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Wrong Number, Right Guy (The Bourbon Street Boys, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult Romance novel: An undercover cop/agent saves an female photographer (I think) when she stumbles into a dangerous bar and takes her to his hideout because it is dangerous for her to go home. [s]

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Darkbangie | 2 comments I read this adult romance novel (with some suspense) around 2015-early 2016. I had an ebook version of this novel (but I am sure there is a hardcopy version). I don't really remember the name of the characters but I do remember most of the plot.

This story was about an undercover cop/agent that was scouting in an dangerous bar (it might have been an gang bar). Then there was a female photographer (I think) that stumbled into the dangerous bar. The undercover cop/agent had to save her from a brawl within the bar by shielding her from the fight. They escape and he took her to his high security hideout where she met the rest of the undercover team. I remembered that one member was really good in hand combat and another member was really good with tech stuff. The team found out that she was really good with photographing that they suggested to main guy that she could work with photos that were taken by scouting the bad guys. I think there was also a guard dog that really attached to the female photographer. Over time, the undercover agent fell in love with the photographer. However, the undercover agent knew that he is putting her in danger when the bad guys target her. The photographer started to learn hand-to-hand combat from the member and the guy requested that the tech-savvy member to install some high tech security in her house when she insisted at staying at her home.

That is all I remember from the plot. I am hoping that someone is able to help me find this book because it is starting to drive me crazy since I can't find it.

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Darkbangie | 2 comments Kym wrote: "Wrong Number, Right Guy by Elle Casey"

Thank you Kym, you have ease my mind because I think that is the book. Thank you again~

message 4: by Kym (new)

Kym | 1058 comments You're welcome

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