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kaya (ananats) | 39 comments
a collection of short stories.

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kaya (ananats) | 39 comments
modern gods ; part one ; inspiration
athena dresses in cool, slick suits for office hours,
and then after she clocks out,
she beats her knuckles in on other people’s jawbones.
the fight clubs are her temples.
apollo shoots deer down with guns with his sister,
then plays in the local late-night rock band,
so that he can shoot up heroin after the show.
nobody ever specified what music meant to him.
artemis takes anti-depressants to live,
after actaeon raped her,
and if she didn’t then she’d never be able to hunt with her brother.
sometimes strong people don’t fight back.
zeus is a corporate ceo of human services,
making storms in other people’s lives,
and he’s fucking his assistant, ganymede, in the bathroom stalls.
the storm-master needs a little lightning of his own.
hera marries zeus,
sipping cool red wine out of a long-stemmed glass,
that she throws on him when she finds out.
she stays because as a marriage counselor, you have to take your own advice.
aphrodite is a senior in high school,
the school slut,
with a thing for ares, who‘s four years older.
chain-smoking tastes like 50’s perfume if you try hard enough.
poseidon goes to trial for the rape of medusa,
committed in the back room of athena’s fight club,
demeter testifies against him, too.
the father of two burned out his secrets.
ares fights at athena’s ring,
beats up the douche who hits his girlfriend on the street,
a raging feminist ally who bluffs his way through immorality.
his motorcycle is the loudest noise in the city that never sleeps.
hades is a nice guy,
his fingers flash with jeweled rings when he waves them,
dealing drugs out of his pocket.
sweet girls with bloody teeth are his favorite dessert.
persephone crunches diamonds between her teeth,
she sucks the rings off of hades’s finger,
and decorates his house with floral arrangements and nonconformity.
there’s only one queen of the underworld.
demeter rubs lotion over her dark skin at the flower shop,
she does her best to teach her daughter,
that laying down flat is for doormats.
queens raise queens.
dionysus spends his nights drinking jack and smoking weed,
long since dead to the concept of balance,
balance is for the weak.
who doesn’t want to live in extremes?
hermes is a sweet-talker with great legs,
his affections fleeting and wild,
as he swings around the pole at the all-opportunities club.
his life is flashing lights and nights in jail for petty theft.
hephaestus is dedicated to work as well as his wife,
let’s be honest,
algaea is as much work as the metal craft he does in their garage.
rough hands build things that endure.
hestia is a young girl,
a freshman in high school,
but her eyes are burning with fire as she protects what is hers.
she was taught young to strike first and you will always be safe.
in this world that kills beauty,
even gods cannot survive the fall.
modern gods were not made for this place.

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kaya (ananats) | 39 comments
modern gods ; first installment ; athena
   The office is no place for a black woman. Misogynists claimed it as their territory long before women were allowed in.
   Though the Greeks whitewashed their gods, Athena is just that — a black woman in an office. Though she acts sensibly during the sunlight hours, nighttime is a different story.
   Her father is too busy to tell her off, her siblings have their own problems. So every night, she sneaks out to the bars and nightclubs, hunts down those misogynists that she suffers during the day. The next day finds those men dead in an alleyway, their brains coating a nearby wall.
   'Hardcore feminism' is how they market it, but the truth is, it's more of a vengeance against her neglectful father.

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kaya (ananats) | 39 comments
modern gods ; second installment ; apollo
Depression isn't something he's afraid of. When he goes out, he'll go out like the flaming star he is, golden glitter and rainbow fantasies twirling in waltzes across his brain. Reality is nothing more than a series of piano strings the hammer hit a little too hard, vibrating loudly, sharply and piercing the fugue of those caught inside it, those that seek to escape the harshness of reality's serrated edges.
   The pounding thunder in his brain is drowned out by the crack of the gun as it destroys another innocent life.
   Do all mass murderers start out like this?

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kaya (ananats) | 39 comments
modern gods ; instalment three ; artemis
The pills on the kitchen bench are swept onto the floor by her fury. The gun on the wall is snatched up, bullets spitting out in a blaze of anger. As the haze of blood clears, the body can be seen clearly, lying on the floor.
   His long blonde hair is strangely reminiscent of her brother, the way he used to refuse to tie it back. His eyes are barely there anymore, the clear, vivid green faded to a drug-induced red and grey tumblr icon entitled blood.
   He is her brother, and she has killed him.
   Without thinking, she snatches up the pills from the floor, crams them into her mouth. As her tingling fingers go numb, Artemis collapses to the floor, beats no longer echoing through the hollow chamber that houses her heart.
   The twins are no more.

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kaya (ananats) | 39 comments
modern gods ; instalment four ; zeus
The newspaper headlines proclaim the deaths of thousands, the Orlando tragedy now etched into the history books forever. He doesn't care for those who don't fit inside his narrow world view, and he'll never acknowledge the culprit as his son.
   While his daughter fights for recognition in the corporate world, Zeus clings to his money like a dragon to its gold. His wife is disappointed, he's sure, but he really couldn't care less.
   It's ironic that he's so anti-lgbt+, since he himself spends many days coercing his assistant into dishonest relationships. On the odd days that he does go home, he never tells Hera what he's been doing.

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kaya (ananats) | 39 comments
modern gods ; instalment five ; hera
Hera knows. Hera always knows. The moment Zeus strolls through the door, she throws her wine glass at his head. He ducks, nonchalantly, and sweeps her into his arms. Hera shoves him away, thrusts the newspaper she knows he's already seen into his face, demands he acknowledge that this is his fault.
   She remembers the couple that came in last time, seeking advice about their shattered relationship. She gave it, but she knows that her marriage is already too broken for that to work. While Zeus rages through their penthouse apartment, Hera silently downs a dozen pills.

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kaya (ananats) | 39 comments
modern gods ; instalment six ; aphrodite
Her parents would kill her, if they cared. It's the thrill that keeps her going, ignoring the derision from her fellow classmates. Looks may not get you everywhere, but they certainly do help.
   Cigarettes crushed beneath bright red heels, nail polish curving across the slick surface, crimson painted across her lips. Thick black hair, latte-coloured skin, chocolate brown eyes with golden flecks, Aphrodite is idolised by feminists and POC activists alike. If only they knew the truth.

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kaya (ananats) | 39 comments
warning ; mild language fanfic short ; the falcon
On your left, sergeant.
Would you fricking focus, Sam.
I am focusing, Lyssa. Missile, on your left.

"Shoot-" Lyssa ducked away from the missile, drawing a gun and hitting the missile's propulsion squarely. She hovered lower, dodging the RPGs that suddenly adorned the air around the team.

Riley, report.
I'm with Sam. Under heavy fire. We need to get out of here... [sound of explosions in the background, ear-shattering blast, then static]
Sam, report. What the hell just happened?
Riley is down.

She misses the funeral. She promised Sam she'd look for the body, but after days of searching she still hasn't found anything. Still, Lyssa refuses to call it quits, for Sam's sake.

Eventually, she's found by a man with an eyepatch, who takes her to some super secret headquarters and assigns her to watch Sam.
"Just keep an eye on him, make sure he's not about to do any death-defying stunts with those fancy wings of his."
"I know Sam. He's not stupid."

A few years later, after the fiaso with the Sokovia accords, Fury sees fit to reunite the pair. It's the anniversary of Riley's death, and as each walks towards the gravestone, neither knows what to expect. When they see each other, they run towards each other and hug.

( what if sam still had another friend )

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kaya (ananats) | 39 comments
six word story

"if you say so..." he jeers.

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