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message 1: by Anna (new)

Anna H. (annaholla) | 71 comments Hey, fellow readers!

I'm down to two prompts, so I'm thinking about starting all over using only authors who identify as LGBTQIA -- and some prompts are easier to fill than others. (I track it in my reading spreadsheet, but only about 18 percent of the books I've read this year qualify. I can do better.)

Recommendations? I'm having particular trouble with horror, nonfiction about science, and SE Asian.

And reading buddies are welcome, of course.

message 2: by Katie (new)

Katie (goktrose) | 97 comments This is a lovely idea, I shall search around and see what books I can find to help you out!

message 3: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (raynebair) | 80 comments Rick R. Reed has a few horror novels. I haven't read any of them yet but I have IM marked to read for my challenge. Obsessed sounds like a good book for that category as well.

message 4: by Doc. (new)

Doc. (doctorwithoutboundaries) Anna wrote: "Hey, fellow readers!

I'm down to two prompts, so I'm thinking about starting all over using only authors who identify as LGBTQIA -- and some prompts are easier to fill than others. (I track it in..."

What a fantastic idea! Do you think you could share which LGBTQIA authors you read to complete most of the other prompts?

message 5: by Viv (new)

Viv JM | 72 comments What a great idea, Anna.

If you are open to a graphic novel for your challenge task, then for horror I would thoroughly recommend Through the Woods by lesbian author Emily Carroll. It has the most fantastic illustrations and is really, really creepy.

I'll be interested to see what you pick for your other tasks.

message 6: by Anna (last edited Jun 14, 2016 03:42PM) (new)

Anna H. (annaholla) | 71 comments OK, so a few of the books/authors I was able to think of without looking too hard:

horror: Emily Carroll OR Rick R. Reed (thanks for the suggestions here!)
nonfiction about science:
collection of essays: David Sedaris
out loud to someone else
middle-grade novel:George
biography (not memoir/autobiography)
dystopian/post-apocalyptic novel:
book published in 1980s: Annie on My Mind (I read The Color Purple already)
audiobook that won an Audie: Not My Father's Son
over 500 pages
under 100 pages
by/about someone who identifies as transgender Stone Butch Blues OR Transparent: Love, Family, and Living the T with Transgender Teenagers (Already read: Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family and All the Birds in the Sky)
set in Middle East: Guapa
SE asian author:
historical fiction set before 1900: Sarah Waters OR Christopher Bram
first book in series by POC:
non-superhero comic that debuted in 2013 or later :
book adapted into a movie: The Price of Salt OR Room
nonfiction about feminism/dealing with feminist themes: Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity
about religion (fiction or NF):
about politics (fiction or NF) : And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic
food memoir: Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-time Eater
a play: Tennessee Williams, Oscar Wilde, Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes
main character has mental illness: Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me

There are obviously still lots of blanks...

message 7: by Doc. (new)

Doc. (doctorwithoutboundaries) Thanks for sharing your list, Anna! I second the Emily Carroll rec; she's a terrific artist. I read Tennessee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof for the play task, and I loved its treatment of internalised homophobia! I highly recommend it, if you haven't already read it. I'm now going to bump up Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me on my TBR pile. :)

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