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 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 965 comments Name: Marianna Wilde
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Faction of Origin: Dauntless

Appearance fill out everything below

Written Description
hair color: Brown and blonde
eye color: Brown
height: 5'4
body type: Skinny but Built
Distinguishable marking: She has a scar down her left shoulder blade and one down the right side of her face.

personality: Marianna the type of girl who knows how to make people laugh in the most serious situations. She is awkward and doesn't really know how to start or end conversations. She does love sweets and mostly the dauntless cake.

partner: None
daughter: None
son: none
other living relatives or close friends:
-Her mom Eliza
-Her dad Matthew

History: Marianna grew up as the odd duck out of the group. People saw her as different after the terrible accident that left the scars on her face. She had gotten in a fight with some girl and ended up with battle wounds. Marianna never wants anyone to be like her so she watches over people to take care of them. Marianna's parents are strict and pushes her way to far sometimes. She has been in the infirmary at least 58 times in all her year there from her dad training her.

Job: Security team

- The Dark
- Fire
- Killing her mom

- Being around her friends
- Having fun
- Working

- Rude people
- Fighting

- Her hand writing
-When people use her ability to work against her

- Fighting
-Talking to people
- Having fun

Weapon of Choice: Gun

Aptitude test result: Amity, Dauntless, Abnigation (Divergent)
Faction they chose at choosing ceremony: Dauntless
other: anything else you'd like to add: Nope!

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Only thing, divergents can belong in 3 factions not all 5 in this group. So pick three for her aptitude test and you're all good

 ☾~℉ꅤꇩꋪꋬꅤ~☾ | 965 comments There is that better?

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Approved :)

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