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A theory about the Linguist (Spoilers)

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Matt At the beginning of the book we learn that a 5th member decided against crossing the border. That member being the linguist. Then we discover the tower/tunnel which isn't marked on any map and seems to be inhabitant by a being who writes on the walls. Even the Psychologist, who knows more than the rest about Area X, seemingly finds this strange. So much so that she sneaks in to learn more and winds up getting the Anthropologist killed

Could the Linguist have potentially not survived the border crossing and maybe disappeared or died or something? That would mean the Psychologist lied about her decision to stay behind (which seems like something the psychologist would do). Then, after learning of the words on the walls of a tower/tunnel that wasn't supposed to be there, perhaps the psychologist suspected it was related to the missing linguist? And thus went in for a look?

Its an interesting theory because why else was the missing linguist even mentioned in the book if she didn't have a part to play in the story somehow?

Sean I have nothing interesting to add, but I want to say it is an interesting theory. Especially given Chekov's advice about not mentioning a gun in act 1 unless it will be fired in act 3. Don't mention a linguist unless.... Interesting.

Caspian Jacobsen Interesting idea! I don't think the linguist is mentioned at all in any later books either, so potentially yes, she could have some sort of involvement with the tower, perhaps she ended up there when crossing the boarder (sorry this could be potential spoiler if you haven't read the other books) without going through the entrance. I will definitely have to read this series again! There's so many little things which are really easy to miss!!

Yefim We see the linguist in Books 2 and 3- she's one of the people Control meets at the Southern Reach

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