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message 1: by J.R. (new)

J.R. Lambert | 2 comments I am a writer myself, trying to get back into the mindset/practice of writing, and I think critiquing helps me to do that.

I am volunteering, so please understand if there are times when my personal life takes center stage.

I am a child therapist, so I am able to give pointers on writing believable child characters.

I like all kinds of speculative fiction, including fantasy, horror, science fiction, steampunk, and so on.

message 2: by Elliot (new)

Elliot Brooks | 6 comments Hi there!

Good to hear from a fellow writer. I'm currently looking for some fresh eyes for my fantasy work if you're interested. I'm not in a super giant hurry to get my work published, so I'll definitely be respectful of your time. Let me know if you're interested!


message 3: by Rosemary (new)

Rosemary Cole (rosemarycole) Hi, J.R.

I'm looking for beta readers for my new sci-fi novel, The X-Variant. It's 77k words and features a plucky young heroine, a zombie apocalypse, and time travel. I'm not looking for any proofreading or editing, just your opinion. I think you'll find it's a fast, fun read. If you're interested, please PM me or email me at Thanks! :)

message 4: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa (vanessamac) | 12 comments Hello J.R., are you still open to beta read?

I've a 130,000 word dark fantasy/horror. It's story of sacrifice steeped in ancient Norse mythology merged with an early industrial, wild west frontier world.

Fort Resonbirg, a frontier fort on the western expansion of Glitnur, is surrounded by a wall of mist, and swimming within it is a ravenous dragon. An orphan of common class, Balin Tremore never expected to amount to grand things, but when the great power of Cradleweaving is awakened within him, Balin unknowingly becomes the one person with the power to end the wall of mist and banish the deadly beast within.

The question is: will he master the power in time to save all he holds dear.

PM me, or email me at vanmacellan at gmail if you are interested.

message 5: by Ariel (new)

Ariel | 3 comments Hello J.R. Are you looking for any more projects?
If you are, I am looking for some fresh eyes for my novel, and would very much like your input on one of my characters (a child who has had a very traumatic life) in particular, as she has been difficult to write. My story is fantasy. Here is a summary:


Elias Cartwright is a man that doesn't exist.

In the upheaval that changed everything when Prince Carter and his ex-fiancé died fourteen years ago, no one noticed when Elias Cartwright walked into being. He was there that night, the night of utter blackness, but will not speak of the terrible betrayal that nearly killed him. He sets his life on a new course, perfecting his small time magic until his name is known throughout the land.

Nyra is a girl who grew up without the sun.

Four years ago, Nyra was rescued and brought to Elias. He became her entire world- until the day Sawyer appeared and everything fell apart. Nyra's magic- a magic greater than all others- yearns to run wild. When all she has ever known about herself and her magic is challenged, will she face the truth, or will she lose herself to the darkness that has haunted her since she was small?

In this sprawling epic fantasy, where a Mad King seeks power by using children as weapons and a girl who once thought the stars a myth seeks true freedom, Bluebird explores how perception can forge monsters from the minds of innocents.

If you are interested, please PM me!

message 6: by Dakota (new)

Dakota Rayne | 8 comments Hello, I have a fantasy novel, if you are still interested in something to read.
It is about a princess who finds that her father is using her marriage proposal as a bargaining chip with the lesser lord of another country in exchange for help overthrowing the other king and use of a ghastly and unholy horde the lord plans to unleash. Instead of being a party to the chaos and ruin that is to come, the princess decided to run off and find some allies if her own to stop her father

message 7: by Madison (new)

Madison Lawson | 8 comments Hello! I am seeking a beta reader for my short story collection titled "Perspective". There are 11 stories reaching a total of about 20,200 words.

Each short story follows the life of a young person struggling through a difficult time or discrimination in their life. Each story is told from the perspective of someone not struggling. For example, in No Cure, an extended metaphor, Daran, a young black college student, must deal with racism daily. The story is told from Daran’s best friend’s point of view.

I hope to hear back from you! You can reach me at

message 8: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Hinton (larissahinton) | 4 comments Just sent you a PM about my book. :)

message 9: by Cheyanne (new)

Cheyanne | 16 comments HI J.R. are you still beta reading? If so, would you be interested in a paranormal novel?

Many thanks, Cheyanne

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