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Felicity Sidnell Review Rating:
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Reviewed By Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers’ Favorite

A journey to a new place can be difficult, but when it requires one to live alone when one has never done so before, and for one to put their faith entirely in a family not their own, it can be even more so. For John and Josephine, these are the lots they’ve been dealt and it’s going to be a long time before the entire family can come together again and solve their issues. John must try to survive in the wilderness alone, battling illness, wolves, and strangers who have less than his best interests at heart. Josephine must try to find out more about the family she thought she had lost, and both must be brave and strong to survive in Alone: A Winter in the Woods by Felicity Sidnell Reid.

This book is interesting. I really liked the characters, especially since they seemed authentic and just like children who were starting to come into their own. The author did a good job of not trying to make them act like adults right from the start, but helped them to become adults through their problems. John was probably my favorite character and I loved the way he continued to grow and change throughout the story. He definitely changed and improved throughout, and I would have been interested to read even more about him as well. Josephine, too, was an interesting character and she managed to grow up through the difficult situations she was in as well. I would definitely recommend Alone: A Winter in the Woods.

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Erika Rummel A great book for young readers – an adventure story and a history lesson wrapped up in one book. The main character, thirteen-year old John, has to fend for himself in the bush. His family expects a great deal from him and trusts in his intelligence, resourcefulness, and initiative – this is an engaging and inspiring book. It kept me hooked and rooting for young John.

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