anything else. Her mom still went out too much and Winnie practically was raising James. And Winnie and her mother argued constantly.
Now, Winnie is still hell bent on finding her father, even though authorities say he’s probably long gone.

But I know there’s so much more to find…

Name: Castor Tate Elias

Nickname: Usually goes by Tate

Age: 21

Date of Birth: May 7


Tate has never necessarily had a strong moral compass. He always seems to be struggling to discover what he truly believes in, though it doesn’t seem like he’s very deep when you meet him. Tate has a confident, somewhat arrogant exterior. He always seems in control and carefully composed, which comes with being raised the way he was. Tate was always the stereotypical bad boy, one who had wealthy parents so he had to do bad things to get their attention. But that was never truly the case. Tate got into trouble to see who would stop him. He was a bit of a philosopher, even at a young age, and realized that he should live life the way he wanted. Who cares if you have to break the rules every now and then? He was really wise and witty as a teenager, as he was a well-read young man. Of course, Tate was also always a tad selfish. He never thought of how his actions would affect others. So, he stayed the same flirtatious, sarcastic pain that he was. Tate’s problem is that he doesn’t want to just be some guy in an office. He wants to leave a mark on the world somehow.

Tate is technically Castor Elias the Second, as he shares the name with his father. His father is a very wealthy gentleman in charge of a successful law firm. From a young age, Tate’s father tried to raise him to be a model son, teaching him the intricacies of business and how to deal with people. There was always so much pressure on Tate’s shoulders to be the kind of son his father would be proud of, and there still is. Tate’s mother, on the other hand, never threw any excessive weight onto her son’s shoulders. She was quite reserved, but Tate respected and admired her, and in return, she loved him in a quiet way. Unfortunately, she grew ill and passed away when Tate was fifteen. Tate’s life startled to spiral out of control a bit, then. Now, he truly had to face all these pressures by himself. Tate found himself slacking off, becoming more reclusive. Then, he started to test boundaries, not really caring too much about the consequences anymore. He would break the rules just to see if he could.
Tate became his school bad boy practically overnight. He would womanize and party and do anything to help him forget his lost mother.
Then, he met a girl who changed some things for him. He was truly starting to care about her, though he would never admit that to himself. Unfortunately, Tate went out to a party and got drunk, the night ending with him making out with another girl. That was the end of that, and Tate was left with his biggest what if
Tate has grown out of that faze some. He no longer does senseless things to distract himself. He still argues with his father a lot, though, and has no intention of finishing law school and taking over the company.

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angelena. | 2614 comments ((Really? :( That's unfortunate. I'll try to fix it.))

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MysticMemories | 1009 comments Name: Charlotte Sands
Nickname: Char, Char-Char, she'll pretty much respond to anything
Age: 20
Gender: Female

(view spoiler)
Height: 5ft 7
Charlotte is one of those girls who is always surrounded by friends. Why wouldn't she be? She's bubbly, cheerful, and always has a smile on her face. To the average out looker, she seems to have it all. She has lots of friends, she has good grades, she has a killer body (or so she's been told), and she's always having fun. She is very flirty with guys, but doesn't get into major relationships with any of them. Even so, most guys know that they can come to her with their girl problems. She also loves acting as Cupid and setting people up together.
Charlotte has had a very good childhood so far. She has always been extremely lucky to be surrounded by a good group of friends. She also has a twin brother names Lukas. Both Lukas and her have always been really close and their friends tended to overlap. Now that she's at college (I am presuming so at least...), she doesn't see her brother that often anymore. She misses him, but she's happy for him as well, because he's doing well at his college. Charlotte's parents are both alive and she has a very close relationship to both of them. Her parents are extremely loving to her. In high school, she was one of the popular girls, but not popular as in ruling the school. Instead, she was popular because she was friends with literally everyone. In high school, she became good friends with one guy in particular. He was the school's bad boy. Their friendship blossomed into a relationship, but that ended badly. All of her friends warned her that he would do something bad, but she didn't listen to them. Being as such, she was really hurt when she found out that he had cheated on her. Since then, she has been hesitant to get into full blown relationships. She doesn't want someone else to cheat on her.

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angelena. | 2614 comments ((Yeah, that works for him. ^^

And really? I can see it on mine just fine...I'll post a link with it.))

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MysticMemories | 1009 comments ((Okay, perfect. :)

And now it shows up haha. Sorry, my computer is whacko.
I'm working on the other character now. :) ))

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MysticMemories | 1009 comments Name: Prince Nicholas Charles Xavier the 2nd
Nickname (If applicable): You dare call the prince a nickname? Off with your head! (Occasionally called Nick)
Gender: Male
Species: Fae
Age: 20 in human years (time in the Fae realm is different)

(view spoiler)
Nicholas is cold, arrogant, and used to getting what he wants. He is the prince of the Ice Fae and being as such, feels superior to all other Fae, never mind humans. He is extremely impatient and expects people to do his bidding immediately after he makes a demand. He is extremely sarcastic and isn't afraid to debate. He actually loves debating, because it allows him to rip his opponent to shreds. He enjoys winning and is extremely cunning. He isn't afraid to break some rules in order to win. He thinks of everything as black and white. You either win or lose. You are either on top or at the bottom. There is no in between. He thinks that humans are extremely inferior and tries to avoid them like the plague.
Nicholas has grown up in the Fae Realm with his parents, the King and Queen. He has a younger sister who is 16. She is the only one who can bring him out of a bad mood. He is an extremely protective older brother and would do anything to save his sister. He doesn't want her to be married off, even if it saves the kingdom. His father is stern and strict. His father puts a lot of pressure on Nicholas, seeing as he will one day become king. His father is pretty much an older version of Nicholas. His mother is very sweet and caring. She is greatly loved by the people. She has tried to teach Nicholas to be caring and kind, but hasn't succeeded very well. His mother did succeed in passing the caring trait onto Nicholas's sister, Lila. Lila is four years younger than Nicholas and is very kind, sweet, and caring. She has finally become of the age that she is attracting potential suitors. She is a hopeless romantic, so she hopes to find a true love. Lila is extremely close to Nicholas and wants him to loosen up a bit and have more fun.
~Can create and manipulate ice
~Can survive in extremely cold places

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angelena. | 2614 comments ((Awesome! So, for Charlotte and Tate, we could start at the blind date. For Nicholas and Winnie...I don't know :/ ))

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MysticMemories | 1009 comments ((Thanks! :) It took me FOREVER to find a picture for Nicholas. :(

Yes, the blind date sounds good. Should they have been set up by mutual college friends who didn't know that they knew each other? Or how else should they have been set up?

Maybe have Winnie at an ice skating rink or something? :P Idk haha. I guess we just need to figure out the reason why Nicholas had to go to the human realm.))

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angelena. | 2614 comments ((Well, I find him highly attractive. Well done. :D

Yes, college friend works. I don't really see them as being the dating website type... :)

And lol. :) Maybe...Nicholas could be there to tracking down a rogue fae whose responsible for mischief there. Maybe their worried about this rogue revealing things to the mortals? Winnie could be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get attacked by the fae? Idk...))

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MysticMemories | 1009 comments ((Thank you! ;) I tried my bestest :P And yes, I know that's not a word haha

Perfect! And haha me neither.

Oooh that sounds perfect. Me likey your idea. Me no understand why I'm talking like a 2 year old... ))

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angelena. | 2614 comments (( Lol :D

Would you mind starting? I'm making a character for something else right now ^^))

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MysticMemories | 1009 comments Charlotte looked in the mirror, checking out her reflection one more time just to make sure that she looked acceptable. She pursed her lips and applied just a hint of pink lip gloss. She wanted to look pretty, but she didn't want to look like she was trying too hard. She stepped back and twirled in the mirror once or twice. She was wearing a pretty white and teal dress. Her back was partially bared, but not completely. She nodded into the mirror, satisfied with her appearance. She then looked at Emily, her friend who had arranged the blind date. "Do you think I look alright?" Emily nodded and pushed her out the door, yelling "You look great! Text me later with all of the details!" Charlotte laughed in response. She then went to her car and drove over to the restaurant where she was supposed to be meeting her blind date. One of her other friends, Max, was supposed to be there to make the introductions.

Nicholas stepped through the portal, going from the Fae realm to the human realm. He curled his lip in disgust. "Filthy humans." He muttered. He hated the human world. It wasn't even close to being as beautiful as the Fae realm. And all of the humans crammed so tightly together- he shuddered. Just focus on finding Zair and then you can go home. He wanted to kill Zair. The stupid rogue Fae was causing all sorts of mischief in the human world, so he was tasked in finding Zair and returning him home. He narrowed his eyes and started walking, trying to sense the Fae's magic in the air.

((The dress:

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angelena. | 2614 comments "Remember to behave, Tate. Wouldn't want to go breaking hearts." Max gave him a sly wink and then chuckled. Tate had known Max since he started college, since they had a finance class together. Max was a humorous fellow who seemed to pride himself in making others laugh. He was easy going and didn't pride into anyone's business. Tate appreciated that. Then, Max turned a little more serious. "Seriously, though, she's a really nice girl. I think you'll like her a lot." He said, and it was obvious to Tate that Max cared about this woman.
Tate took a sip of the wine that had already been sat before him. They were sitting across each other at a table, waiting for the mysterious woman to arrive. Tate thought the whole thing was a little ridiculous, but he figured why not? He was bored anyways. So, he dressed in his suit and tie like a good little boy and made the reservations at a fine enough restaurant. Tate swirled his glass a bit, examining the liquid. It would do, he supposed. "Hmm, how much longer do you think she'll be?"
Max let out a laugh. "Oh, who knows with women?"

Winnie hugged her chest as she walked through a suburban area. It was a little chilly outside but the cool air wasn't what bothered her. No, it was that hollow feeling in her chest that hadn't left since the day her father disappeared. She took a deep breath. Just suck it up, Winster Baby. She thought, using the nickname that her father gave her. When she heard her phone ring in her pocket, she jumped slightly. Winnie didn't have to look to know it was her mom. That was one phone call she would not be answering right now, as they had just gotten into another fight before Winnie left, heading for Randazzo's Bar & Grill to meet a friend.
The phone stopped ringing abruptly after the second note had played on her ringtone. It was oddly quiet, too. Then, Winnie heard a raspy, singing voice:
"Silver and gold will be stolen away,
Stolen away, stolen away,
Silver and gold will be stolen away,
My fair lady."
She looked around. "Hello?" She said cautiously, narrowing her eyes.

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MysticMemories | 1009 comments Charlotte sang along to her radio as she drove to the restaurant. She had a pretty voice to match her pretty looks. As she drove, she heard a couple of catcalls from some immature/drunk guys. She rolled her eyes and blew them all kisses. She was used to it at this point. It's not like it was the first time that she had received catcalls or wolf whistles in her direction. After a couple of minutes, she pulled into the restaurant. She nodded in appreciation. It was a nice place, so the guy must have some sort of taste. She gave her keys to the valet and then walked into the restaurant. She looked around for Max, but didn't see him anywhere. She sent him a text. Hey, I'm here. Where are you guys? She quickly received a text back that said, Go to the right side and we're near the back. She nodded at her phone and did as Max directed. She walked to the right and then walked to the back. She saw Max and smiled. Max was facing her, so she knew that it was him. She was still a bit away from them, so she couldn't see what the other guy looked like. When she was a couple of feet away, she suddenly stopped. She recognized the back of the person's head. Her jaw dropped open and she stared at him. "You..." She whispered.

Nicholas was wandering around, checking the air for scents of magic. He focused his complete attention on the magic trail, letting his magic show him the way. He felt a very weak magic trail leading him to a suburban area. He then felt the magic flare for just a brief moment, which allowed him to focus on a much smaller radius of where Zair could possibly be. He walked briskly, a cold and determined look on his face. He wanted to get this job done as quickly as possible. He finally reached the area where he had felt the ping of magic. He spun around in a circle, looking for the idiot rogue. He didn't see him anywhere, so he briskly continued to walk. He had his eyes shut so that he could focus all of his attention on his magic. All of a sudden, he felt someone ram into him. He opened his eyes and glared at the human, the petty human who dared to run into him. "Watch where you're going." He seethed, still glaring at the girl.

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